Woman Asks for Reimbursement Money for squandering her rent money on Powerball Tickets.

By The Prophet of Life

A woman in Tennessee  signed onto a crowd funding website after the winner of a large Powerball jackpot was announced and it wasn’t her. The woman wrote a heart felt plea telling people that she spent all of her rent money, food money and savings on Powerball tickets and now can’t pay rent and was feeling mighty hungry.

While the woman received a lot of complaints and nasty comments like “Dumb idea!”, she raised several hundred dollars. What do you think? If you had come upon her plea would you have donated money to her or left a mean comment? Do you think of donating to her as helping someone in need, rewarding an act of stupidity or enabling an entitlement mentality?

Copyright 2015 Love Force International Publishing Company. All Rights Reserved.


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