The “You Stink” Movement

By The Prophet of Life

What does garbage collection have to do with a new Arab Spring? It could have a lot to do with it. Over 250,000 protesters took to the streets in Beirut Lebanon recently to protest the lack of garbage collection. Garbage has not been collected for several weeks. This is mainly because there is no where to put it once it is collected. Lebanon’s main garbage dump is filled to capacity and there are no governmental plans to build another one. Can you spell EPIC FAIL?

The people of Lebanon have a long history of sectarian violence but sectarian rivals are putting aside their differences and banding together under the “You Stink” banner. The movement is in protest over the mismanagement of government services especially garbage collection. There are even some concerns that the movement could spark an “Arab Spring” in Lebanon which could spread to other nations. The Lebanese Government has fired on protesters in the past but it would be foolhardy of anything less than a large army to fire upon a quarter of a million people.

Dozens of people also occupied the hallway outside of the office of Environmental Minister Muhammed El-Machnouk, demanding his resignation. El-Machnouk stayed barricaded in his office, timidly waiting for the siege to end. Despite the protests, El-Machnouk has vowed not to resign.

Lebanon has had a weak government. ISIS has taken note of this and has made incursions into Lebanon. With all of the problems the Lebanese Government has, garbage is the last thing on the mind of government officials but garbage and the unhealthy effects of the pollution it creates and vermin it attracts is very much on the minds of the average Lebanese citizen who has to put up with the stink of ever spreading piles of garbage.

The You Stink movement is a good idea for many other nations and could and should become a global movement. When New York City had a garbage strike decades ago, people were finding creative ways to get rid of their garbage. They filled up purses, suitcases, boxes and perfumed wrapped and bow tied gifts and left them lying out in the open. Thieves stole them and got their just rewards when they opened their ill gotten gains. You Stink could only work in a democracy, however, because totalitarian States don’t allow protest.

Taking care of your citizens is a government’s reason for existence. The Lebanese government should listen to its people and divert personnel to create another garbage dump, collect trash and begin filling it immediately. The people of Lebanon should realize that ISIS is a real threat and understand that ISIS doesn’t allow any protests. If ISIS took over Lebanon, the garbage would continue to pile up along with chopped off heads of the people who dare to protest as well as the heads of people from many other groups of people ISIS doesn’t like.

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