A High School in China Bans Public Feeding

By The Prophet of Life

Despite the non romantic, regimentation of society in the People’s Republic of China, romance still blooms. It is common for males and females in a relationship to feed each other publicly. This is not only true for adults but for students in high schools across the nation as well. This could be changing if one High School Principal has his way.

Principal Li Xinnian, of The Ruyang Experimental High School in Henan Province in The People’s Republic of China has instituted a pilot program to stop the practice of students feeding each other in his school. Last week the school began segregating males and females. A red line and assigned seating separates males from females. Monitors patrol the seating areas and take photos of any infractions of the policy including mixed seating and feeding.

Principal Li stated his reasons for instituting the policy publicly. He said that it is not a stand against romance in general but an effort to eliminate romance from his school. He feels romance is a bad influence and detracts from the reason a student is in school, to study and learn.

He added insights into the humanity of the policy by stating “If we find students violating the policy we simply pull them out and give them a good talking to instead of criticizing them in front of the whole school.”

The population in China has doubled since the communist revolution, from about 542,000,000 in 1949 (the year the communist state was declared in China) to over 1.3 billion now. It is therefore safe to say that romance must exist in China but if the example made by one high school principal spreads, romance could go completely underground.

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