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The Prophet of Life On Creating The Short Film “One Small Candle”

I wanted to create something that would inspire people all over the world. I wanted to illustrate the power of faith during difficult circumstances. I decided to illustrate this through portraying the story of a poor young woman living in a violent neighborhood of a major city. The story embraces the new Cultureblend genre of literature. It is not based on any actual person from a particular culture. It is based on a blending of person created from a cultures to create a composite of a person in a blended culture.  The setting is not in a particular culture, a particular place or in a particular time.nation.  I am certain there are millions of people in exactly the same circumstances as the main character from various cultures .

It began as the lyrics to a song. Then I transformed it into a story poem for a book I wrote entitled Revelations of 2012 (this book was only issued in paperback and only a few hundred copies exist so if you can find one, snap it up).

When I wrote the poem, I wanted people to get a sense of what the main character goes though on a daily basis. I wanted them to notice how one small act she does, consistently inspires others over time. I thought that perhaps if people saw something in this story poem, they might look at their own lives and think about what small act they could do consistently to inspire others.

I do believe that there is a cause effect relationship in every act we perform whether it is positive or negative. This poem and short film are meant to illustrate that in an inspirational way. I kept the film short and simple. There are no pictures, just words on a black screen and gentle background music. And subtle special effects that hit you when you least expect it.  It tells an entire story, in rhyme in about two minutes. So spend two minutes and watch One Small Candle.

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On Creating

A Series of short insightful writings on the creative process

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One Small Candle

One Small Candle


She lived in the middle of the city

But felt like she was living in hell

She wondered how she ended up here

And felt dread as the night fell

She felt so isolated

And scarred by broken dreams

She fell asleep serenaded by

Gunshots, moans and screams

She lit one small candle

And put it next to her window

To fight against the darkness

And let the world know

That one small candle

One soul to stand for right

One small candle

To keep away the night


She felt like that small candle

As she struggled every day

To walk towards her goals while surrounded by

Those who lost their way

She was assaulted by temptations

Hammered by neglect

But kept on walking anyway

One step following the next

She lit one small candle

And put it next to her window each night


This went on for years

And things got better over time

She struggled every day

And lit a candle every night

One night before turning in

She looked out and to her surprise

Saw 10,000 other candles

Drowning the darkness with their light

One small candle

Was able to conquer the night

From The Psalms section of the Kindle book Finding God in A Chaotic World by The Prophet of Life

Copyright 2010, 2011, 2015 Love Force International Publishing. All Rights Reserved.


By The Prophet of Life


A smile for every child

Laughter fills the air

No one is forgotten

The whole world seems to care

This all happens

One magic day of the year

But when the day is gone

Why should the magic disappear?


If everyday were Christmas

All we’d hear would be joyful sounds

If everyday were Christmas

We could spread our love the whole year around


People coming closer

Wishes coming true

Hope for everybody

A forgiving attitude

This all happens

One magic day of the year

But when the day is gone

Why should the magic disappear?

If everyday were Christmas

All we’d hear would be joyful sounds

If everyday were Christmas

We could spread our love the whole year around

From The Book Reflections in The Mirror of Life


Copyright 1980, 2010,2015 Love Force International Publishing Company. All Rights Reserved.

A Powerful Love Poem

Your Love is Like Sunshine

By The Prophet of Life


Some loves are like a candle

Romantic but lacking strength

Some loves are like a street lamp

With the light of dawn their glory fades

Some loves are like a lighthouse

A beacon through stormy times

But your love surpasses all of these

Cause your love defeats The night

Your love is like sunshine

Lighting up my life

Your love is like sunshine

When ever I am with you

My whole world is bright


Some loves are born of hot blooded lust

When the passion fades the love grows cold

Some loves are born of convenience

Inconvenience makes them explode

Some loves are born of the spirit

Others are born of the mind

But your love is supernatural

Your love’s beyond space and time


Your love is like sunshine

Lighting up my life

Your love is like sunshine

When ever I am with you

My whole world is bright


From “Revelations of 2012.” Copyright 2010 Love Force International Publishing Company,. All Rights Reserved.

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When The Spirit Moves Us

We all have our moments of doubt. We all have frustrations in life. But what is God if not the hope that things will get better? I tried to capture these feelings in the lyrics of a poem I wrote and later turned into a song. Recently, I wanted to translate it into another language and to my surprise, with a few minor lyric changes, it translated very nicely.  So here it is in English and in Spanish.


When the Spirit Moves Me

A Song by The Prophet of Life


Welcome to my life

Caught up in the pages

Of a nine to five novel

The humming of the computer

The ring of the register

They are my constant companions

Complete with illustrations

Of an endless sea of emotionless faces

Collecting their pay

Counting the days

Until retirement damns them


But when the spirit moves me

When the spirit moves me

I can set myself free

And do great things

Like I know I was meant to

When the spirit moves me

When the spirit moves me

Second chances arise

As dreams come to life

And then they come true



As the plot develops

I wrestle the anguish

Of a life going nowhere

I watch others pass me by

And feel I’ll surely die

At the hands of frustration

But in the end I find

That there is a reason

For my worldly existence

And better things will shine

Once I can find

A way to let them

(Repeat Chorus)


Cuando el Espíritu me mueve

Una canción por el Profeta de la Vida


Verse 1

Bienvenido a mi vida

Atrapado dentro de las páginas

De un libro sobre los trabajadores

El zumbido de la computadora

El anillo de la caja registradora

Ellos son mis únicos compañeros


El libro cuenta con ilustraciones

De un mar infinito de rostros inexpresivos

Recopilación de su salario

Contando los días

Hasta que mueren


Pero cuando el espíritu me mueve

Sí, cuando el espíritu me mueve

Puedo liberarme

Y hacer las grandes cosas

Que yo sabía que estaba destinado a hacer


Cuando el espíritu me mueve

Sí, cuando el espíritu me mueve

Las segundas oportunidades suben

Como mis sueños cobran vida

Y luego se hacen realidad



Versículo 2

Conforme se desarrolla la historia de mi

Yo lucho la angustia

De una vida que se ha estancado

Observo otros hacen mejor que yo

Y siento que moriré

En manos de la frustración

Pero al final me parece

Que hay una razón

Por mi existencia en este mundo

Y cosas mejores vendrán a mí

Una vez que pueda encontrar

Una manera de hacerles

(estribillo de la repetición)


All Contents Copyright 1982, 2013 Love Force International Publishing Company. All Rights Reserved.

What My Faith Means To Me

Editors Note: This is my entry in my Linked In Interfaith Professionals discussion group about what faith means to each person responding.

By The Prophet of Life

Every morning when I wake up, it is faith that empowers me to get out of bed. It is faith that propels me through the day. It is faith that guides me, bobbing and weaving around numerous perils that are in my path, be they perils of my environment or perils from the destructive nuances of my own personality. My faith shows me the limitless possibilities of each day. It is faith that delivers me back home at the end of each day. It is faith that shows me what The Lord wants me to see that day and faith that teaches me the lessons that give me the insights that I have been credited with.

I cannot even imagine what the world is like for someone with no faith. It must be very scary indeed to live in a world filled with so much cruelty, destruction and death and not believe that there is a purpose, to it all. It must be difficult to live the drudgery of each day like a zombie, one day blending into the next with no distinguishable difference between them. To live a life without hope that something better is coming.

For what is faith, except a perspective on life seen through the belief that there is a purpose, there is hope, there are miracles, there is something better coming, there is a loving God. I have witnessed so many miracles in my life that I know there is a loving God behind them. God’s existence for me is unquestionable and undeniable. If Scientists declared that there was proof that God does not exist I would submit evidence to refute it. If the whole of humanity stopped believing in God and hope, I would stand like a lone candle, burning in the darkness to light the way with the light of truth. That is why, the symbol of my faith is a lone candle illuminating the darkness because all who are of faith, no matter which faith we hold, are like candles illuminating the darkness.

Once we are all joined together in the truth that we are all branches of the same tree, that tree will prosper. Once we understand that we may have differences but that we are all equal in God’s eyes, we can end the destruction of religious war. Once we resolve with mutual respect, to work together to solve the problems we face as human beings and as a planet we can begin to actually solve them on a global scale.

My faith does not depend on miracles or wish fulfillment to sustain itself, although I have witnessed many miracles, they are not what sustains my faith they are merely confirmations of it. My faith has taught me that The Lord is not a fairy godfather who waves a wand and makes all your problems disappear but a teacher who gives you the tools to solve your own problems and shows you the way to do it. My faith tells me that The Lord communicates with everyone but that not everyone is listening. My faith does not tell me that “The Lord works in mysterious ways’, but that The Lord works purposefully and that bad things will happen to all of us but that they only serve to teach a lesson that once learned, will open the way to something better.

My faith is true faith but I know that it is no better than anyone else’s faith. It’s just different. That knowledge allows me to build bridges with other people of faith even though their faith is different from mine because I always keep in mind that my faith is different, not better and so is theirs. My faith has no limitations. That is okay, because neither does God’s love.


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Reflections In The Teardrop Of A Child

By The Prophet of Life

Children are our greatest asset, our most valuable resource. Although crying can be a part of life, crying from a child can signify a trauma, that if left unattended can cause a scar that lasts for a lifetime. How many hurtful things happened to you in your childhood that still resonate with you today? We should all remember this when we are dealing with children.

This free verse poem written in 1982 gives some insight into the types of things my friends and I experienced growing up. Some of my friends were from my family, others from my foster homes but all are reflected by the teardrops in this poem.

Reflections In The Teardrop Of A Child

A broken scooter

A lost ball

A Teddy Bear

With the stuffing torn out

These are the things reflected

In the teardrop of a child

A spelling test marker “F”

A valentine wadded up and thrown away

A dark room

A nightmare

These too are reflected

A scraped knee

Belt marks on the backside

Cigarette burns on the arms

They are all there




A father without legs

A mother’s suicide

A brother missing in action

A sister lost to drugs and prostitution

A mugging

A Rape

A stray bullet

An entire city block

Leveled by artillery fire

These also can be found


A burning cross

A terminal disease

And all of the sickness and brutality of mankind

These are the ingredients,

The hurts

And horrors

That are reflected in the teardrop of a child

From The Kindle Book Reflections In The Mirror of Life:


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Hope Is The Answer

Hope Is The Answer

By The Prophet of Life

Many people today live lives of quiet desperation. They see their dreams slipping away from them as their bills, their work and their frustrations pile up. They want to make a change for the better but don’t know how to change or where to begin to make the change. Others have accomplished something in their lives but are barely holding onto it, afraid of losing what they have, watching everything they have worked for erode away slowly. Still others, have nothing. They are living out of their cars or on the streets without a home, without a job and without a clue as to where their next meal will come from.

Many of the people in these three categories have lost their hope. An interesting fact about hope is that it is always present whether we feel it or not. The purpose of the song I wrote below is to inspire hope in people from all walks of life and in every nation in the world. It looks at people in different situations and tells them that there is hope and that whatever their problems hope is their solution and whatever their questions, hope is the answer.

Hope Is the Answer

A Poem and Song Lyric

By The Prophet of Life


Man is an employee

Working and sweating

Every single day

Doesn’t make much money

Still, he’s got bills to pay

He questions the master

And has a long wait for his reply

Just when he’s going to give up

Comes the revelation


Hope is the answer

When all else fades away

Hope is the answer

You know, it’s got to be that

Hope is the answer

Come, let me here you say

Hope is the answer


Woman is a mother

She’s got a lot of mouths to feed

Feels like a martyr

Frustration is what she bleeds

So many disappointments

Yet her faith it keeps her strong

Kids need someone to look up to

In times of desperation

(Repeat Chorus)



Hope is the answer

I said hope

Hope is the answer

To the questions that we raise

There’s always hope

To guide us through life’s tricky maze

Hope is the answer


So much suffering and heartache

Bourne upon this worldly plain

So many caught up in it

That can’t see beyond their pain

Cries the wisdom of the ages

All wounds are healed in time

Like a beacon to the future

Shines the inspiration

(Repeat Chorus)

Copyright 1982, 2010 Love Force International Publishing. All Rights Reserved.