Terrorist Attack on 2 Mosques in New Zealand Kills 49 Worshippers.


     Christchurch New Zealand-

    In a city named after Christ, Muslim worshippers were gunned down at two different mosques. The death toll as of this writing is 49, with dozens more wounded. Police officials have stated that four people have been arrested, three men and a woman. One man has been charged with murder.  

According to the police, a man walked into a mosque and began shooting continuously for 10-15 minutes with semi-automatic weapons.  He shot people in the sanctuary. He sat people who ran out. He shot people outside of the sanctuary.  He was streaming his crimes against humanity on social media as they happened.

The killer flew under the radar of law enforcement. Police discovered a link between the killer and an 89 page manifesto filled with anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim rhetoric and ravings. Police have noted some racist postings by the killer but they are on a small social media platform with relatively few participants.

My heart goes out to the people of New Zealand, especially the nations Muslims. I know that the mass shooting is not representative of your nation nor are the views of the killers the views of the majority of people in your nation. It takes a special kind of Godless Sicko to gun down people in the midst of worshipping god. The killer even streamed the murders live.

Muslims as well as all people of faith, no matter what faith, should have the right to freely worship in peace. They should have the right to worship wherever they desire. They should have the right to live. I stand for Muslim’s right to worship and live, just as I stand for the same rights for all people. I also stand for the true spirit of Peace, freedom and equality which lives in the hearts of a majority of New Zealanders.

I caution nations around the world to provide security to mosques and other places of worship. There is a danger that there will be copycat attacks. I would also like to caution New Zealanders who are traveling abroad, whether on business, as tourists or service members, especially to nations where there is a Muslim majority to take precautions against abduction by terrorist groups. There are terrorist groups who will view the acts of a few sickos as representative of a global attack on Islam and will likely want payback by abducting innocent New Zealanders or people from other Western nations.

It is time for cooler heads to prevail. It is time for unity not discord. It is time for love not hatred. We must not let the sickness of the hatemongers to spread. God Bless Us All.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life


In The Name of Love

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A Union That Went on Strike for Selfless Reasons

By The Prophet of Life

Most labor strikes are over wages and working conditions. A just concluded labor strike in the United States was about things way beyond salary. In fact, it was for things way beyond a typical labor contract.

The strike in question took place in Los Angeles California, Los Angeles Unified School District. United Teachers Los Angeles, the teacher’s union there was not striking over wages (the district already agreed to their salary demands in their best and final offer). They were on strike to ensure that every school in the district gets a full-time nurse, guidance counselors and librarians. Finally, they wanted class size reductions.

Los Angeles Teachers were off the job for an entire week.  They had been picketing in front of every one of the 1100 district schools. They marched on District offices and Charter School Headquarters. 50,000 people clogged downtown Los Angeles streets and marched to LAUSD headquarters. The district has about 30,000 teachers. The other 20,000 people were mostly parents and students.

It is not unusual for teachers picketing and marching to be assaulted with honking horns from cars passing by.  The drivers of these cars were everyday people, public bus drivers, firemen and policemen. The strike was supported by the people in many of the communities the teachers taught in because the district had cut a lot of counseling, nurse, librarian and support staff positions and raised class size.

In fact, most district schools only have a nurse just one day a week. Counseling caseloads range from a low of 500 to a high of 900 students per counselor. Elementary schools in the district don’t have librarians but they do have libraries. The district only allows smaller class sizes in core academic classes and this is mostly due to a state law requiring it. A few years ago, the district got a temporary waiver from the union to increase the class sizes but the district decided to make the increase permanent without the agreement of the union. There are classes in the district that are so jammed that there aren’t enough chairs for students and some have to stand for an entire semester.

The district has been undergoing takeover battle with corporate run charter schools. The schools can, under the law, use classrooms, resources and electricity in LAUSD public schools without paying a penny to compensate LAUSD. The district lost over 200,000 students to Corporate Charter School and Charter interests have funded LAUSD School Board candidates, as well as other local and statewide political offices, spending millions of dollars on those elections. The current LAUSD School Board is dominated by a pro charter majority.

The new LAUSD Superintendent, a former investment banker, is holding onto the district’s almost $2,000,000,000 (2 billion dollar) reserve. He is telling the public that the district needs the money to offset bankruptcy yet he is surrounded by new hires who reorganized other public school districts into all charter districts (like the New Orleans school district for example). Some say he is touting a plan to break the district into 26 mini districts with all of the beaurocracy & expenses associated with such a maneuver. It has been said that mini districts would be easier to charterize than the entire second largest school district in America.

After six days of picketing and giving up 30% of their monthly salary, striking teachers in Los Angeles may have achieved their goal. A deal has been struck which gives teachers the raise they wanted, lowers class size, provides more nurses, counselors, librarians and other support staff and gives teachers, parents and students more of a voice in their public education at the district.

Public education in America has been underfunded for years. There have been a good many teacher strikes in the past year, mostly over wages. Most were successful but didn’t achieve the total increase the teachers struck for. In Oklahoma for example, a large number of teachers quit the profession when the strike ended without providing a raise in salary. However, many of the open state legislature seats up for grabs were won by former striking teachers and in Oklahoma’s case, money will eventually be raised for teachers through a tobacco tax.

Starting teacher salaries in The United States range from a low of just above $30,000 in Montana to a high of close to $52,000 in New Jersey. Teacher salaries differ because in many red (Republican majority) states. A good number of these states are called “right to work” states. In Right to Work States, teachers do not have collective bargaining rights and teacher salaries are set by state legislatures.

The Los Angeles Teacher’s Strike has garnered national and even international attention. Pressure from the city’s mayor and state’s governor forced the district back to the negotiating table. UTLA called their strike the fight to save public education. The fact that 30,000 teachers struck and gave up 30% of their monthly salary solely to force the district to provide things for students that they should be providing already has people all over America thinking that this could be the strike that caused a change in the national consciousness.

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Blaming God

“Some people wonder why God allows hunger, war and poverty in our world. Perhaps God wonders why we allow it. —The Prophet of Life From the Kindle e-book The Best Quotes about God by The Prophet of Life.

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     Many of the catastrophes and disasters humanity faces on this planet are man-made. Hunger is caused by economic systems that distribute food through payment leaving the poor and the remote out of the equation. Global economic systems also cause poverty. Education is often the key to upward economic mobility but in many places around the globe the poor don’t have equal access to a quality education and in some places they don’t have access to any education. War is caused by people. Nations go to war out of disrespect or greed. War’s devastating effects last generations after the last bullet is fired. Global warming has been caused by human pollution and even if humanity curtails pollution completely in the next year (and that is highly unlikely) the devastating effects of global warming will be with us for the next 50-200 years. So, my friends don’t complain about why God allows these things to exist, complain about why we, as human beings allow them. Then do something about it. Write a letter; help someone less fortunate, volunteer to teach someone to read. It is only by helping to solve the problem that it will actually be solved. Then write to me at edgeucationnewmedia@yahoo.com and let me know what you did so I can add it to the Change Agents For Humanity section of my website ( www.prophetoflife.com) .

—The Prophet of Life

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What is a Hero?

By The Prophet of Life

What is a hero to you? Is it character in a movie, or comic book or graphic novel? Is it someone who has fame? Is it a TV, movie star, pop  idol, Twiiter star, gamer or you tuber?  Is it someone who is incredibly wealthy? Is it a great politician? All of the aforementioned are typical heroes in most societies  but are they truly heroic?

A hero is someone who does something heroic. Is getting a 20 million dollar advance on a project heroic? Is making videos about the cool car you got as a result of You Tube royalties or that prank others heroic? Is having a hit record heroic? Is tweeting sarcastic things about others heroic? Is having all of the money in the world but very little left of your humanity heroic? Having fame, fortune, fans and followers may be admirable but it isn’ t heroic .

A real hero saves lives. A real hero puts their life on the line in order to protect others. A real hero selflessly does things for others. I would like for you to think of the kind of people who do these types of things as heroes. People like firemen, policemen and soldiers who put their lives on the line daily to insure that others survive. People who heal our sick, teach our children and help our elderly to live with dignity. People like legal aid lawyers who advocate for the poor against corporations and corrupt government officials. People like parents, who are there for you everyday. Who get up and go to work at a job they don’t like just to keep their families fed, clothed and sheltered. Parents who show up for their kids time and time again even if they are divorced and no longer have custody.

Heroes are often thought of a ordinary people who do extraordinary things. They run into a burning building to rescue a child. They wrestle a gun out of a shooter’s hands. They give their lives on the battlefields so that the rest of us may continue to enjoy our freedom. Heroes are people who act even when others don’t. Those aren’t the only kinds of heroes. There’s another kind of hero. These heroes are the people who do the right thing consistently. A hero can be made in the blink of an eye but they can also be made from a lifetime of consistent sacrifice. These heroes are not often given any accolades whatsoever. They work in the background tirelessly and thanklessly. It is time they too are given their due. Take time out of your day today, to thank one of the heroes in your life. It may be the only acknowledgement they have been given this year.

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The Story Behind The U.S. Air Strike on A Syrian Air Base

By The Prophet of Life

There’s a lot of talk about the U.S. air strike on a Syrian Government Air base in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack that killed scores of civilians in a Syrian town right now.  Some people believe President Trump did the right thing. Others thought that what he did was meddling in international affairs. Syrian rebel groups cheered the move and hoped that this was the beginning of an escalation of U.S. intervention to topple the Assad Administration. Many of others are just confused.


President Trump would like to have good relations with Russia. The Russian response was inflammatory but measured as was, according to many world leaders, the U.S. bombing as a response to the use of Sarin. Sarin is a deadly nerve agent that attacks the central nervous system and is lethal a high percentage of the time. President Trump said that it’s use crossed the line and that it had to be responded to.

The attack was disguised as a bombing. When it first took place, reports of civilians dying with symptoms synonymous with toxic nerve agents were almost immediate. Syria was accused to using chemical weapons once again, just as they had several years ago. Russia came to Syria’s defense and claimed that they Syrian Air Force did not drop chemical weapons on the town but hit a cash of Sarin stored by rebel forces. They cited the fact that all of Syria’s chemical weapons were destroyed as a result of a deal struck by Russia and the Obama administration to destroy all of Syria’s chemical weapons the last time the Syrian government used chemical weapons on its own civilians.

That deal, as you may recall, was made after then Secretary of State John Kerry answered a question posed by a reporter in London a week after the incident. Kerry was asked what Syria could do to avoid U.S. intervention and potential war against Syria. Kerry’s response was “They should get rid of every last chemical weapon in their arsenal”.  Within an hour Russia responded to Kerry’s outburst by stating that Syria was willing to do that.

At that point in time tensions between Russia and the U.S. were high and there was a strong possibility that the U.S. would escalate it’s military intervention in Syria. End of the world evangelists were filling the media and the internet with predictions of this being the beginning of World War 3 and the end of the world. With this as a backdrop, I sent messages to white house staffers suggesting that they get a message to Secretary Kerry to demand Syria get rid of all of their chemical weapons. Secretary Kerry made the statement a few days after my message was received.

President Trump expressed his feelings about the Obama not correctly handling the use of chemical weapons in Syria when they were in office. He didn’t want to make the same mistake. He also wants to preserve good relations with Russia. So, why did the U.S. launch the air strike?

I believe that the air strike was a calculated move to sow the world that the U.S, condemns the use of chemical weapons on civilians. I further believe that the U.S. has footage of the planes taking off from that air base, and dropping the chemical weapons on the town. I believe that President Trump had seen the video footage and told the Russian Government that he would respond but that he would not show the footage unless Russian reaction forced him to.

In this way, Russia saves face (they were the ones who claimed that the chemical weapons came from the ground and were stored by rebels and that Syria got rid of all of their chemical weapons). Russia, in response will issue some harsh toned rhetoric but take no further action. You might just see Bashir Al Assad quietly leaving office in the next six months, which could possibly be part of the deal that was struck this week. He would likely be replaced by a more moderate leader, loyal to and controllable by Russia, who will work towards negotiating a peace.

You could also see an increase in U.S. military intervention. It will all depend on the relationship between the U.S. and Russia and the ability of the world press to ferret through the rhetoric and read between the lines.

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