Rock Band Puts Out Controversial Song About A School Shooting

It has been said that great art is a reflection of society. There ia an Alternative Rock band from The United States called Teacherz. The band is made up of teachers from a low performing High School in a Major City in the U.S. Most of their songs are about teachers and students and education issues. There songs include titles like “Welcome to Our Institution”, “Grades are Due” and “Cafeteria Food”. I am going to tell you about a new song that has just come out (as of 2/21/20) worldwide. The  song i am going to tell you about puts a very big mirror up to reflect a very big problem.

The song is called “Sonny Brought A Gun To School”. It is reflecting the problem of school shootings which is a big problem in the United States. The reason it is a big problem is because the US Constitution, the document all government in the US is based on gives Americans the right to carry a gun. Sometimes Adults are the perpetrators of school shootings. many other times, however, children are the perpetrators.

A large powerful association of gun enthusiasts and Gun and ammunition manufacturers are fighting laws that would prevent school shootings. They are doing it with bribes. They are doing it with ads. They are doing it with slogans like Guns don’t kill people, people do.

The entire rock music industry is based on fantasy. Heavy Metal is based on middle age knights and folklore. Goth is based on the fantasy of the living dead. Death Metal is based on a fascination of death.  Rarely are Rock songs based on societal problems that consistently headline the news.

The thin line between fantasy and reality is blurred permanently by this little known band with their new single. Sonny Brought A Gun To School, talks about what led up to the shooting, the actual shooting and its aftermath. The song is so true to life that it’s sparking controversy throughout America and even beyond America’s borders.

Sonny Brought A Gun To School by Teacherz will be available for streaming starting on February 21st (US time). If you have Spotify or Apple music or something like that you will be able to listen to it and see if you agree that it is very true to life. That it does put a mirror up to society. That it does give one pause.

My God

By The Prophet of Life

My God doesn’t demand people follow orders like robots and doesn’t threaten people with eternal damnation to keep them in line because those are egotistical actions and My God isn’t egotistical.

My God doesn’t punish people for disobeying My God provides learning opportunities so that they may learn lessons and improve their behavior through a higher understanding instead of out of fear of punishment.

My God doesn’t stand silent when people’s lives seem to be falling apart, My God communicates with people through The Word, through events and through other people who deliver messages.

My God hasn’t given one group of people an exclusive on The Word. My God hasn’t reserved an eternal home for the chosen few. My God welcomes everyone who wants to get to know God better.

My God is an equal opportunity lover and loves all living beings equally no matter what form they take. All life is precious to My God and a kindness to any life form is a kindness to God. Taking the life of any life form is taking a part of God that the taker does not have the ability to restore.

My God doesn’t judge people by their race, or religion or sexual orientation or economic status because My God knows that these are things all people are born with, a starting point.   My God doesn’t look at where you start. My God looks at how you have grown beyond your starting point and what you have learned from the experience we call life.

My God doesn’t need pass judgment upon humankind because My God has given a spiritual gene to all people and an objective part of that gene allows all spirits to pass judgment upon themselves.

My God understands that humanity can only understand things given the information they can comprehend. This information is called The Word.

My God sends prophets to deliver The Word at times which parallel humanities advancements and ability to understand more. Although God remains the same, The Word is ever changing as new information is added to what humanity knows as humanity has advanced enough to understand it.

My God’s will is always done and My God always wins because My God exists in the past, present and future simultaneously. My God is the master of time and can change any outcome, at any time during the past, present or future.

My God has a master plan in which every soul has a role. My God has a mission for each and every person. My God has provided tools for each individual; to find out what their mission is.

My God is your God. My God is the same God you have been praying to no matter what your religion. If you think you know everything about God and you didn’t know some or all of these things, do you really know God?

From: The Kindle Book Finding God in A Chaotic World

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Fulfilling Your Destiny

By The Prophet of Life

Every human is born with a destiny. At birth, God whispers the same phrase to every person “The world is a better place because you were born.” The phrase is a prophecy. It is a prophecy that proclaims part of your destiny. It is a prophecy you are charged with fulfilling during your lifetime.

Part of your life mission is to find out how your life can fulfill this prophecy. There are many ways you can fulfill this prophecy. You can fulfill it through a lifetime of service to others. You can fulfill it discovering, creating or inventing something that benefits the world. You can fulfill it by saving the life of another living being.

You can fulfill this part of your destiny through service to others. Many professions, from doctors, to firefighters, to teachers to garbage workers can help fulfill God’s prophecy. Most people can understand how doctors, firefighters and teachers are included on the list because doctors and firefighters are perceived as saving lives.  Teachers are perceived as saving the future by educating children. Far fewer may understand how a garbage worker can be included on the list. Garbage workers help with diminishing the effects of disease. Many garbage workers become sick from diseases clinging to the refuse of people who are sick. In doing so, they contract an illness that many others might have contracted if the garbage was left out in the open in a public place.

You can fulfill this part of your destiny by discovering, inventing or creating something that benefits humanity. You can discover the cure for a disease. You can invent a machine that helps to clean up the environment. You can create a painting or a sculpture or a poem that uplifts people’s spirits or gets them to think about the big questions of life.  Any of these types of activities can make the world a better place, one soul at a time.

You can fulfill this part of your destiny by saving the life of another being. Saving the life of a person could enable that person to complete their fulfillment of this part of their destiny. Saving the life of another being, a plant or animal for instance is performing an activity that creates a direct effect for the being you are saving and future generations of that living being’s descendents.

Most people are not artists or writers. They cannot create an artistic or literary masterpiece. They are not doctors, or teachers. They live ordinary lives working mundane jobs for less money than they think they are worth. They can save a life, if not the life of a person, then the life of a plant or an animal. They can volunteer to help at a hospital or an orphanage. They can be help a stranger in need, They can join groups like Change Agents for Humanity to get ideas on what they can do.

The question is clear. Will the world be a better place because you were born? The answer may be unclear because in most cases, words alone will not satisfy it. Only your actions will create the answer to the question. What actions are you taking? How is the story of your life answering the question?

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Teenage Mysteries of Life Solved.

By The Prophet of Life

You know how your parents are always telling you not to do things, but they never tell you why? They tell you things like work hard, get good grades, respect others, be careful of the company you keep and stay away from drugs and alcohol. All your mysteries are about to be solved. This article is going to tell you why.

Parents tell you to work hard and get good grades because, for most societies across the globe, school is the path to upward mobility. Even the poorest of people from the poorest of families can move upward economically, socially and intellectually by getting a good education. Going to a good school can help you develop into a more disciplined, well versed, well rounded person. Going to the right school could get you powerful connections that will help you advance in the future. People without money or connections can get into the right school but only through excellent grades. Graduating will be the key to a good job. A good job is the key to economic advancement.

Parents tell you to respect others. They tell you this because people who don’t respect others don’t get respect themselves. If you get a job and don’t show your colleagues and customers respect you won’t have a job for long. Gangsters and criminals don’t get respect. They think they do but what they actually get is fake respect to their faces while people are laughing at them behind their back. This is because they have no job and no future. They don’t respect anyone. They give intimidation through fear and have to carry a weapon to get the fear. That’s pretty sad.

Parents tell you to be careful of the company you keep. This is because you are judged by the company you keep. If you hang around with the brainiacs, people think you are one of them. People will think you are smart. If you hang around people who cus a lot, you will end up cussing a lot. If you hang around thugs, people think you are a thug or a wanna be thug. When thugs are attacked by rivals guess who else suffers the consequences? You do. While the thugs have other thugs for backup, you’ve got nobody. If thugs commit crimes, and you hang with them you automatically become a suspect. Suspects can sometimes be arrested and even charged with a crime. Even if you aren’t convicted, you may still get a reputation. One that may follow you into your adult life.

Parents tell you to stay away from drugs and alcohol. This is because drugs and alcohol are addictive. They can become the focus of your life while everything else, including more important things fall by the wayside. It’s difficult to concentrate in school when you are high. If you can’t concentrate, you can’t pass classes. If you can’t pass classes, you can’t graduate. If you don’t graduate, you can’t get a decent job. Before you know it, you will be in the workforce. If you are high all the time you won’t be able to keep a job. If you already have a reputation and even a nick name that indicates you are a druggie, its likely that it will follow you into the world of work. Who is going to hire a drug addict?

There are reasons that your parents tell you these things. They may not tell you what they are. Perhaps they don’t know how to tell you. The reasons may not be clear to them but the reasons are clear and they make logical sense. They are all based on caring. Your parents care about your future. They only want the best for you. They have lived longer than you and have more experiences with life than you do. They have learned from their own mistakes or from the mistakes of their friends. They may see you making some of the same mistakes and they are trying to save you the aggravation of suffering the consequences of those mistake.

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A Cure for Cancer

By The Prophet of Life

I have often told you that The Lord has given humanity all it needs to solve its own problems. What you are about to read is proof of that. It’s about a convergence of sorts. A convergence of two different kinds of diseases, and genetic science and how one type of disease can be genetically engineered to kill another.

Somewhere in the world many years ago a group of several women with cervical cancer contracted rabies. After the rabies was treated, doctors noticed that the cancer had disappeared. This led to a breakthrough in the fight against cancer.

Viruses are tiny, infectious agents that get inside the cells of living organisms and replicate or copy themselves. Left untreated, the virus just keeps on copying itself, destroying the cells of living organisms, which could lead to death. Cancer works similarly. It takes over a cell and turns it into a cancer cell, stealing the blood supply to normal cells and growing larger. Cancer cells from one tumor can break free and travel to other parts of the body through the blood stream and start a new tumor there.

In the era since the discovery of genetic mapping, scientists have been able to genetically engineer viruses of various forms to attack cancer cells. Instead of attacking normal, healthy cells, the genetically engineered virus targets only cancer cells.

Clinical trials of genetically engineered viruses of several varieties have been done. The viruses studied include the common cold virus, measles and HIV.  All three viruses have had an effect on the cancer. In all three trials, reductions in tumors both in size and number, retardation of the spread of cancer and remissions have been the results.

The strongest result has come from the deadliest virus. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.  In AIDS, the virus latches onto and destroys the T Cells which are the cells that fight disease in living organisms, resulting in a lower immunity. It is by killing off T Cells that AIDS creates a path towards death because lower immunity leaves that organism open to infections and diseases that most people naturally fight off.

The HIV virus is genetically engineered to program the T Cells to seek out and destroy cancer. Once the body’s T Cells are on the job, cancer doesn’t stand a chance. Clinical trials have yielded a 90% success rate in reducing and eliminating specific types of cancer. With FDA approval, this genetically engineered HIV virus should be available for regular use by sometime in 2016.

Once again, science has used something harmful to humans to help fight cancer, the major cause of death in humans. Not since a scientist discovered that bread mold could create penicillin, a drug used to fight many diseases, has humanity seen a medical breakthrough of this scale. In the future, a diagnosis of cancer will not be a death sentence but a treatable disease that will rarely result in death.

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Global Warning Solutions: One Solution for Two Major Problems

By The Prophet of Life

Representatives from 195 nations are meeting a Paris this week to discuss climate change and global warming. Sponsored by The United Nations, COP 21, as it’s called will have many different lectures and meetings. I have a solution that could help solve two problems for humanity presented by global warming and climate change.

Global Warming is a fact. The polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate. As they melt, the water content of the world’s oceans are increasing. Rising water levels will, in time, submerge areas which are not above the water and inhabited by people. At the same time that water levels are increasing in the world’s oceans, severe drought is increasing in many of the world’s nations. A majority of these nations have an oceanic coastline.

This situation presents the potential for massive death and destruction. The Lord, however, has, once again, given humanity what it needs to solve the problems of submergence and drought. As usual, The Lord has not come out of the sky, or sent angels but has, in fact, presented humanity with an opportunity for offsetting the harmful effects of these particular aspects of global warming through human ingenuity.

Humanity has, through applied science and invention, created a method of turning salt water into fresh water. The method is called desalination. This method pulls the salt water out of ocean water through forward or reverse osmosis. The main problem with desalination is that a desalination plant is expensive to build and the method of desalination uses a lot of energy, which if passed on to the consumer, makes water more expensive to buy,

On the shores of Tangshan city in China, construction has begun on a desalination plant and a pipeline that by 2019 will desalinated 120,000 tons of sea water daily, producing 50,000 tons of sea water which will be piped into Beijing 170 miles away. Building the desalination plant will cost 1.1 billion dollars and building the pipeline will cost 1.4 billion dollars. This will increase the cost of water to the average Beijing consumer from 65 cents per cubic meter to $1.00 per cubic meter and would take three times more energy to produce than just piping water from a nearby mountain.

A solar desalination plant would waste less energy and as fate would have it, a solar desalination plant is currently being built in Saudi Arabia. It will supply 60,000 meters of  fresh water to the Northeastern city of Al Khafji. The plant uses less energy. It causes less pollution and even has a jellyfish filter.

If you are in a small boat and a wave comes by and fills the boat with water, you will sink unless you can bail the water out. Melting polar ice caps present islands and coastal areas across the globe with the same problem, displace the extra water or become submerged. Windmills have been successfully used in the Netherlands for centuries and windmills could help but they won’t solve the drought problem. Desalination plants that pipe fresh water inland would.

There has been global press attention to the drought in California. It is, the worst drought in over 100 years. California may have the worst drought in the U.S, but 16% of the U.S.   has moderate to severe drought conditions.  More than a dozen other nations including Australia, N.E. Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Southern, Afghanistan, Northern Shanxi province China, Some Western & Southern States of India, Iran,  Morrocco, Southern Pakistan have drought conditions that rival or are more severe than California.

The time for desalination has arisen. Is it expensive to desalinate water? Yes. Is it expensive to pipe the fresh water yield to places where there is drought? Yes. Is it possible? Yes! The cost of doing these two things cannot compete with the cost of lives and property irrevocably lost. Humanity has the means to counteract the effects of global warming the question is, will humanity use them or quibble about money while communities get wiped out and people die?

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One Small Candle

One Small Candle


She lived in the middle of the city

But felt like she was living in hell

She wondered how she ended up here

And felt dread as the night fell

She felt so isolated

And scarred by broken dreams

She fell asleep serenaded by

Gunshots, moans and screams

She lit one small candle

And put it next to her window

To fight against the darkness

And let the world know

That one small candle

One soul to stand for right

One small candle

To keep away the night


She felt like that small candle

As she struggled every day

To walk towards her goals while surrounded by

Those who lost their way

She was assaulted by temptations

Hammered by neglect

But kept on walking anyway

One step following the next

She lit one small candle

And put it next to her window each night


This went on for years

And things got better over time

She struggled every day

And lit a candle every night

One night before turning in

She looked out and to her surprise

Saw 10,000 other candles

Drowning the darkness with their light

One small candle

Was able to conquer the night

From The Psalms section of the Kindle book Finding God in A Chaotic World by The Prophet of Life

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A Message for Muslims Everywhere

By The Prophet of Life

I call on all Muslims to stand up for Islam. Find people who are non-Muslims and tell them about the good things that are a part of Islam. Be an example of a good Muslim and a good person. Let them know that terrorist organizations like Boko Haram and ISIS / ISIL don’t speak for Islam, The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), or Allah.

Know that the media, all media, everywhere in the world, thrives on bad news. Disasters, murders and scandal fuel the media because they attract people’s attention. The more people who are attracted, the higher the revenue. The media will never cover good news about Islam because there is no advertising money generated by good news.

It is up to Muslims, reaching out to one non-Muslim at a time to change the perceptions created by sensationalized, negative media coverage. Replacing negative media images and thoughts about Islam in the minds of non-Muslims will not be easy but this is how the change must happen, on a personal level, one person to another, one person at a time.

It is The Faithful, stressing the positive that will, over time, dispel the pretenders who claim the faith for monetary and political agendas that have nothing to do with faith in Allah.

It is The Faithful, stressing the positive that will, over time, replace negative impressions created by the media with real life positive example of Islam in the minds of non-Muslims. It is The Faithful, stressing the positive that will, over time, win over even the media, as there will be so many visible, positive role models of Islam all around them that they will be impossible to ignore.

That which is negative can only be overcome by that which is positive. The darkness of Ignorance can only be overcome by the light of knowledge. Change cannot come in isolation. Nothing can move people more than other people. Join with other Muslims in this quest. Be the change.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life

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The Tenants of True Faith

True faith doesn’t need miracles or wish fulfillment to sustain itself

True faith is unconditional

True faith is belief despite evidence to the contrary

True faith accentuates times of joy

True faith sustains you in times of tragedy

True faith calms you in times of anger

True faith is professing faith even when it is unpopular or dangerous

True faith is beyond trappings and ritual; it is the spirit of them even without them

True faith is emotion tempered with logic

True faith is action when action is called for

True faith is love from the heart that permeates the spirit

True faith trusts even when the odds are against you and success seems impossible

—The Prophet of Life

From Revelations of 2012, The Path of Possibilities.

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How Glorious Is Man!

From The Psalms Section of Revelations of 2012

How glorious is man. He walks upright in the day with the sun shining upon him. He enjoys and lives off the fruits of his land and his work and his mind. He is lulled to sleep beneath the stars with the rain falling gently upon him. How glorious is man.

How glorious is man. When the winds blow hard he withstands them. When the waters overflow he treads water. When the ground trembles or fires rage or hurricanes come he weathers life’s storms. How glorious is man.

How Glorious is man. If he loses his home, he rebuilds it. If he loses his work he finds new work. If he loses loved ones he mourns them, remembers them but moves on with his life. How glorious is man.

How glorious is man. When his brothers mistreat him he stands up to them. When his brothers are ignorant he teaches them. When his brothers are hungry, he feeds them. How glorious is man.

How glorious is man. He learns to walk in the morning of his life, learns to run in the afternoon of his life, learns to relax in the twilight of his life and learns to fly at the end of his life. How glorious is man.

How glorious is man. He is born into a community of faith. He grows to develop his own personal faith and ends his life walking hand in hand with God. How glorious is man.

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