Why the U.S. is on Heightened Alert This Fourth of July

As The United States prepares for a potential terrorist attack a haunting phone call about shots fired at the Washington D.C. Naval Yard where a killer went on a rampage in September 2013 punctuates the threat of Terrorist Attacks. The reason for this is that this year, The United States Independence Day falls at the same time as the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan (this year it is from June 17-July 17), a time when Islamic terrorist groups might carry out attacks.

Why would terrorist groups carry out attacks during the Islamic Holy Month? Ramadan commemorates the month when the holy Quran was first revealed to The Prophet Muhammad. It is one of the five pillars of Islam.  During Ramadan, Muslims are supposed to fast. They are not allowed to eat and drink from dawn to sunset. They are also supposed to refrain from smoking and  having sex with their spouses, They are required to refrain from sinful behavior like lying, cursing, insulting and fighting. More praying and recitation of the Quran are also expected. Rewards for these sacrifices during this holy month are multiplied. It is in this part of Ramadan where terrorist groups find a loophole that allows them to kill others in terrorist attacks. Many terrorist groups believe that those who die as martyrs for Islam get rewarded with 100 virgins in paradise for eternity and becoming a martyr for Islam during Ramadan yields increased rewards. 99% of all Muslims do not agree with this warped interpretation of the holy Quran but 99% of the Muslims who are terrorists do.

On July 2, 2015 a call to 911 from one of the buildings within the Naval yard claimed to hear  gun shots. This is the same Washington D.C Naval yard where a killer went on a rampage in September 2013 (See my original Washington D.C. Naval Yard Shootings article in the link below). Those shootings left 12 people dead.The Naval Yard went on lock down and a heavy military and D.C. police response determined that no shots were fired. When the caller was found she said  “The Police Department is always putting out ads asking people to call if they see or hear anything suspicious, so I called.”

This incident punctuates the call by law enforcement officials nationwide including the FBI and Homeland Security which sent out bulletins advising increased deployment of police and other security officers at national landmarks and advisories to members of the public to report any suspicious persons or activities to authorities immediately. Emphasis is being placed on searching for lone wolf suspects that may be heeding an ISIS call for increased attacks.

So to the people of America, have a great weekend. Feel free to celebrate. Make this year’s 4th of July weekend a safe and sane holiday weekend. Help keep it safe by reporting any suspicious people or activities to authorities immediately.

See my Story on the Original Naval yard Shooting here:


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