Ringleader of the Paris Friday the 13th Attacks Killed During A Police Raid in a Paris Suburb

By The Prophet of Life

Paris France—

French authorities have announced that Abdelhamid Abaaoud , the mastermind and ringleader of the Friday the 13th terror attacks in Paris was among the two dead after a raid in a Paris suburb on Tuesday. His body was so riddled with bullets it was not recognizable. It was identified by DNA taken from saliva samples in what was left of his mouth.

Abaaoud was an ISIS Operative who moved freely between nations. He had a large following and was even featured in the ISIS magazine. He was also suspected of masterminding the failed attack of a train from Brussels to Paris just months ago. That attack was foiled by three Americans who , bare handedly subdued a man with an AK47 walking past them on the train.  Abaaoud  spent time in jail with the brother of  Salah Abdeslam, the terror suspect from the attacks still at large. Abdeslam was allowed to enter Belgium by a policeman at a checkpoint after the Paris attack because “His papers were in order”.

Acting on a witness testimony and phone surveillance, nine dozen French Policemen in battle armor and ski masks stormed an apartment building in the Paris Suburb of St. Denis on Tuesday. Their target, was, Abdelhamid Abaaoud the Belgian national, suspected to be the mastermind behind the Friday the 13th terror attacks in Paris less than a week earlier.  They moved in on one apartment with little resistance. Information from that apartment led them to another apartment building down the street.

An exchange of gunfire erupted. Armed resistance from the building thwarted police efforts to gain entry for about 2 and one half hours. Over time, the police inched ever closer to the apartment in question. As they entered an explosion rocked the apartment. A woman, who was with the group of terrorists blew herself up, her intestines creating a hideous new wallpaper. When it was over, two of the terrorists including the female suicide bomber, were dead and seven people were detained. No policemen appear to have been killed.

The police stated that the raid was “Right on time”. Evidence gathered at the two apartments showed that the terrorists were about to move on another target, possible in a Paris Business District. St. Denis is the Paris suburb where the stadium that hosted the Friday the 13th Soccer Match is located. Three bombings took place near the stadium, one terrorist with a helium tank filled with nails was attempting to gain entry to the stadium where French President Hollande was in attendance at the soccer match. Polce have not identified any of the terrorists and it not known at this time whether Abaaoud was among the dead or detained.

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