Trump Might Not Be Running For President

By The Prophet of Life

The race for Republican Nominee for the U.S. Presidency is in full circus mode. The sideshow performers have left the ring. The clowns have taken center stage and are juggling and dancing. And the ringmasters of the Republican Party are trying to find a way to sideline their star performer. It’s all funny & entertaining stuff. The joke however, may be on the audience because the star performer may not be running for President at all.

Recently Presidential Candidate Donald Trump was asked a questions about the military. He was asked: “What happens when the military refuses to do what you tell them to because the things you tell them to do (like water boarding) are illegal.” Mr. Trumps response was something along the lines of (I am paraphrasing here), “Listen, people in the Middle East are cutting people’s heads off, I think that we should go beyond water boarding and when it comes to the military doing what I tell them to do, believe me, they will do what I tell them to. That’s leadership, getting people to do what you tell them to do.”

Mr. Trump likely thought he was answering a question about water boarding or the military but, according to his answer, what he was really answering was a question about his view of leadership. His answer reveals that Mr. Trump is not running for President of the United States at all. He is actually running for CEO of the United States.

It comes down to perception of Presidential Power. The great Presidents, the most effective Presidents have realized that the U.S. Presidency is a collaborative endeavor. An effective president works with congress to get things done. An ineffective president fights with congress or does nothing to break congressional gridlock. According to his answer to this question and other things he has said and done on the campaign trail, it appears that Mr. Trump, if elected will likely be an ineffective President.

A CEO tells people what to do and they do it or they get fired. President Trump would not be able to utter his Apprentice catchphrase (which he unsuccessfully tried to trademark by the way) of “You’re Fired!” to Congress. He might negotiate some good trade deals but they won’t be with Mexico where he is reviled both by the people and the government. They won’t be with China because China is playing the long game. They negotiate for China’s best interests 100 years from now not what they need now, and the Chinese don’t appear to care much for him either. When it comes to actual laws and policies he might want to implement, if Congress isn’t on board, they will be dead in the water.

I believe that those who vote for Trump for President will likely be wasting their vote because what they will get will be a CEO. I believe they will get a CEO without diplomatic skills, any kind of experience in governance or public service and without a history of collaborative leadership. They will get a CEO who has managed to piss off cultures and nations America must work collaboratively with to insure our security, economic stability and standing in the world. If this happens, perhaps America will be great again but only in our own minds. If this happens, God help America because our President certainly won’t.

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