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In Defense of Black Lives Matter

By The Prophet of Life

From The Book Black in America a Kindle e-book available worldwide through Amazon.

President Obama compared the Black Lives Matter to the Suffergete and Abolitionist movements. Newt Gingrich said that its very name black lives matter, was racist because it inferred that only black lives matter. The movement has drawn criticism for the radical things they have done to protest the perpetual slaughter of unarmed African American men and boys by armed, white police officers in America.

The Black Lives Matter movement does do more than just march down public sidewalks and in front of public buildings carrying protest signs and placards (although they do that too). The have blocked major public roadways with their bodies, shutting them down for hours. Some people among their group claiming to be their followers have gotten violent. The attack on the Dallas Police Department by a single, black assailant and the killings of two more African Americans at the hands of police officers this week, have exacerbated racial tensions. In my book Black in America, (available exclusively on Kindle) I wrote a piece of literature which I believe, explains why The Black Lives Matter Movement is called that. It Follows below:

Why We Say Black Lives Matter

When we say

Black Lives Matter

We are not saying that ONLY black lives matter

We do understand that All Lives Matter

And we are not negating that fact


When we say Black Lives Matter

We are issuing a call for JUSTICE

We are issuing a plea to stop the murder of our children

Who, as members of the human family, represent all of our children


And we wonder why we must call for justice

If we live in a Just Society

We wonder why there should even be a reason for us to call for justice

If we live in a Just Society

And we wonder why the blood of our children runs in the streets

Beneath the tainted shadow of racism


So next time you hear someone say

Black Lives Matter

Know that it is a call for justice

And think about

Why we need to call for justice

If we do, in fact,

Live in a Just Society


If you still think that the Black lives Matter movement is racist and that African Americans don’t have a real cause for concern about whether or not their men and boys will return alive, after leaving the house, and if you, after reading this article still believe that America actually is a Just Society then I suggest you ask yourself one more question. Would you have the same point of view if there was an epidemic of armed African American police officers killing unarmed white citizens?


“Why We Say Black Lives Matter” from Black in America by The Prophet of Life.

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ISBN 9781936462094 Kindle ASIN #  B00S05QSXA


Alligator Drags off Toddler at Disney Hotel in Florida

By The Prophet of Life

A family of four is walking along a lagoon on a Disney vacation of a lifetime. They had just left movie night and were walking along the shore of the Seven Seas Lagoon. Everything is peaceful. The son of the family, a toddler, wades into the water. It’s cool but nice. He splashes around, enjoying the evening. Suddenly, an alligator bobs its head out of the water, opens its mouth and grabs onto the boy. The boy’s father rushes to help his son. He grabs onto the boy and tries to pry him from the jaws of the alligator. The alligator’s grip is too strong. It drags the boy away and into the darkness of the waters away from shore.

This actually happened last night in Orlando Florida. The Graves family was on vacation from Nebraska, they are devastated. Authorities have been searching for the toddler immediately. They searched all night long and into the next day. The body of toddler Lane Graves was found at 1:45 p.m. on Wednesday June 15, 2016 about 15 yards from where the alligator first dragged him off in very murky waters.  Alligators cannot digest fresh meat. They normally drag it to the bottom of a body of water, wait several days until it rots and softens up in the water, and then they digest it. Alligators rarely attack people but it could have been the toddler’s small size that had the alligator mistake him for an animal.

The family has been cloistered away from reporters and just as likely prospective lawyers, by the Disney Corporation. Disney is providing them grief counseling and other things they require. It is hard to know exactly whether Disney is doing this out of an honest compassion for the family or to protect its corporate image. Perhaps it’s a little of both. Witnesses have told reporters that there were no swimming signs but no signs posted that warned of an alligator danger. The lagoon the toddler was wading in channels into larger waterways any number of which could have alligators in them.

It is time that corporations put safety first. There is no excuse for having a waterway at a resort that has alligators in it. Especially when there is not appropriate signage and especially when it is accessible to the public including toddlers. When the bottom line is more important than customer safety everybody suffers. At this moment in time, that particular Disney property is the saddest place on earth.

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The Commitment

I read an interesting short story that is a parallel to current world events in regards to terrorism. The story focuses on what is going through the mind of a suicide bomber as his mission draws near. It’s taken from a book 9: 9 Stories of Fiction on Kindle by Author Mark Wilkins. I wrote the publisher and obtained permission to re-print it here.

Here is a link to his author page:

Oofa Poofa made a commitment to join the terrorist organization. He came from a poor family in the village of Mamalulu Southeast Dadastan. He was opposed to the tyranny of President Gogo’s brutal regime. He hated the oppression against his village. He hated the persecution of his family for following the Mamasect instead of the more popular Dadasect that most of his nation followed. The previous regime had shown tolerance for his people but Presdient Gogo wanted to wipe Mamaism from the soil of Dadastan forever.

Oofa was indoctrinated into the terrorist mentality. He was given a constant verbal barrage listing the acts of oppression his people had struggled with all of his life. He learned that it wasn’t normal. He was made to believe in the virtue of dying for the cause. He was trained in military tactics and how to shoot a gun. He was trained on how to blend in with a crowd while being packed with explosives and how to pick targets.

Last night, he was sent to the nearby Military town of Kilakilla. He spent the night at a terrorist hideout disguised as a book store. He ate a wonderful meal, perhaps the best of his life. He filmed a video stating that he was opposed to the injustices his people had suffered. He gave cryptic goodbye messages to his friends and family without naming them.

Today was the day that he would make the ultimate sacrifice for Mamaism. He emerged from the terrorist hideout in the guise of a fat man. He walked down the narrow streets into the marketplace. He saw a group of the dreaded Mustafa Guards, President Gogo’s Elite Special Forces. As he walked towards them, one of the soldiers made a statement meant to imply that a fat slob was coming towards them.


As Oofa got closer, he began to have second thoughts. He knew that the government would condemn his actions. He knew they might take their anger out on his family. He knew that his death would be a tragedy.  He realized that he didn’t really want to die. He decided to turn around and walk away in the next five steps. He counted them off, one… two… three.

Just then, one of the soldiers noticed a wire hanging out from Oofa’s shirt. The soldier shouted something as he reached for his holster. Oofa knew it was too late for second thoughts. As the soldier drew his pistol, Oofa pressed the button. He didn’t do it as a result of his training. He didn’t do it out of a commitment for the cause. In the end, he did it because he knew he was going to die anyway. An explosion rocked the marketplace killing all of the soldiers. Oofa was a martyr for Mamaism. Or was he?

Copyright 2015 Love Force International Publishing Company. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.

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A Lawsuit That Could Ruin Spokeo, Google and Facebook

By The Prophet of Life

Have  you ever Googled yourself? If not, have you ever searched your name and found information on yourself? Was that information totally accurate or did you find some things that were incorrect? A case before the U.S. supreme Court today may change the face of background checks and web searches.

In a case that went before the U.S. Supreme Court recently, A man named Thomas Robins is suing Spokeo for publishing false information about him. This is despite the fact that he cannot prove there was any actual damage to him as a result of that publication.  Can he really do that, you ask? He can if he has grounds. According to the Ninth Circuit Federal Court he does have grounds.

One day, six years ago, Robins found his profile on Spokeo. It stated that he was a wealthy, married man in his fifties with a degree and a couple of children. Robins, however, was a unemployed single man in his mid twenties. Robins was outraged that Spokeo could have gotten his information so completely wrong. He saw the potential consequences if prospective employers or romance partners looked up the same profile.

Robins filed suit under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a law passed by congress in the 1970’s. The law states that credit reporting must be fair and accurate. The Ninth Circuit Court ruled that Robins does have grounds because he filed suit as a violation of the law and a violation of the law is still a violation whether or not there is any harm. Spokeo as well as Google, Facebook and a myriad of other reporting, commerce, social networks and web based data firms have long been operating using the logic that actual harm as a result of incorrect information had to be proven are all contesting the Ninth Court Ruling and the entire data mining industry is anxiously awaiting the results of this case as it appears before the Supreme Court. One reason is, Robins filed it as a class action suit.

Upon hearing arguments in the case, the Supreme Court Justices seem to be split. The Four conservative Justices seem to be leaning towards the arguments taken by data brokers, that actual proof of harm must be demonstrated, that there must be concrete proof of an injury.  This was illustrated by Justice Alito who made a statement that the plaintiff only showed speculative harm during inquiry of the plaintiff in which he asked if there was proof that any one other than Robins had seen his Spokeo profile. Chief Justice Roberts also stated that the court has a legion of cases which say a plaintiff must have an actual injury to have standing to bring suit.

The Liberal four Justices seemed, by their questioning and statements, to be more sympathetic towards Robins cause. Justice Kagan indicated she would view finding erroneous information about herself online as a concrete injury. Justice Sotomayor agreed that there was potential injury if potential dates looked up Robin’s profile and saw that he was “married” even if it wasn’t true.  Justice Kennedy, the usual swing vote on split cases, asked questions to lawyers on both sides of the issue and asked if credit reporting agencies might have less lattitude than other agencies to argue that a person wasn’t harmed by the misreported information.

The question at the heart of this case is constitutional; whether or not Congress can pass a law which gives people the right to sue and win damages even if they haven’t suffered any provable, concrete harm. The corporations who have been getting away with publishing erroneous information say that congress cannot pass any such law. They say that violation of a statute should not be considered as a harm in any court and that Congress cannot pass a law that allows it to be.

Robins and consumer advocacy groups believe differently. They believe that violation of a statue in and of itself, does constitute harm. They believe that Congress does have the right to pass laws that reflect this and that all laws involving consumer protection reflect this.

If Robins wins, it could send reverberations throughout the internet. Every social media network and data mining company could be sued by people who they have published incorrect information on. All of these people could literally join the lawsuit. Further, any companies that sell information, (like Spokeo does), could in turn be sued by individuals and companies who paid for information and got some false information.

If he loses, especially if the Supreme Court rules to limit lawsuits by consumers, every consumer loses. The corporations will continue doing business as usual. They will continue to publish erroneous information on you and me and we will have fewer avenues to stop them. The big money, big corporate bullies will win and the rest of us will be laying bloody on the playground of life.

This one little lawsuit, could bankrupt entire corporations, keep entire law firms in business and change data collection and verification policies throughout the nation. It could do one more thing. It could make sure that those collecting data on you get it right and possibly force companies that collect data on you to get your permission and a signed release from you in order to publish your information because if the company is reputable that will be the only way it can insure that you won’t sue them into the stone age if they get something wrong.

Sometimes, congress passes laws that actually protect us. It would be nice if suing to enforce them yields tangible results. Mr. Robins, I, for one am rooting for you.

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The Kentucky Clerk who Refuses to Issue Marriage Licenses to Gay People

By The Prophet of Life

In The State of Kentucky, there is a County Clerk named Kim Davis. Citing religious beliefs against Gay marriage, she has refused to issue marriage licenses to gay people since the U.S. Supreme Court voted to uphold the rights of same sex couples to legally wed in June. Davis has been taken to court, she has faced fines and even jail time but she has not backed down. Gay marriage is now The Law in America but Kim Davis has stirred up a firestorm of controversy over her action of inaction.

Davis is the cause celeb for conservatives and religious zealots across the nation applauding Davis for her conviction. They admire her for standing firm to her beliefs and not caving in to public or media pressure. They send her emails and letters of support. Some even consider her a hero.

Davis is reviled by liberals as a bastion of discrimination, who has been using taxpayer monies to deny citizens their legal rights. Liberals have had a field day with facts about Davis that have recently come to light. Like the fact that she, herself had been married four times. Liberals applaud the fact that her appeals through the courts have been denied and that she could now face fines or jail time.

All the while, the media has been lapping the story up. Reporters have dug into Davis’ past, interviewed both liberals and conservatives about Davis and the issue she represents. Editorials have been written about Davis and countless blogs have discussed the subject as well. No matter where you stand on Davis or the issue of Gay Marriage one thing is certain. It’s all a pile of crap.

Everyone involved in this case, from Davis, to her government employer, to the courts, the media, religious leaders, public officials and the bloggers, have made much ado about nothing because the issue is not Gay Marriage or religious conscience. The issue is insubordination. When an employee refuses to do part of their job for any reason, after being directed to, they are insubordinate and subject to termination of employment. That is what should have happened the first day Davis refused to issue a marriage license. Instead, the incompetence of her supervisors have turned the whole Davis case into a public spectacle.

If Davis worked for Mc Donald’s as a cook, and suddenly refused to make burgers after she was ordered to because she decided to become a vegetarian or converted into a Hindu, she would likely be terminated immediately. In America there is freedom of religion but case law proves that practicing religion in the workplace, especially if it interferes with your job duties and gives you an “excuse” not to do the job you are being paid for, are grounds for dismissal. It’s okay to have God in your heart but not to put your version of god into corporate products.

Davis should have been unceremoniously fired in June. If she had been, all of this waste of time, money and effort could have been avoided. Meanwhile, people are starving, wars are raging, global warming is bringing humanity closer to the end of life as we know it and the press is wasting its time and ours covering this story. Davis is being paid taxpayer dollars not to do her job. The County she works for is exposing itself to law suits over discrimination. People who love each other are being denied what the federal law allows them. It’s time for America and the world to get off of this topic and focus on something that really matters.

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A Blessing in Disguise

By The Prophet of Life

Have you ever had something bad happen to you, only to find out later that it was actually a blessing in disguise? Bad things happen to good people all the time but it while some hold on to the pain caused by bad things like it was a precious jewel, allowing that pain to hold them back from trying new experiences, others let it go and move forward with their lives.

It has been written that everything happens for a reason. It is true, everything does happen for a reason it’s just that the person it is happening to often doesn’t know what the reason was at the time things are happening to them. The reason usually only becomes clear in hindsight, after the incident has long passed and some perspective can be achieved.

So, what is the difference between the people who are devastated by the bad things that happen to them and those who seem to move beyond the trauma associated with the incident quickly? The people who move on quickly are often people in one of three categories: they are people of faith, spiritual people or people with a positive outlook.

People of faith often move beyond the bad things that happen to them because they have been taught through their religion that God watches over and protects them. They have a holy book, filled with stories and parables which illustrate this point. They have religious authorities that they can go to for guidance. They have a community of people who believe as they do, who they can count on for support. They move forward with the help of other people of faith as a member of a caring community.

Spiritual people believe in a higher power. They believe that higher power is ultimately   good and that bad things are a part of life. They seek to learn the lesson that the bad thing was sent to teach them. They move forward because they know that the bad thing

That just happened to them happened for a reason. They may not know the reason just yet but knowing that it happened for a reason gives them the strength to move forward.

People with a positive outlook on life may not have religion. They may not even believe in higher power. They are strengthened by their honest belief that good things can come out of bad and that every cloud has a silver lining. They may also be bolstered by thoughts of how much worse the bad thing could have been and count themselves as fortunate that the bad thing wasn’t a worse thing. They may also believe that something better is just around the corner. They move forward to get to that something better.

Are you in any of the three groups described above? Do you have a holy book, religious authorities and a community behind you? Do you believe that everything happens for a reason and search for the lesson in the event? Do you believe that every cloud has a silver lining?  Or…are you a combination of two or more of these three types? If so, congratulations, you have evolved a coping strategy for the bad things that happen in life. If you do not fall into one of the three categories mentioned, what is your coping strategy? How has it been working for you? Do you let the bad things that happen to you hold you back or do you move forward beyond them? The next time something bad happens to you and trust me, something bad will happen to you sooner or later, remember the type of people that move beyond the bad things that happen to them and see what you can use that will work for you.

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