The World Will Not End in 2018

There are several prominent prophecies about 2018 being a year of bad omens. One links a prophecy from the Bible’s Book of Revelations about a virgin giving birth as the dawning of the dawning time of tribulation. Others interpret it as the birth of the Antichrist. Don’t believe the hype.

It will not trigger the birth of the antichrist. It will not trigger the beginning of tribulations. It will, however, augment whatever perceptions or beliefs people already have. Until it passes and people realize that 2018 didn’t trigger anything significant at all.

The Prophet of Life

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Another Example of How Your Perception Determines Your Reality.

By The Prophet of Life

In a continuing effort to illustrate how your perception determines your reality I have written a story that can be seen from two different perspectives. Each perspective determines the reality of the person who holds it. One perspective can be seen as beneficial or good and the other can be seen as malevolent or evil.Each perspective could be from someone on the road next to the house who see two men entering via a side gate to the property. Read the story and then answer the question on the bottom. You must pick one of the two choices.

The House

The two men walked until they came to a huge gate,. “See, I told you today was a good day to come here.” Said Pete

They entered through a smaller gate on the side. Tall bushes hid the house from the road. The pair strolled across the finely landscaped yard slowly.  “Someone might see us.” Bill worried aloud. “Nah”, Said Pete, “No one can see us from the road.” “So, the family is on vacation while the house is up for sale?”  Said Bill.. “They sure are,” Said Pete. “We’ve got this place to ourselves.” He added.

They walked through the yard and up a hill. As they reached the downward slant of the hill the house came into view. “I never knew this place was so big”. Said Bill. “No one does, that’s the point, it’s secluded to insure privacy.” Pete responded.

As they got closer to the house they noticed that it had two French doors that opened onto the back yard and a door on the side of the garage. They entered the door on the side of the garage. There was nothing in the garage except three ten speed Italian racing bikes. At the end of the garage was a door which led to the house. Pete knew it would be unlocked because it usually is.

The door opened up into the living room. “I didn’t know this place was so big.” Said Bill. “It looks bigger since they added that 75 inch big screen television and surround sound.” Said Pete. “And look at that fire place!” Bill pointed at a freshly installed, marble fireplace. Two solid Gold Grammy Awards stood on the mantle.

“Let’s hear how the sound is on this baby.” Said Pete as he turned on the television, changed it to internet mode and clicked on Pandora. He bumped his favorite tune which reverberated all over the house at an eardrum splitting volume. ‘Turn that down!” shouted Bill. “Someone might hear it.” He added. “Don’t worry”, said Pete. The whole house is soundproofed, you could set off a charge of dynamite and no one would hear it.” He added.

Then they went off the spare bedroom. It was a state of the art recording studio filled with pricey outboard equipment. “Did this studio come with the place?” Bill asked. “No, the owner had it built in but everything in it is removable so it can easily be cleaned.” Pete said.

Then, the two men went into the Master bathroom. It had an attached bedroom with a sauna and spa bathtub. The bedroom itself had a huge walk in closet. Inside the closet was a fake wall. Pete knocked on it three times and a small room opened up. The room had a big safe in it. “Is this place sweet or what?” Asked Pete. “It’s the sweetest.” Responded Bill.

Are the two men a realtor and client or are they burglars?

The first perspective has the person passing on the road assuming that the two men are a realtor and a perspective client. The second perspective assumes that the two men are burglars. How the reader feels about the two men’s race, dress, manner and even their own past experiences will determine which perspective they bring to the story. Which did you pick, realtor and client or burglar? Your perception of this story says a lot about your perception of life and the world in general.

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