Here is a new poem about Baltimore


Where decades of stifling impoverishment

Generations of oppression

Years of being jobless

A police force that is no longer trusted

That roughly treats victims like criminals

And a routine arrest

With an outrageous outcome

Create the tinder that is ignited

One Gray day

Consuming a city

In the rage of pent up frustration

One riotous night


Where the anger released

Leaves devastation in its wake

Where a black owned store get off lightly

with damage to  a window and door

Because neighbors defended it against looters

And a business across the street owned by Asians

Lies totally trashed

Locals say it’s because that business sucked the money

From the community

Without hiring people

From the community

One wonders if it is a case of mutual mistrust

Or mutual racism


Where a mother sees her son among the masked rioters

And slaps him upside his head

So deep is her caring and frustration

That it explodes into a viral spectacle

That gains her fifteen minutes of fame

And the title of “Hero”


Where a police investigation

Yields a questionable unaccounted stop

And a questionable account

By a fellow arrestee

Of Freddie Gray

Knocking himself against a partition

In the police van

That was transporting him after his arrest


Where the story was changed

To the police giving him Freddie “rough ride”

When the fellow arrestee was directly interviewed

By the press


Where a first in Major League Baseball happened

Not an impossible catch

Not a perfect game

But an imperfect message sent

That the city was unsafe

By playing a game

That was closed to the public


A city filled with honest people

Living on the edge of despair


Struggling with the ghosts of its past

And the burdens of its present

Trying to find its way

To a better future

—The Prophet of Life

From The Book:  Black in America

Copyright 2015 Love Force International Publishing Company. All Rights Reserved.


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