The Kentucky Clerk who Refuses to Issue Marriage Licenses to Gay People

By The Prophet of Life

In The State of Kentucky, there is a County Clerk named Kim Davis. Citing religious beliefs against Gay marriage, she has refused to issue marriage licenses to gay people since the U.S. Supreme Court voted to uphold the rights of same sex couples to legally wed in June. Davis has been taken to court, she has faced fines and even jail time but she has not backed down. Gay marriage is now The Law in America but Kim Davis has stirred up a firestorm of controversy over her action of inaction.

Davis is the cause celeb for conservatives and religious zealots across the nation applauding Davis for her conviction. They admire her for standing firm to her beliefs and not caving in to public or media pressure. They send her emails and letters of support. Some even consider her a hero.

Davis is reviled by liberals as a bastion of discrimination, who has been using taxpayer monies to deny citizens their legal rights. Liberals have had a field day with facts about Davis that have recently come to light. Like the fact that she, herself had been married four times. Liberals applaud the fact that her appeals through the courts have been denied and that she could now face fines or jail time.

All the while, the media has been lapping the story up. Reporters have dug into Davis’ past, interviewed both liberals and conservatives about Davis and the issue she represents. Editorials have been written about Davis and countless blogs have discussed the subject as well. No matter where you stand on Davis or the issue of Gay Marriage one thing is certain. It’s all a pile of crap.

Everyone involved in this case, from Davis, to her government employer, to the courts, the media, religious leaders, public officials and the bloggers, have made much ado about nothing because the issue is not Gay Marriage or religious conscience. The issue is insubordination. When an employee refuses to do part of their job for any reason, after being directed to, they are insubordinate and subject to termination of employment. That is what should have happened the first day Davis refused to issue a marriage license. Instead, the incompetence of her supervisors have turned the whole Davis case into a public spectacle.

If Davis worked for Mc Donald’s as a cook, and suddenly refused to make burgers after she was ordered to because she decided to become a vegetarian or converted into a Hindu, she would likely be terminated immediately. In America there is freedom of religion but case law proves that practicing religion in the workplace, especially if it interferes with your job duties and gives you an “excuse” not to do the job you are being paid for, are grounds for dismissal. It’s okay to have God in your heart but not to put your version of god into corporate products.

Davis should have been unceremoniously fired in June. If she had been, all of this waste of time, money and effort could have been avoided. Meanwhile, people are starving, wars are raging, global warming is bringing humanity closer to the end of life as we know it and the press is wasting its time and ours covering this story. Davis is being paid taxpayer dollars not to do her job. The County she works for is exposing itself to law suits over discrimination. People who love each other are being denied what the federal law allows them. It’s time for America and the world to get off of this topic and focus on something that really matters.

Copyright 2015 Love Force International Publishing Company. All Rights Reserved.


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