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The Story Behind The U.S. Air Strike on A Syrian Air Base

By The Prophet of Life

There’s a lot of talk about the U.S. air strike on a Syrian Government Air base in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack that killed scores of civilians in a Syrian town right now.  Some people believe President Trump did the right thing. Others thought that what he did was meddling in international affairs. Syrian rebel groups cheered the move and hoped that this was the beginning of an escalation of U.S. intervention to topple the Assad Administration. Many of others are just confused.


President Trump would like to have good relations with Russia. The Russian response was inflammatory but measured as was, according to many world leaders, the U.S. bombing as a response to the use of Sarin. Sarin is a deadly nerve agent that attacks the central nervous system and is lethal a high percentage of the time. President Trump said that it’s use crossed the line and that it had to be responded to.

The attack was disguised as a bombing. When it first took place, reports of civilians dying with symptoms synonymous with toxic nerve agents were almost immediate. Syria was accused to using chemical weapons once again, just as they had several years ago. Russia came to Syria’s defense and claimed that they Syrian Air Force did not drop chemical weapons on the town but hit a cash of Sarin stored by rebel forces. They cited the fact that all of Syria’s chemical weapons were destroyed as a result of a deal struck by Russia and the Obama administration to destroy all of Syria’s chemical weapons the last time the Syrian government used chemical weapons on its own civilians.

That deal, as you may recall, was made after then Secretary of State John Kerry answered a question posed by a reporter in London a week after the incident. Kerry was asked what Syria could do to avoid U.S. intervention and potential war against Syria. Kerry’s response was “They should get rid of every last chemical weapon in their arsenal”.  Within an hour Russia responded to Kerry’s outburst by stating that Syria was willing to do that.

At that point in time tensions between Russia and the U.S. were high and there was a strong possibility that the U.S. would escalate it’s military intervention in Syria. End of the world evangelists were filling the media and the internet with predictions of this being the beginning of World War 3 and the end of the world. With this as a backdrop, I sent messages to white house staffers suggesting that they get a message to Secretary Kerry to demand Syria get rid of all of their chemical weapons. Secretary Kerry made the statement a few days after my message was received.

President Trump expressed his feelings about the Obama not correctly handling the use of chemical weapons in Syria when they were in office. He didn’t want to make the same mistake. He also wants to preserve good relations with Russia. So, why did the U.S. launch the air strike?

I believe that the air strike was a calculated move to sow the world that the U.S, condemns the use of chemical weapons on civilians. I further believe that the U.S. has footage of the planes taking off from that air base, and dropping the chemical weapons on the town. I believe that President Trump had seen the video footage and told the Russian Government that he would respond but that he would not show the footage unless Russian reaction forced him to.

In this way, Russia saves face (they were the ones who claimed that the chemical weapons came from the ground and were stored by rebels and that Syria got rid of all of their chemical weapons). Russia, in response will issue some harsh toned rhetoric but take no further action. You might just see Bashir Al Assad quietly leaving office in the next six months, which could possibly be part of the deal that was struck this week. He would likely be replaced by a more moderate leader, loyal to and controllable by Russia, who will work towards negotiating a peace.

You could also see an increase in U.S. military intervention. It will all depend on the relationship between the U.S. and Russia and the ability of the world press to ferret through the rhetoric and read between the lines.

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Paris Terrorist Attack: Latest Update!

Paris France
Gharlie Hebdo published its first edition since the attack on its offices last week that left 12 people dead. The cover was a cartoon of The Prophet Muhammad weeping over the perversion of Islam perpetrated by the terrorists against the humor magazine and kosher market in Paris last week. Charlie Hebdo printed 3 million copes of the issue which sold out overnight and two million more copies are being printed. In recent years the magazine printed an average of 60,000 copies per issue.

During the past week, a march for unity erupted in cities all across France. The event
attracted more than 3 million people and was reportedly that largest public gathering in
French history. The week also saw ISIS issuing a You Tube video showing one of the
terrorists, Ameday Coulibaly, pledging his allegiance to ISIS. Another video issued by Al
Queda, stated that they planned, financed and even trained the terrorists involved in the
attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices.

All three suspects are dead. Six potential members of a supporting terrorist cell are being sought. 17 people were executed in an Islamic Terrorist attacks on the offices of a satirical magazine published in France and a Kosher Meat Market. One of the killers was caught on video shouting “Allah Akbar!” as shots rang out at the offices of the magazine. Another was seen shooting a police officer who was lying wounded in the street. Many of the victims were shot execution style with wounds to their head and chest.
The magazine Charles Hebdo is known for lampooning Islam as well as other religions. Staff members killed included some of France’s top cartoonists. Two police officers were also among the victims. The Killers got away in awaiting cars. In separate incidents, a female police officer was killed as well as four hostages at a kosher meat market.
Three men who perpetrated the attacks were: Said Kouachi, 34, Cherif Kouachi, 32, attacked the offices Charlie Hebdo. The identity of the two brothers was discovered after one of them left their ID card in the abandoned getaway car. Cherif Kouachi had been arrested before for trying to join Islamic militants in Iraq. He served 18 months in prison for this. The two brothers were both killed when french police stormed a printing office they had barricaded themselves into and taken hostages. The Third Man, Ameday Coulibaly killed a police woman and held hostages at the kosher meat market. He was also on the phone with french reporters answering questions during the meat market stand off. Police entered, a gunfight ensued but Coulibaly was killed. He had already executed four of the hostages before the police entered. His girlfriend Javat Boumeddiene is being south as an accomplice but evidence suggests that she left France and entered Istambul via Madrid just days before the attack. She entered into Syria the day of the attack. Phone evidence shows that she was talking to Coulibaly during the standoff.
Pray for the victims. Pray for the capture of the assassins before they kill more people. Pray for the people of France. And for peaceful Muslims everywhere. Pray for peace. Work for peace. Think peace. Live for peacefully.

A Historical Moment: Space vehicle to Land On A Comet Today

By The Prophet of Life
Today there will be an attempt at a first in human history. The European Space Agency (ESA), will attempt to land a small spacecraft on the surface of a comet traveling at 84,000 miles per hour. The attempt is part of the Rosetta Stone Project. The ESA launched the unmanned spacecraft 10 years ago. It traveled 311 million miles to catch up with this comet.

The small spacecraft launched from the Rosetta will attempt to harpoon itself onto the comet which is only about 4 miles in diameter. If the small spacecraft does not harpoon itself onto a boulder or on a steep incline or decline it should hang on. If it does, it will likely be unsuccessful. It is flying in the dark to a place no one has ever been.

The small spacecraft will collect data from and take photos of the comet’s surface. The data will be used to analyze and improve what humanity knows about comets. The Rosetta has taken photos of this comet before, yesterday, as a matter of fact but it has not landed. And hopefully, will today.

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Violent Kidnapper Undone By A Worried Car Salesman

By The Prophet of Life
When Delvin Barnes abducted the woman walking down a dark Philadelphia street, late at night, she kicked and screamed but he overpowered her and dragged her into his car anyway. When she kicked out some of the windows of his Ford Taurus he was upset but not worried. He didn’t know he was being videotaped.

His history of violence and assaults against women didn’t worry him. He didn’t think he would be caught. He was committing crimes in different states and figured the different police jurisdictions would put the crimes together let alone collaborate in his capture but they did,

Within days, they knew who Barnes was but they didn’t know where he was. While conducting interviews at the dealership who sold Barnes his car they discovered that a worried salesman at the dealership secretly put a GPS tracker on Barnes car. He did this, so they could repossess the car if Barnes fell behind on payments. Barnes bad credit worried the salesman.

Police used the GPS to track Barnes to a motel in Maryland where they spotted him in the car with his kidnap victim. A Ford Taurus costs several thousand dollars. The GPS cost fifty dollars. Capturing a violent kidnapper, priceless. Did violent predator Barnes ever imagine he would be undone by a mild mannered but worried car salesman? Probably not.

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Third Health Care Worker Treating First U.S. Ebola Patient Quaranteend for Possible Ebola

By The Prophet of Life
A Health Care Worker who may have handled a specimen from Eric Thomas Duncan has been quarantined on a Carnival cruise ship in the Caribbean. Personnel on the ship, the Texas based Carnival Magic, this was done to protect other passengers from possible contamination. The woman reportedly has not shown any symptoms of the virus. This is the 19th day of the 21 day incubation period from the time of contact to the time when Ebola begins showing symptoms in those who contract it. If Ebola is actually proven to be on the ship, it might not be allowed to dock anywhere.

A Second Health care worker who treated Eric Thomas Duncan, the first Ebola Patient Diagnosed in the U,S, has tested positive. Amber Vincent contracted the virus and showed symptoms while on a trip to Cleveland. She got on the plane returning to Dallas with a temperature. Vincent was isolated within 90 minutes of reporting a high temperature at work and has been sent to Emery University Hospital in Atlanta GA by private jet. Nina Pham, the First nurse who contracted the virus from Duncan, is in good condition at the Texas Hospital where Duncan was treated and died. The hospital’s protocols for protecting its workers have been called into question. A Spokesman for Emery University Hospital in Atlanta Georgia stated that none of their health care workers contracted Ebola despite the fact that they have treated three Ebola patients, Americans who contracted the virus in Africa. Several people who came into contact with Duncan before he was admitted to the hospital are being monitored for Ebola symptoms.

Eric Thomas Duncan, The First Ebola Patient Diagnosed in the U.S. Died today. he came from Liberia. He helped take a sick woman to the hospital on September 16th and she died of Ebola a few days later. Mr. Duncan either came to the U.S. to visit relatives or to seek better treatment for Ebola than he could get in Liberia. He was treated with an experimental drug, put on dialysis and a respirator but died anyway.

The first case of Ebola has been diagnosed in a patient in the United States. He came on a plane from Liberia to visit relatives in Texas. The Plane arrived on September 20th. According to doctors, the man showed no signs of infection when arriving in the U.S. but became sick on September 24, four days after arriving.

Two days later he went to a hospital and was put in isolation pending outcome of tests. The tests proved he tested positive for the Ebola Virus. The patient remains in isolation. The man was not a health care worker or a mortician so how he came into contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person is unclear. Coming into contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person is the main way most people contract Ebola.

Officials from the CDC stated that it is almost impossible for Ebola to spread in the U.S. to the point that it has in some nations in West Africa because of America’s “Robust” health care system. The current outbreak of Ebola has claimed thousands of lives in West Africa.

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Malala Yousufzai Wins Nobel Peace Prize

By The Prophet of Life
She was on a school bus coming home from school. A man got on the bus. He asked other students to identify her. Then the man walked up to her and shot her in the head.

The girl’s name is Malala Yousufzai. The 14 year old Pakistani schoolgirl survived the attempted assassination by the Taliban. Why would the Taliban try to assassinate a 14 year old girl? Because they are afraid of her.

Why is the Taliban afraid of a 14 year old girl? Because she is not afraid to stand up for the right of girls in Pakistan to receive an education.

Malala had attended a school in Mingora Pakistan. Until the Taliban forced it to close. Then, she wrote a blog for the BBC under an alias. The Blog told the world about what it was like for a teenage girl to live under Taliban rule. The alias insured her safety because everyone knows bullies and cowards only strike out when they know the identity of those who stand up to them.

When her school was reopened, Malala began appearing on talk shows and public gatherings advocating for the right of girls to receive an education in Pakistan. The Taliban took this as a threat since they knew who it was they felt threatened by they struck at their defenseless target.

It takes a lot of courage for a grown man to shoot an unarmed 14 year old girl in the head. It takes a lot of fear to force a cowards hand and the Taliban sanctioned

this cowardly act. I call upon the Nation of Pakistan to provide an education for all of its females as well as all males. I call upon the people of Pakistan to defy the corrupt overtures and attempted rule of thugs & cowards. They may claim to represent Allah but they do not. For Allah NEVER uses cowards and thugs to make his will known. I call upon the people of the world to unite in their resolve and take action to stop this from happening not only in Pakistan, but in every nation of the world. I pray to God for Malala’s swift recovery and I pray to Allah for justice in Malala’s name and for all the other unnamed girls like her who
are suffering because of similar injustices. Malala has since recovered and she has spoken about her cause before the United Nations. Today the now 17 year old now won the Nobel Prize of Peace.

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