A Quote About Global Leadership

For centuries, world leaders have made some really stupid decisions, leaving the rest of us to ask “What were they thinking? Lately, however, that question has evolved. In regards to decisions made by world leaders, we no longer ask, “What were they thinking?” We now ask “Were they thinking?”   —The Prophet of Life

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North Korea’s Mad Dictator Unveils Retirement Plan for Defense Minister

By The Prophet of Life

The word mad has two meanings. One is angry. The other is crazy. North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un is likely both.  The Minister heading his national defenses fell asleep during a meeting with The Mad Dictator. When Kim tried to wake him up the man dared to talk back to him. So Kim decided to implement the North Korean Retirement Plan. Due to the man’s many years of service, Kim decided to give him a really huge sendoff.

The North Korean Retirement Plan is public execution. Instead of giving the Defense Minister a simple riflemen execution squad, he put him against a wall and fired anti aircraft guns at him. This was done in front of hundreds of witnesses.

The execution follows on the heels of 15 other such executions of high ranking officials recently. Kim has executed 70 high ranking officials in all since taking power. Either elements in the leadership of North Korea is not loyal to him, are questioning his authority or he is just plain paranoid. The really scary thing is that this guy has nuclear bombs and his finger on the nuclear trigger.

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