13 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide over Haircut

Tacoma Washington–13 year old Izabel Laxamana committed suicide. A few days ago her father posted a video on You Tube showing her beautiful, long hair being cut off. On the video a voice was heard telling her that the hair cut was the consequence of her “messing up”. It was likely an attempt to publicly shame her for disobeying him. Izabel walked out of a car and jumped off a bridge to a busy highway below.

Right now, across the globe, public shaming is the right of many parents. As of today, many nations have deemed public shaming by judicial order, law enforcement, in schools and by companies as cruel and unusual punishment. Yet parental rights allow parents to do to their child what no school, police force, company or judge can ethically and in many cases, legally do.

I am sure that Izabel’s parent didn’t think that she would commit suicide as a result of his choice of punishment but that’s the point, you never know how someone will react to public humiliation. It is time that we, as a global society not only frown upon public shaming but outlaw public shaming. Living free of public humiliation should be a basic human right. Until, we as a race, the human race, outlaw public shaming, parents will continue to find ways to punish by humiliation. While we’re at it, let’s outlaw all forms of public shaming no matter who is doing it so that it will be considered illegal everywhere.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life

Copyright 2015 Love Force International Publishing Company. All Rights


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