America’s 2nd Largest School District Closes 900 Schools Due to Terror Threat


By The Prophet of Life

The Los Angeles Unified School District shut down all of its school campuses and told over 600,000 students to stay home. All campuses and school buses in the district will be searched today.  At press conference at 7:10 A.M. Superintendent Ramon Cortines told media that the closure was made in an abundance of caution top protect the district’s children due to a credible threat.

An threatening email from an IP address indicating it was from Frankfurt Germany was sent to a School Board President Steve Zimmer last night. It said that backpacks containing bombs had been placed on school buses and inside of schools. The Board member reported the threat to local policing agencies and the district’s Superintendent. The Superintendent decided to close all schools.

The decision was made at approximately 6:30 AM. This prompted robo calls to parents in the district as well as administrators. School buses that had already en route for pickups were ordered back to the bus yards and buses that already made pick-ups were ordered to bring the student s back to the places where they were picked up.       Parents who sent their students walking to school were asked to pick up their students at the school’s reunion gate.  The district acted to hold a press conference and at that conference, School Board President Steve Zimmer asked employers to have flexibility and allow parents to pick up and find child care for their children.

Today was the beginning of final exams for many schools in the district. There is no indication as to when the schools will re-open or when the final exams scheduled for today will be made up.

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