Are We Experiencing The End of The World?

By The Prophet of Life

With the stock market in China stumbling and falling, North and South Korea facing off, Russia taking over part of The Ukraine, ISIS making inroads into Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and the effects of global warming beginning a long cycle of destruction to the weather patterns humanity has known for thousands of years, some will ask, Is this the end of the world?

The Chinese stock market is tumbling but will likely bounce back in time. It is unlikely that North and South Korea will engage in an all out war, drawing the rest of the world into a global nuclear World War 3. Russia might end up keeping Eastern Ukraine but will likely not go beyond it because an open seaport is what they need and those are in Eastern Ukraine. ISIS may be making inroads here and there but the die is cast and ISIS days are numbered.

Global warming, that is another matter all together. It has taken humanity thousands of years to reach this pinnacle of environmental global endangerment. Humanity has depleted forests, wiped out entire species of flora and fauna and polluted the air, water and soil for centuries. These activities have intensified over the last century, thus the intensification of warning sings but it took a long time for humanity to get into this mess, it will take a long time for humanity to get out of it. Problems between nations and stock markets, they are easier to fix because they are problems between people but the effects of global warming are problems with mother earth and will be much more difficult to solve.

The effects of global warming are not coming. They are here. Ill tempered weather will kill off the largest amount of people. Skin cancer due to depleted ozone will kill the next largest number. This will be followed by deaths from asphyxiation due to air pollution.

It’s time to stop watching the sideshows and watch the main event. It’s time to stop denying global warming and start doing something about it. It will take governments working cooperatively to insure that pollution, deforestation and ozone depletion are reduced. It will take every human on this planet contributing by changing their habits into recycling, reusing, repurposing and conserving. It will take scientists and inventors concentrating on creating things that withstand horrible weather, offset the adverse effects of pollution and global warming.

What we are experiencing is not the end of the world, it is a challenge. This is a challenge humanity must tackle over the long term but it is a challenge we are up to and a challenge we must rise to or face segmental extinction. I chose to create the term segmented extinction purposely. No matter what happens, some segments of humanity will survive.  No matter what we do, some of us will not survive. If we start acting now, however and sustain those actions over the long run, most of us and our future offspring will survive intact.

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Global Warning Solutions: One Solution for Two Major Problems

By The Prophet of Life

Representatives from 195 nations are meeting a Paris this week to discuss climate change and global warming. Sponsored by The United Nations, COP 21, as it’s called will have many different lectures and meetings. I have a solution that could help solve two problems for humanity presented by global warming and climate change.

Global Warming is a fact. The polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate. As they melt, the water content of the world’s oceans are increasing. Rising water levels will, in time, submerge areas which are not above the water and inhabited by people. At the same time that water levels are increasing in the world’s oceans, severe drought is increasing in many of the world’s nations. A majority of these nations have an oceanic coastline.

This situation presents the potential for massive death and destruction. The Lord, however, has, once again, given humanity what it needs to solve the problems of submergence and drought. As usual, The Lord has not come out of the sky, or sent angels but has, in fact, presented humanity with an opportunity for offsetting the harmful effects of these particular aspects of global warming through human ingenuity.

Humanity has, through applied science and invention, created a method of turning salt water into fresh water. The method is called desalination. This method pulls the salt water out of ocean water through forward or reverse osmosis. The main problem with desalination is that a desalination plant is expensive to build and the method of desalination uses a lot of energy, which if passed on to the consumer, makes water more expensive to buy,

On the shores of Tangshan city in China, construction has begun on a desalination plant and a pipeline that by 2019 will desalinated 120,000 tons of sea water daily, producing 50,000 tons of sea water which will be piped into Beijing 170 miles away. Building the desalination plant will cost 1.1 billion dollars and building the pipeline will cost 1.4 billion dollars. This will increase the cost of water to the average Beijing consumer from 65 cents per cubic meter to $1.00 per cubic meter and would take three times more energy to produce than just piping water from a nearby mountain.

A solar desalination plant would waste less energy and as fate would have it, a solar desalination plant is currently being built in Saudi Arabia. It will supply 60,000 meters of  fresh water to the Northeastern city of Al Khafji. The plant uses less energy. It causes less pollution and even has a jellyfish filter.

If you are in a small boat and a wave comes by and fills the boat with water, you will sink unless you can bail the water out. Melting polar ice caps present islands and coastal areas across the globe with the same problem, displace the extra water or become submerged. Windmills have been successfully used in the Netherlands for centuries and windmills could help but they won’t solve the drought problem. Desalination plants that pipe fresh water inland would.

There has been global press attention to the drought in California. It is, the worst drought in over 100 years. California may have the worst drought in the U.S, but 16% of the U.S.   has moderate to severe drought conditions.  More than a dozen other nations including Australia, N.E. Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Southern, Afghanistan, Northern Shanxi province China, Some Western & Southern States of India, Iran,  Morrocco, Southern Pakistan have drought conditions that rival or are more severe than California.

The time for desalination has arisen. Is it expensive to desalinate water? Yes. Is it expensive to pipe the fresh water yield to places where there is drought? Yes. Is it possible? Yes! The cost of doing these two things cannot compete with the cost of lives and property irrevocably lost. Humanity has the means to counteract the effects of global warming the question is, will humanity use them or quibble about money while communities get wiped out and people die?

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