The Commitment

I read an interesting short story that is a parallel to current world events in regards to terrorism. The story focuses on what is going through the mind of a suicide bomber as his mission draws near. It’s taken from a book 9: 9 Stories of Fiction on Kindle by Author Mark Wilkins. I wrote the publisher and obtained permission to re-print it here.

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Oofa Poofa made a commitment to join the terrorist organization. He came from a poor family in the village of Mamalulu Southeast Dadastan. He was opposed to the tyranny of President Gogo’s brutal regime. He hated the oppression against his village. He hated the persecution of his family for following the Mamasect instead of the more popular Dadasect that most of his nation followed. The previous regime had shown tolerance for his people but Presdient Gogo wanted to wipe Mamaism from the soil of Dadastan forever.

Oofa was indoctrinated into the terrorist mentality. He was given a constant verbal barrage listing the acts of oppression his people had struggled with all of his life. He learned that it wasn’t normal. He was made to believe in the virtue of dying for the cause. He was trained in military tactics and how to shoot a gun. He was trained on how to blend in with a crowd while being packed with explosives and how to pick targets.

Last night, he was sent to the nearby Military town of Kilakilla. He spent the night at a terrorist hideout disguised as a book store. He ate a wonderful meal, perhaps the best of his life. He filmed a video stating that he was opposed to the injustices his people had suffered. He gave cryptic goodbye messages to his friends and family without naming them.

Today was the day that he would make the ultimate sacrifice for Mamaism. He emerged from the terrorist hideout in the guise of a fat man. He walked down the narrow streets into the marketplace. He saw a group of the dreaded Mustafa Guards, President Gogo’s Elite Special Forces. As he walked towards them, one of the soldiers made a statement meant to imply that a fat slob was coming towards them.


As Oofa got closer, he began to have second thoughts. He knew that the government would condemn his actions. He knew they might take their anger out on his family. He knew that his death would be a tragedy.  He realized that he didn’t really want to die. He decided to turn around and walk away in the next five steps. He counted them off, one… two… three.

Just then, one of the soldiers noticed a wire hanging out from Oofa’s shirt. The soldier shouted something as he reached for his holster. Oofa knew it was too late for second thoughts. As the soldier drew his pistol, Oofa pressed the button. He didn’t do it as a result of his training. He didn’t do it out of a commitment for the cause. In the end, he did it because he knew he was going to die anyway. An explosion rocked the marketplace killing all of the soldiers. Oofa was a martyr for Mamaism. Or was he?

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The Secret of How Isis is Able to Attract Westerners to It’s Cause

By The Prophet of Life

Isis has attracted about 20,000 people from Western nations to its cause. Why would westerners want to travel across the globe to join a terrorist organization? There are many reasons. Some join because they are actually Muslims transplanted from North Africa or Arabian nations. Others are attracted by the offer of a sex slave for every fighter. Most however are attracted because Isis is taking advantage of one of the oldest secrets known to recruiters since the dawn of time. Losers are easily swayed.

Isis is attracting the losers of Western society. The crap job or jobless individuals who are often socially isolated, disenfranchised and disgruntled. They are capitalizing on the target group of everyone from the ancient Romans to the Nazi’s and Communists.

At the dawn of the American Civil War, most southerners were poor. How do you suppose they rich plantation owners got them to fight for the Confederacy and the preservation of slavery? By convincing them that even though they were poor, they could save and in time, they too could own a slave. They used the same argument to pass and enforce Jim Crow laws by telling the poor white trash southerners that no matter how crappy their lives were, no matter how poor and uneducated they may be, they were still better than a black person.

The reason the losers of the world are so easily swayed is because they don’t want to be losers. They want to be winners. They want their lives to have meaning. They want to fulfill a purpose. The first person or group that tells them they can have a purpose, the first person or group that convinces them that they can be or are winners, will attract them. This can be done by good people or organizations just as it is often done by malevolent people and organizations. Many losers for example are moved towards religions who tell them that God loves them and shows the miracles God works in their lives.

Many of the Westerners in Isis are disenfranchised, disgruntled sex starved losers of Western society who Western societies have failed to engage. They are our outcasts and a product of our neglect. Whether they are nerds who could never get a girl to go out with them. child molesters attracted to the 9-12 year old sex slaves offered by Isis or idealists who want to be part of a winning team attracted to Isis early military victories we left them by the wayside and Isis scooped them up. One thing they are not is real Muslims. Real Muslims know that Isis has as much to do with the religion of Islam was the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.

In True Faith,
The Prophet of Life

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