A Note in a Restaurant Bathroom Goes Viral on Social Media

By The Prophet of Life

Charlotte North Carolina, USA—

The owner of a pizza restaurant in an upscale enclave of Charlotte put a note up on a bathroom wall. The note explained why she opened a third washroom in her establishment.

The note read:

“We have a Unisex bathroom because sometimes, gender specific toilets put others in uncomfortable situations. Since we have a lot of friends coming to see us, we wanted to provide a place for our friends who are:

  • Single dads with daughters
  • Single moms with sons
  • Parents with disabled children
  • Those in the LGBT Community
  • Adults with aging parents who are mentally or physically disabled

Thank you for helping us to provide a safe, comfortable environment for everyone.

The note generally met with the approval from locals. Social media pickerd it up when someone posted it on Facebook.

The note opens up some valid arguments about the uses of a third bathroom and provides valid uses for a unisex bathroom beyond serving the transgender community alone.  Some public places offer a family restroom as a third restroom. It might be a good idea to offer both a unisex and a family bathroom and have all facilities disabled accessible so that everyone could be accommodated.

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