Caitlyn (Formerly Bruce ) Jenner’s Heroic Struggle

By The Prophet of Life

Can you imagine what it is like to live every single day of your life feeling as if you are in the wrong body? Feeling like your existence is the ultimate cosmic joke? Can you imagine what that would do to your outlook on life? Can you imagine what it would do to your spirit?

Yet, for millions of people all over the world, this is exactly how they are living their lives. This is the journey their spirit is taking. They either live a separate, secret life, stifle their desires and deny their true spirit or they accept themselves and hope others will too.

They are known as being transgender. They are likely the most mistreated segment of the human population. In most societies, they are beaten and murdered with impunity. Now, however, there is a spiritual break in the cosmos.

Bruce Jenner is an internationally known person. He is famous to several generations, a feat hard to achieve considering the 15 minutes of fame most people achieve before fading into the sunset. He is known to many Baby Boomers as the Hero of the 1976 Olympics. He is known to billions as a Decathlete who broke world records. He is known to Gen Xer’s as a motivational speaker. He is known to Millennial as the father figure on the popular television phenomenon “Keeping up with the Carpathians”.

Bruce Jenner has had a secret struggle his entire life. He has felt like a woman trapped inside the body of a man. This year, Bruce decided to do something about it. He decided to transition into becoming a woman so he can have that experience before her dies (he is 65 years old). He also decided to come put publicly and let the world know about his struggle and that he is a transgender individual.

If you look beyond the media hoopla about this decision you will see how heroic and how game changing Bruce’s decision is. Transgender people are, as a group, the victims of more hate crimes than perhaps any other group of people in the world. Acceptance of transgender individuals is often only found within the gay community and even there, it is not universal. The governments of many western nations are often more tolerant of transgender individuals than are eastern governments but tolerance is far from acceptance.

The fact that someone as universally known as Bruce Jenner is admitting to being transgender and even transitioning into the opposite sex, will be a mind opening experience for many people who would never give transgender individuals a second thought. It will open up great opportunities to educate the public and erase prejudice and stereotypes of an oppressed minority.

Humanity itself has been transitioning into a global society of more equality in the past several decades and Bruce Jenner’s latest decision will help the global community grow even more. Bruce Jenner may have thought he was making a difficult decision to help himself grow but I submit that his decision had as much to do with God’s plan as with Jenner’s own plans. I believe God wants humanity to grow into a more egalitarian, enlightened species.

No one can say where Caitlyn Jenner’s decisions will take her. I hope that she successfully transitions and that she lives the rest of her life in happiness and in service to humanity by enlightening us all.

Copyright 2015 Love Force International Publishing Company. All Rights reserved.


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