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Teenage Mysteries of Life Solved.

By The Prophet of Life

You know how your parents are always telling you not to do things, but they never tell you why? They tell you things like work hard, get good grades, respect others, be careful of the company you keep and stay away from drugs and alcohol. All your mysteries are about to be solved. This article is going to tell you why.

Parents tell you to work hard and get good grades because, for most societies across the globe, school is the path to upward mobility. Even the poorest of people from the poorest of families can move upward economically, socially and intellectually by getting a good education. Going to a good school can help you develop into a more disciplined, well versed, well rounded person. Going to the right school could get you powerful connections that will help you advance in the future. People without money or connections can get into the right school but only through excellent grades. Graduating will be the key to a good job. A good job is the key to economic advancement.

Parents tell you to respect others. They tell you this because people who don’t respect others don’t get respect themselves. If you get a job and don’t show your colleagues and customers respect you won’t have a job for long. Gangsters and criminals don’t get respect. They think they do but what they actually get is fake respect to their faces while people are laughing at them behind their back. This is because they have no job and no future. They don’t respect anyone. They give intimidation through fear and have to carry a weapon to get the fear. That’s pretty sad.

Parents tell you to be careful of the company you keep. This is because you are judged by the company you keep. If you hang around with the brainiacs, people think you are one of them. People will think you are smart. If you hang around people who cus a lot, you will end up cussing a lot. If you hang around thugs, people think you are a thug or a wanna be thug. When thugs are attacked by rivals guess who else suffers the consequences? You do. While the thugs have other thugs for backup, you’ve got nobody. If thugs commit crimes, and you hang with them you automatically become a suspect. Suspects can sometimes be arrested and even charged with a crime. Even if you aren’t convicted, you may still get a reputation. One that may follow you into your adult life.

Parents tell you to stay away from drugs and alcohol. This is because drugs and alcohol are addictive. They can become the focus of your life while everything else, including more important things fall by the wayside. It’s difficult to concentrate in school when you are high. If you can’t concentrate, you can’t pass classes. If you can’t pass classes, you can’t graduate. If you don’t graduate, you can’t get a decent job. Before you know it, you will be in the workforce. If you are high all the time you won’t be able to keep a job. If you already have a reputation and even a nick name that indicates you are a druggie, its likely that it will follow you into the world of work. Who is going to hire a drug addict?

There are reasons that your parents tell you these things. They may not tell you what they are. Perhaps they don’t know how to tell you. The reasons may not be clear to them but the reasons are clear and they make logical sense. They are all based on caring. Your parents care about your future. They only want the best for you. They have lived longer than you and have more experiences with life than you do. They have learned from their own mistakes or from the mistakes of their friends. They may see you making some of the same mistakes and they are trying to save you the aggravation of suffering the consequences of those mistake.

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Update: Corruption, Scandal and Resignation at The School District Controlled by A Group of Billionaires

The FBI raided the headquarters of the School District (LAUSD) in the article at a behest of a Federal grand Jury Investigation into the possible misuse of public funds in a 1.3 billion dollar exclusive computer purchase with Apple Computers and Pearson Education. Public funds are supposed to be spent for contracts through an open bidding process. There appeared to be close ties between the Superintendent that resigned and executives at both Apple & Pearson which could have given them preferential treatment during the bidding process, if in fact, there was a bidding process.

FBI Agents seized 20 boxes of documents which included reports, contracts, agreements, meeting notes and agendas, consent forms, score sheets, notepads, notebooks and binders.

If incriminating evidence is found the former Superintendent (John Deasy), Members of The LAUSD Board of Education and executives from Apple and Pearson could face indictment. The Billionaires who financed them would likely never be indicted because, billionaires are never indicted. The current Superintendent The one mentioned in the original article as a likely successor, moved to suspend further roll out of the Ipads to 27 more schools.
See The Original Article:

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Corruption, Scandal and Resignation at The School District Controlled by A Group of Billionaires

By The Prophet of Life

I’m going to tell you a story about a school district I have been following. It’s a good sized district in the Western United States. For the past decade it has been struggling to wrest control away from a group of billionaires who have decided to spend money buying school board elections. The School Board races for this district are among the most expensive in the nation almost always costing millions of dollars to win a seat that pays about $50,000 a year.

A few years ago, the billionaires were able to put a Superintendent in place that would do their bidding in a big way. He called himself a Doctor but he got a doctorate with 9 units of work instead of the normal 45. He actively advocated spending a billion dollars to buy computers for the district using funds earmarked for improving buildings, while holding stock in the computer company. He also appeared to have given that company preferential status in the bidding for the billion dollar contract. When the local press grumbled about that, he sold the stock but its uncertain if he sold it outright at a tidy profit or if he sold it to a “friend” for $1 with the thought of buying it back at some advantageous point in the future.

This industrious Superintendent also hired a slew of outside contractors to solve a lot of district problems. He “improved” an already well functioning district attendance and record keeping system with a “New” more expensive one that never quite did what it was supposed to. He took a sex scandal at one school and turned it into a district witch hunt where he put teachers in district jail for being accused of anything by anybody. He also advocated and sponsored laws at the state level to instantly fire teachers for merely being accused of any wrongdoing without due process.

A typical example is a teachers put in teacher jail is a teacher who failed two students. The students accused him of hitting them in front of a class full of students. When school administrators interviewed the class full of “witnesses” none of them saw the teacher hitting anyone.. One of his two accusers retracted her statement and told an administrator that she and other student made up the story to get the teacher fired because he failed them. The teacher was cleared by the school administration but when the mother of the accusing student who didn’t recant her story showed up at a meeting with a Assistant Superintendent and complained, the teacher was put in teacher jail.

Today, that Superintendent is supposed to resign. The School Board members who’s elections were paid for by the billionaires and who collaborated with him are still in power. They are thinking of bringing in the guy that this Superintendent replaced as an interim Superintendent. He was forced to resign because he was being paid $100.000 a year extra as a “consultant” to a book company that the district buys books from. He was also accused to sexually harassing an employee who worked under him. The district still named a school after him. Until the School Board members who collaborated with the corruption of the resigning Superintendent are replaced, the corruption will not end with his departure.

From The Kindle Book: Classroom Confessions:

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