Where is God In This Global Crisis?

In these time of Global Pandemic many are suffering. Many also wonder if this is a punishment from God. It is not. God is here for you. God did not cause this but faith can help ease its adverse affects.

Some spiritual leaders will say that COVID-19 is a punishment from God . They will use it as an opportunity to try and leverage others into converting to their version of God. There is no need for you to do this. They cannot offer protection. They will not solve all of your problems.

God is here for you. God Loves you no matter what others tell you. God loves you even when others do not.  God believes in you even if you do not believe in God. While you may think that God has abandoned you God has not. God’s love is stronger than any adversity that you experience here on earth. If you call upon God for help you shall receive it, although you might not receive exactly what you are asking for you will receive that which God knows you need.

God is not going to come out of the sky and save you. That is not how God works. Anyone who tells you that doesn’t know God. You are a great soul. A great spirit in the flesh. A spirit in the material word. Once you realize this. Once you realize that your here in the world today, as a spirit in the flesh to learn the lessons that life is teaching you everyday. Then no one can ever harm you again. No adversity will ever devastate you. No loss will ever defeat you. Rise. Rise to your destiny.

Some of the things I can teach you have the power to change the way you look at your life. In so doing they can change your life. God has always been in your life. God has always been communicating with you. You just didn’t know how to listen. These few truths that you have learned right now can empower you to begin your journey. This can begin you actually seeing God working in your life.

Where is God in this global Pandemic? God is where God has always been. Right by your side.


Rock Band Puts Out Controversial Song About A School Shooting

It has been said that great art is a reflection of society. There ia an Alternative Rock band from The United States called Teacherz. The band is made up of teachers from a low performing High School in a Major City in the U.S. Most of their songs are about teachers and students and education issues. There songs include titles like “Welcome to Our Institution”, “Grades are Due” and “Cafeteria Food”. I am going to tell you about a new song that has just come out (as of 2/21/20) worldwide. The  song i am going to tell you about puts a very big mirror up to reflect a very big problem.

The song is called “Sonny Brought A Gun To School”. It is reflecting the problem of school shootings which is a big problem in the United States. The reason it is a big problem is because the US Constitution, the document all government in the US is based on gives Americans the right to carry a gun. Sometimes Adults are the perpetrators of school shootings. many other times, however, children are the perpetrators.

A large powerful association of gun enthusiasts and Gun and ammunition manufacturers are fighting laws that would prevent school shootings. They are doing it with bribes. They are doing it with ads. They are doing it with slogans like Guns don’t kill people, people do.

The entire rock music industry is based on fantasy. Heavy Metal is based on middle age knights and folklore. Goth is based on the fantasy of the living dead. Death Metal is based on a fascination of death.  Rarely are Rock songs based on societal problems that consistently headline the news.

The thin line between fantasy and reality is blurred permanently by this little known band with their new single. Sonny Brought A Gun To School, talks about what led up to the shooting, the actual shooting and its aftermath. The song is so true to life that it’s sparking controversy throughout America and even beyond America’s borders.

Sonny Brought A Gun To School by Teacherz will be available for streaming starting on February 21st (US time). If you have Spotify or Apple music or something like that you will be able to listen to it and see if you agree that it is very true to life. That it does put a mirror up to society. That it does give one pause.

Controversial Alternative Rock Song may change the face of Music.

Editor’s Note: This article is reprinted from Lit & Woke Music Blog / Magazine here on word press. It appears here because it is about an issue that is near and dear to my heart, school shootings. I have posted articles and commentaries on school shootings including Sandy Hook, The Florida High School Shootings among others.  It is reprinted with permission.

It has been said that great art is a reflection of society The song we are about to tell you about puts a very big mirror up to reflect a very big problem.. The entire rock music industry is based on fantasy. Heavy Metal is based on middle age knights and folklore. Goth is based on the fantasy of the living dead. Death Metal is based on a fascination of death.  Rarely are rock songs based on societal problems that consistently headline the news.

The thin line between fantasy and reality is about to be blurred permanently by a little known band with their new single. The band, made up of public school teachers in an inner city school of an urban school district is called Teacherz. The song is entitled Sonny Brought A Gun To School. This song is so true to life that it’s sparking controversy throughout America and even beyond America’s borders.

We sat down with members of the band at a modest, small home that one of the band members lives in with his wife and two dogs, to ask them about their new single.

Lit & Woke Magazine:  You guys are teachers?

Teacherz:   Yes. We work in public schools during the day but at night we are a four piece band that rocks the house.

Lit & Woke Magazine: Most of your songs are about what?


Teacherz:   Most of our songs are about school, kids and teachers. They do, however go beyond those subjects and are a lot deeper than they may seem on the surface.

Lit & Woke Magazine: Can you give me an example?

Teacherz:   Welcome To Our Institution is about a school but if you look at the lyrics, it can apply to any public institution, like prisons or mental hospitals.  We have another song Microcosm which compares aspects of school culture to the events in most people’s lives.


Lit & Woke Magazine: Where did you get the idea for Sonny Brought A Gun To School?

Teacherz:   From the headlines in the daily news. We were inspired by the fact that school shootings keep on happening,  children and teachers keep on dying yet school shooters, be they kids or adults with mental issues are still able to get their hands on automatic weapons.

Lit & Woke Magazine: The lyrics are just out there, in your face but the music is dark and eerie. Is that done on purpose?

Teacherz:   They lyrics are true to life. The first verse talks about the events that led up to the shooting. The second verse talks about the actual shooting. The third verse talks about its aftermath. The lyrics are like that because that is how a real shooting unfolds. As far as the music being dark and eerie, well, it’s meant to be. School shootings are not a happy subject. School shootings are dark and ugly. They are mysterious. Often know one ever finds out what really caused the shooters to act as they had. We thought that Dark Errie music fit perfectly with the lyrical topic because that’s how they play out in real life.

Lit & Woke Magazine: What do you think school shootings say about society?

Teacherz:   We think they say a lot. America is a very divided, polarized nation. America is also a nation that politicizes everything. School shootings are no different. Children are dying in their own classrooms and society isn’t doing anything about it.

Lit & Woke Magazine:  Why do you think that is?

Teacherz:   It is because the easy solution would be to make it impossible for children and criminals to get their hands on guns but the Gun Lobby is one of the most powerful in America. Many politicians are afraid of the Gun Lobby and so, they won’t vote for laws that go against what the gun lobby wants. The gun lobby is powerful with politicians but not necessarily with the public. They are powerful but not too smart.

Lit & Woke Magazine: How so?

Teacherz:   They have a PR campaign that caters to stupidity. Their slogan is something like guns don’t kill people, people kill people. I mean it’s true that people do kill people but if they didn’t have guns they wouldn’t shoot them. Besides, the proliferation of assault weapons in America make it possible to kill a whole lot of people. Perhaps a better slogan would be People kill people but Guns kill a whole lot of people.

Lit & Woke Magazine:     There are some people reading this who might ask You guys are an alternative rock band not governmental policy makers, what qualifies you to get up on a pedestal and tackle an issue that seems unsolvable?

Teacherz:   What qualifies us is that we are on the front lines dying with the students. This issue has changed the meaning of school, in this nation and likely around the globe. Nowadays children have to undergo periodic Active Shooter Drills. Studies are coming out that state that this is traumatizing children and reinforcing the trauma of seeing actual shootings in the news.

Lit & Woke Magazine: What are your goals with this song?

Teacherz:   We’d love to see it as part of a national ad campaign or at least have radio stations play it every time there is a school shooting to remind American’s that School shootings are not something normal. They are not something that people should become numb to. They are dark and mysterious and ugly. This song might make some people uncomfortable but if it does, that’s okay because school shootings should make people uncomfortable. Uncomfortable enough to stand up to the Gun Lobby and do something about it.

Sonny Brought A Gun To School is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, iHeart Radio, Napster, Apple Music, Deezer, Instagram Stories, Media Net, bandcamp and Tik Tok.

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An Interview with A Prophet Among Us about  Their new single  When The Spirit Moves Me

Editor’s Note: This article is reprinted from the Lit & Woke Music Blog / Magazine which is also available on word press. I found it to be of interest and got their permission to reprint it here.

A Prophet Among Us is unique in the music world. Most of their songs focus on two topic areas. God and The Human Condition. Some call them a Christian band. Others call them a Humanitarian and others a spiritual band. Some call their music Alternative Rock, others call it World and still others say it’s a mixture of both genres. Whatever you call them, their music is catchy and accessible and their lyrics are among the best out there. Their songs have depth and meaning in a way that makes them literary gems. We met up with members of the band while they were loading up for a gig.

Lit and Woke Music: So, tell us about your new single When The Spirit Moves Me?

A Prophet Among Us: What would you like to know?

Lit and Woke Music:  Well, lets start with what its about.

A Prophet Among Us: The song is about a person whose life is trapped within the pages of a working class novel. The main character tries to escape the pages of the novel and is met with nothing but frustration for their efforts until they decide to look at their situation spiritually.

Lit and Woke Music:   A very novel concept. Where did you come up with that one?

A Prophet Among Us:  Actually the writer did. We just thought it was a great idea for a song so we recorded it. The song blends both things we look for, and try to reflect in our music. It talks about God and it talks about the human condition.

Lit and Woke Music:    So all of the songs you record are about God and the Human Condition?


A Prophet Among Us:  Well, not all but if we can’t get both in a song, we try to get at least one of those two things in our songs. You can literally see either  God (or spirituality) and / or something about the human condition in our songs.

Lit and Woke Music: We have heard that “When The Spirit Moves Me” is a love letter to the working class. Is that true?

A Prophet Among Us: Yes it is. The working class is what keeps this world going. TV and Movies are filled with imaginary heroes nowadays but the real heroes of the world are the ones who get up every day and go to work. This song is an homage to them. It tells them that they can overcome the drudgery of the daily grind by looking at their plight from a spiritual perspective.

Lit and Woke Music:   What’s with the weariness in the lead singer’s voice on the song?

A Prophet Among Us:   Our lead singer was just tired the day we recorded the song. It worked out well though because the weariness in his voice works as a symbolic reflection of the weariness the main character in the song is feeling after going off to work every day and being trapped within the pages of this novel for years.

Lit and Woke Music:    The novel is also a metaphor isn’t it?

A Prophet Among Us:  Yes, we think so. We think it’s a metaphor for the concept that everyone’s life is a book that God looks over at Judgement. For the main character of the song, their book is a working class novel because their work is such a big part of their life story. The character, however, is more than just a worker and has hopes, dreams and aspirations which need to be addressed. That is where the looking to God for guidance or the “Spirit” part of the song comes in.

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The Establishment-Maintenance-Expansion Cycle

By M. Wilkins

Editor’s note: Guest Author Mark Wilkins has discovered an exciting new way to look at history through the development, rise and decline of civilizations. He has noted recurring themes within the history of civilizations and developed a theory on how civilizations evolve. He calls it The Establishment-Maintenance-Expansion Cycle.

The Establishment-Maintenance-Expansion Cycle

This is a natural cycle which has implications not only in the history but also in psychology, physical science, biology and chemistry. The cycle has three stages which are often repeated. There is also a fourth stage (Decline) which appears at the end of every cycle.

Humanity, since the dawn of the caveman era has tried to create communities of people with the same needs, wants and interests. I am going to use an imaginary community of cave people to illustrate how the Establishment-Maintenance-Expansion cycle works.

In the beginning, cave people lived alone or in small family groups. Their main task was involved in struggling against nature and their environment to get food, water and to find appropriate shelter (a cave). Many of them lived in small caves because larger caves posed more danger (poisonous bugs, wild animals like bears living in them). Everyone within the family group had a job to do. Men often hunted to provide food. If there was only one man, then the group had one hunter. If there were a few men then they had a small band of hunters. It was easier for a small band of hunters to capture and kill animals for meat than it was for one hunter. A small band could make noises from different directions and scare an animal into running into a trap. A small group of hunters could spear and animal several times in a few minutes. Women and children would gather fruits, berries and plants for food. Cave people realized that having more people in their family group would make life easier because they could get more work done faster. It also provided more protection against wolves, bears and other families of people who might want their cave.

Over time these cave people began to band together in multi-family groups. This in our cycle is called Establishment. Since the main goal of their life was searching for and getting food through hunting animals and gathering fruits, berries and plants to eat, we call them hunter-gatherers. The larger the multi-family group, the more hunting and gathering they could do and the faster they could do it. Instead of having one hunting or gathering  party, they could have several which would increase their chances of finding food. In times of abundant food, they began to store extra food for the times when food was not abundant. They began making storage containers.  They began domesticating animals for milk (cows, goats) meat (chickens / birds, cattle) for clothing (cattle, sheep) or for protection (wolves). Some of the smarter or luckier cave people created or obtained something extra. Sometimes it was an animal they captured on their own which may have been allowed to remain theirs.

In time, other families joined the group. The group got larger. There were more mouths to feed. Some of the new families to join the group had some different ideas about how things should be done. Some of the new families wanted to have more say in what the group did and how they did it. Over time a few different families became powerful within the group and there was a struggle for control between the original families and the newer families in the group. Ultimately, one family was able to become the recognized leaders of the group. The leader of that family became the leader of the group.

That family began trying to consolidate power within the group and to increase the territory of the group. Sometimes this involved confrontations with other family groups. Sometimes this meant battles and even war. As the group won battles and conquered other groups they expanded their territory and built an Empire (many groups of people ruled by one particular group of people).

Once they expanded territory, they had to govern the people they had conquered. Some of those people were not happy. They began doing small things to disrupt the group. They talked about regaining their independence. There, however was not much they could do about it because they were outnumbered. As the group expanded their territory, they began to trade with neighboring and even distant groups. Through trading and conquering there was a culture clash, (exposure to groups of people that had different beliefs and ways of doing things then they did) they discovered new things from the other groups they traded with and conquered. Some of these things became a part of the groups way of doing things and / or culture. Some of the original people within the group became inspired. Some created new ways of using the things they learned from the other groups. Others created new things built upon or inspired by the new things the group had discovered. By doing this they promoted the things they discovered from other people’s into their group’s way of doing things. This period is known as invention and promotion.

Once the group had expanded enough, the expansion of territory stopped. There were no more wars. There was a time of peace. During peace, the group did well. Trade was good, the expanded territory created more land for farming, raising domesticated animals and building public works  (like ways of bringing needed resources to the territory to help the group. Within the group the original members and others got and were able to keep things of value. The family of the original leader kept power but others within the group got things of value by work, trade, or having a much-needed skill. They had enough things of value (wealth) that they could pass it down to their family members when they died. This is known as inter-generational wealth building.

Eventually the Leader dies. The leadership role is passed down to one of their children (this is known as inheritance). When that child dies leadership is passed on to one of their children. This continues for generations. Then one of the great, great, great, great grandchildren of the original leader inherits the throne. They are a crappy leader. The generations of peace and prosperity are ruined by this idiot. People who live in the group and people who live near them realize this and the leader is changed either through external forces (war by a neighboring group) or internal forces (conquered people within the group struggle for their freedom). If the group is conquered by another outside group then they become part of another group and subject to its way of doing things. If they are taken over by  the people they conquered or a group within the main group, then there has been a revolution. The leadership group changes (regime change). Either way, the cycle often starts all over again.

Most of the civilizations we will study during this course will follow this cycle. One of your main jobs as a student of this course will be to identify each of these civilizations follow these themes. You will need to include the names of people, events, places and timelines unique to each civilization in order to demonstrate your understanding of how this cycle works in each of the civilizations we will study. The cycle doesn’t always work in the same exact order of steps each time and sometimes there may be some steps that are missing in some civilizations but generally, this cycle works for most civilizations we  will study.

What follows are recurring themes in the history of civilizations:


The Struggle against Nature / Environment

Creating Community


The Struggle for Control of the Community

The Struggle to gain or maintain territory

Empire Building

Invention and Promotion

Inter-generational wealth building

Culture Clash

Overcoming Conflict

The Struggle for Freedom

Revolution-Regime Change / War-Peace

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Terrorist Attack on 2 Mosques in New Zealand Kills 49 Worshippers.


     Christchurch New Zealand-

    In a city named after Christ, Muslim worshippers were gunned down at two different mosques. The death toll as of this writing is 49, with dozens more wounded. Police officials have stated that four people have been arrested, three men and a woman. One man has been charged with murder.  

According to the police, a man walked into a mosque and began shooting continuously for 10-15 minutes with semi-automatic weapons.  He shot people in the sanctuary. He sat people who ran out. He shot people outside of the sanctuary.  He was streaming his crimes against humanity on social media as they happened.

The killer flew under the radar of law enforcement. Police discovered a link between the killer and an 89 page manifesto filled with anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim rhetoric and ravings. Police have noted some racist postings by the killer but they are on a small social media platform with relatively few participants.

My heart goes out to the people of New Zealand, especially the nations Muslims. I know that the mass shooting is not representative of your nation nor are the views of the killers the views of the majority of people in your nation. It takes a special kind of Godless Sicko to gun down people in the midst of worshipping god. The killer even streamed the murders live.

Muslims as well as all people of faith, no matter what faith, should have the right to freely worship in peace. They should have the right to worship wherever they desire. They should have the right to live. I stand for Muslim’s right to worship and live, just as I stand for the same rights for all people. I also stand for the true spirit of Peace, freedom and equality which lives in the hearts of a majority of New Zealanders.

I caution nations around the world to provide security to mosques and other places of worship. There is a danger that there will be copycat attacks. I would also like to caution New Zealanders who are traveling abroad, whether on business, as tourists or service members, especially to nations where there is a Muslim majority to take precautions against abduction by terrorist groups. There are terrorist groups who will view the acts of a few sickos as representative of a global attack on Islam and will likely want payback by abducting innocent New Zealanders or people from other Western nations.

It is time for cooler heads to prevail. It is time for unity not discord. It is time for love not hatred. We must not let the sickness of the hatemongers to spread. God Bless Us All.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life

Ram’s Scam

The Ram’s Scam

The Los Angeles Rams have come a long way in the four years since they returned to Los Angeles after a decades long absence. They have risen in the ranks of the NFL from a team of also rans when they arrived, to playing in the Superbowl in 2019. The Rams are a great organization on the field. Not so much in their front office.

The National Football League, (NFL),  has a charity they promote called The NFL Community. It is about NFL teams giving back to their communities. The Rams have a challenge they issue to local school districts. The Rams challenge high school football teams to have a high overall grade point average. They tout that the school that wins the challenge will get a visit from The Los Angeles Rams.

This year a high school team from East Los Angeles won. The school continues to surprise detractors. In 2015 it had the Los Angeles City Champion Baseball team.  This year it had the champion Volleyball team for their league. The school has a lot of amazing things they have done academically as well.

The school’s football team has a coach who has always stressed academics. So when the Rams issued the challenge, both the coach and the football team accepted it. Their overall team grade point average rose to 2.97, pretty close to a “B” average. Not only was it good for this year’s team, it was better than the previous teams by one full point, the highest previous team GPA was 1.97 (a high D average). This was based on the 10 week grades which were given out in October 2018.

Excitement built when one of the team members was chosen to be a Ram’s waterboy for one game. The anticipation of the visit from the     Rams increased. All over the campus, students were wondering. Who would the Rams send? Would it be Quarterback Jerad Goff? Would it be Running Back Todd Gurley? Would it be All Pro Defensive Tackle Aaron Donald or Linebacker Cory Littleton? Could it be Rams NFL Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson? It could be Dickerson, The Rams sent him out to give Superbowl tickets to a Rams Superfan, many of the students saw that on television.

The appointed day came one sunny March day in 2019. The anxious students crowded into the school auditorium for special assembly. The coach of the football team and team captain were honored with a seat on stage right beside the much loved and respected school Principal, a school district official, and two people from the Rams Organization, an Events Coordinator and a Public Relations (P.R.) Coordinator. The Principal gave a speech. The District Official gave a speech. The School Football Team Coach gave a speech.

Then a murmur began in the crowd of students. Who was coming from the team? Would it be a star on the current team roster or a Football Hall of Famer from the past? It wasn’t long until the students figured out that The Rams didn’t send a Star from their current roster. They didn’t send a Hall of Famer. They didn’t even send someone who played on the team. They sent the Events & P.R. Coordinators.

After the “Special” assembly the High School Football Team Members got their reward. They walked onto the stage and got to take a group photo with The Rams (Events and P.R. Coordinators). The cherished memories of that life changing event, would last about as long as it took for them to walk over to student cafeteria and the lunch that they were late for, with the other students who were duped.

The idea of challenging student athletes to do well in school is a noble one. The idea to incentivize it with a visit from members of a locally favorite NFL team is okay. Sending two guys from the front office with a message of stay in school may be doing more harm than good.

While it is true that a good education is a worthy pursuit and that education is a reward in and of itself, most children don’t realize that until after their education is over. Incentivizing scholarly endeavors is one way societies have of providing students with something tangible, a reward now to help them see that society values education and at the same time, values them.

When you choose to reward students it is important that you deliver what is promised. Not delivering on your promise cheapens the success they have achieved and devalues them as people. It’s like promising them an X-box and giving them a cardboard box with an “X” on it. It makes children feel unappreciated and jaded. It makes them less likely to believe that what they are doing is important and less likely to even try to reach a worthy goal.

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“Until Humanity both acknowledges and acts upon the fact that Women are men’s equals, humanity shall continue to realize only half of its potential.”—The Prophet of Life

It is time for humanity to realize and act upon the fact that women are equal to men. That fact should be acknowledged. That fact should be acted upon. Women should be given equal pay for equal work. Women should have equal rights in all areas where rights are given. Women should have equal opportunities in all fields of endeavor and Women should have equal representation in corporate boardrooms, executive listings and halls of power. Until humanity both acknowledges and acts upon this in the ways I have just written, humanity shall continue to achieve only half of its potential.

Quote is from the book The Best Quotes on Topics of General Interest by The Prophet of life.

book link

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The Real Danger in The Jussie Smollett Attack

Jussie Smollett is a singer and actor. He has won praise for his role as Jamal Lyon on the popular TV Show Empire. On January 29, 2019 Smollett filed a report with the Chicago Police Department stating that two white men in ski masks beat him, threw bleach on him and put a rope with a hangman’s noose around his neck while shouting racial and homophobic slurs at him.

News of the attack went viral. Celebrities and politicians condemned the attack and stated their support of Smollett. Two presidential hopefuls who are currently in Congress, even put forth an anti- lynching law in reaction to the horrible hate crime.

Then cracks in Smollett’s story began to appear. There was no video of the crime despite the fact that there are video cameras in the area were the crime took place. Rumors began circulating that Smollett was close to being Axed from Empire although the show’s producer came out in support of Smollett after the crime was announced.

Chicago Police raided the home of two “Persons of Interest” in the case. Police recovered bleach, rope and other items from the home. Police interrogated the two men before charging them. Upon interrogation they learned that the two men were brothers of Nigerian descent who worked as extras on Empire. They went to the same Gym as Smollett.

The men told police that Smollett hired them to stage the attack. Police allegedly uncovered evidence of a payment. Smollett was book on suspicion of filing a false police report which in Illinois carries a maximum penalty of three years in prison.

If Jussie Smollett was actually attacked and the police have it wrong then I for one, am sorry for all he has gone through. If his arrest and booking is erroneous I think he should sue the hell out of the police department. If what the police say is true and Smollett did stage this incident  then he has done more damage to the cause of civil rights than he will likely ever know.

If Smollett staged this crime and then went viral with it he I has mocked every person of color who actually has been victimized by a hate crime. He has bamboozled two Presidential hopefuls of color into introducing legislation that may be looked at as a joke. He has put doubt in the minds of many white people for future actual victims of hate crimes because in the back of their minds they will be thinking, “ this just another Smollett?”

If Smollett staged the hate crime he has in so doing, sewn the seeds of doubt in white America and this is very dangerous. It will embolden hate mongers and white supremacists to say “They’re all a bunch of liars!” It will cast a shadow of doubt over ever accusation a person of color makes. It will contribute to future hate crimes because the credibility of the victim will come into question. None of these things are crimes that Smollett can be charged with and he may be totally innocent of any and all of the charges made against him by the Chicago Police. If, however, he is not innocent and he did stage the hate crime, then these unchargeable consequences are the real danger and the real crime that was committed.

From the book Black in America by The Prophet of Life

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Vivas Romanitcas! Reaches #5 in Spain!

On Wednesday, February 13th the book Vivas Romanitcas! Co-authored by The Prophet of Life and Mark Wilkins, Rose to #5 on The Free Charts in Spain.  Vivas Romanticas is the Spanish Language version of Romance Lives! Romance Lives is a very special collection of Romantic Love Poems The poems are arranged to follow the arc of a romance from its early, puppy love stages through its sweet seductions and the blissful wisdom of mature love. If you are searching for Romance in your love relationship or just want some joyful, insightful romantic reading this book is for you!. Both books are published by Loveforce International Publishing Company. You can find our books by typing Loveforce International Publishing into any Amazon Browser, anywhere in the world.