EgyptAir 804 Wreckage Found!

By The Prophet of Life

Paris—The wreckage of an Egypt Air Airbus 320 plane flying from Paris to Cairo that disappeared in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea has been found. Authorities are now working on the theory that a bomb took the plane down.

Egypt Air Flight 804 left Charles De Gaulle Airport at 11:09 P.M. on Wednesday May 18, 2016 and was due to land in Cairo at 3:15 AM on Thursday, May 19, 2016. At 37,000 feet above the ground, just off the coast of the Greek Island of Kea, the plane disappeared. There were clear skies when the plane disappeared from the radar screen

According to Greek Air Traffic Controllers the flight appeared to be going smoothly the entire time it was in Greek airspace. Air Traffic Controllers talked to the pilot of the plane when it was above the Greek Island of Kea. At 3:27 A.M. the shortly before the aircraft was supposed to exit Greek airspace Greek air traffic controllers attempted to contact the aircraft to transfer control to Egyptian Air Traffic Control but they couldn’t get a response. About two minutes later, the aircraft entered Egyptian airspace. About forty seconds after that, it disappeared from the radar.

66 people from 12 different nations and three continents were aboard the aircraft. About half were Egyptian nationals and 15 were French Nationals.  There were also Europeans from Britain, Belgium and Portugal. There were Africans from Chad, Sudan and Algeria. Saudi Arabians and Iraqis from The Middle east and Canadians from North America. Three of the 66 passengers were children.

The Greeks and Egyptians both launched sea rescue operations immediately. A distress signal was detected in the general area where the plane disappeared about 90 minutes after it disappeared. It is unclear if the signal was from the aircraft or a ship at sea. If there are any survivors and in the water, Spring survival times in the Mediterranean Sea are between seven and 48 hours.

French Authorities have opened an investigation into the plane’s disappearance. Although investigators haven’t said it went down as a result of a terrorist act, they haven’t ruled terrorism out either. Flight 804 underwent routine maintenance in Cairo before going to Paris to pick up the passengers and had flown to Eritrea & Tunisia earlier that day. Investigators will be checking maintenance logs and looking into possible security breaches everywhere Flight 804 traveled yesterday.

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