My Birthday Wish

By The Prophet of Life

It’s my birthday today. From my birth through 2011, my birthday was just another day on the calendar. It may have been important to me but to the rest of the world, it passed unnoticed. That all changed in 2012.

On December 14, 2012, a troubled young man killed his mother and then went to the school she worked at and killed a bunch of other people many of them children. Then he killed himself. The place this happened was New Town Connecticut at a school named Sandy Hook Elementary.

Now my birthday is forever marred by grim reminders on the anniversary of “Sandy Hook”. My joy is forever punctuated by sadness.  There is sadness for the tragedy that occurred.  There is sadness for the fact that not much has been done in America to prevent another Sandy Hook from occurring this year or any other year.

Despite the President of the United States using the Sandy Hook tragedy as well as other tragedies since to try and get stricter gun control laws passed, congress has refused to pass any. Legislation that would have banned possession of a number of assault rifles with large capacity magazines never got passed. Even a recent attempt to have similar legislation with a ban on issuing any firearm to people with ties to terrorists in the wake of the Jihad styled San Bernardino massacre failed to pass congress.

Laws banning possession of firearms with large capacity magazines did pass in Connecticut and New York State. These laws were upheld by in federal Court despite heavy opposition the Gun Lobby. New York State is also trying to get a law passed to prevent people with terrorist ties being issued fire arms.

The gun lobby says guns are not the problem, people are. They say if people were armed, the damage at Sandy Hook and in San Bernardino would have been minimized or prevented all together. There is truth to the concept that everyone having a gun can curtail the damage one person with a gun can do. This was generally proven in the American West in the 1800’s.

It all comes down to what kind of society you want to live in. Will it be a society where everyone has a gun? Will it be a society where the number of deaths in mass shootings is reduced while the number of anger based shootings over things like being cut off in line at a market or having your parking space taken right from under you increase?

I prefer to live in a civil society. One where people can own guns but where the police protect us and the rest of us don’t have to carry a gun around to “feel” safe. The best present I could get this birthday would be the passage of meaningful gun control laws so the nut jobs and terrorists can’t legally obtain guns. If there is  even a sliver of a chance that it would prevent another Sandy Hook or San Bernardino, then congress should pass it because not passing it is nothing less than permitting slaughter.

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