A Quote About Global Leadership

For centuries, world leaders have made some really stupid decisions, leaving the rest of us to ask “What were they thinking? Lately, however, that question has evolved. In regards to decisions made by world leaders, we no longer ask, “What were they thinking?” We now ask “Were they thinking?”   —The Prophet of Life

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A Quote About Change

Change is inevitable. You can choose to get behind it or you can choose to get out ahead of it. If you get out ahead of it, you will get run over. If you get behind it, you can help shape it.” —The Prophet of Life

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Revolution is Evolution

By The Prophet of Life

I first coined this quote in 2006. I copyrighted it in 2010 as part of a book I wrote. I have used it in blogs, as the Seminole lyric in a song I wrote entitled A New Revolution, I have used it on websites and during speaking engagements. Although I have hinted at what it meant and always said that like many of my quotes, it opens up new worlds of thought, I am now going to begin to delve a little deeper into explaining what this particular quote means.

Humanity advances through innovation. Innovation is when someone creates something that is new, different or does something better than anything of its kind that has come before it. Innovation is evolutionary, it evolves from need.

In nature, species need to survive. In order to survive, most species must evolve with changing times or circumstances. Some members of a species will be born with something different, something that performs a function better than all members of its species that came before them. That something different constitutes an innovation. Most of the time the innovation doesn’t affect an entire species but if circumstances change and that innovation gives members of the species with that particular innovation an advantage which allows those members to survive, thrive and reproduce then those members of the species with that particular innovation will be the ones who pass their genes on into the future and the members of that species who don’t have the innovation will not.

When people have a problem, people create a solution for it. When people have a need for something, people create it. This creation is a form of innovation. When something created works really well, it spreads to other groups of people. It is the spreading of this created innovation that sparks a revolution. It is that revolution that changes humanity and in most instances, advances humanity. It becomes part of humanity’s evolution. This is how revolution is evolution.

Both evolution and revolution are cyclical. There is a cycle in the evolution of revolution that is typical for most revolutions. It begins with an idea. Someone has an idea and as a result creates something that solves a problem. The thing that was created is first tested. If test results yield a benefit that is derived consistently then the people who derive the benefit tell friends and through traveling, the word spreads. The thing created continues solving a problem until someone else has a different idea which solves the problem better and the whole cycle begins again, making the original thing created obsolete.

When people hear the word revolution they often think about it as violent political upheaval. Although its true that the term “Revolution is Evolution” and the above mentioned cycle fits political ideas and revolutions as well, I originally coined it to apply to all forms of innovation and to the revolutionary aspects of evolution. Evolution in and of itself, is revolutionary because many times it takes a revolution of one kind or another to cause things to evolve. Humanity does not advance through stagnation and the complacency that accompanies it. Humanity advances through change and an adaptation which helps humanity survive that change. Without revolution there can be no evolution and because of this revolution is evolution.

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