A Quote About Global Leadership

For centuries, world leaders have made some really stupid decisions, leaving the rest of us to ask “What were they thinking? Lately, however, that question has evolved. In regards to decisions made by world leaders, we no longer ask, “What were they thinking?” We now ask “Were they thinking?”   —The Prophet of Life

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When Racism is Celebrated

klan rallyBy The Prophet of Life

What can you say about an act of racism that is celebrated both nationally and internationally by everyone from prominent political candidates, Religious organizations and even The Pope?

In a time when Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump calls Mexican immigrants rapists and stands silent when a sympathizer berated Muslims and Republican Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Stated that A Muslim should not be  to be elected United States President (Despite the fact that article ii section I of the U.S Constitution does not stipulate any such prohibition. In fact, the only requirements are that the person be born in the U.S. and 35 years old or older), Kim Davis, the feisty Kentucky Clerk that is the cause celeb for racists and homophobes across America, is receiving an award for “Courage”.She even got a private meeting and encouragement from The Pope on his recent visit to the United States.

The Family Research Council, a conservative Christian organization, is giving  Davis the “Cost of Discipleship Award” at a “Values Voter Summit”. The summit is a conservative social and political gathering in Washington, D.C Davis has been canonized by various racist religious organizations for defiantly refusing to grant gay couples their legal right to be wed by denying them a marriage license. She has been court ordered to comply with the law, she has been jailed and she could be sentenced to a longer stint in jail but she hasn’t been fired for insubordination.

What does Kim Davis winning an award for courage say about America? It says that there are still people in America who need to work on their issues when it comes to race. The organization that is giving Davis the award and other organizations like it are not populated by stupid people. They are not populated by evil people. They are populated by (by their own definition) Godly people.

People that are Godly, especially Christians who claim to be so, follow the teachings of a great prophet accompanied by holy documents. There is not one holy document, in any major religion that I know of, that says that ordinary people can elevate themselves to the status of God, to take God’s place or do God’s job for God. Yet that is what the members of this organization and all other “Godly” people who celebrate Kim Davis are doing because they are putting themselves in a position to Judge others. They are putting themselves in a position to deny others their rights according to the law in exchange for what they consider the laws of a higher power. Judgment, however, is God’s right and by pronouncing Judgment on behalf of God, they are acting as God, something which is far beyond any perceived sins committed by those they presume to judge.

Holy documents, from the Bible to the Koran, have been used to justify slavery, rape, beheadings, murder and mass extermination. Their words have been twisted and appropriated by people and groups that are anything but Godly to justify atrocities in the name of God. The celebration of Davis is doing the same thing. It isn’t causing beheadings or mass extermination but it is contributing to the oppression of a minority group. It is furthering the cause of racism by contributing to homophobia.

Kim Davis and those who celebrate her are not stupid people. They are not evil people. They are merely ignorant people. Racism isn’t a symptom of stupidity, nor is it a symptom of evil. It is merely a symptom of ignorance. As long as ignorance prevails, racism will flourish. As long as people claim to have the power to pronounce God’s judgment, Godliness diminishes. As long as humanity allows racism and the twisting of God’s Holy Word to create oppression and murder, humanity will continue to retard its progress. Humanity consists of many different peoples from many different races, cultures, religions and sexual orientations. The world can only become a paradise if we all get there together. Racists, in their glorified ignorance, impede the ultimate success of humanity by causing division within the human spirit.

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Towards Global Liberation

By The Prophet of Life

Every human being on this planet is entitled to basic human rights. Everyone should have the right to have healthful food to eat, clean water to drink, education, healthcare, sanitation and toileting facilities and to be treated with respect and dignity. The world has made tremendous progress towards these ends in the last century.

All across the globe, more people have access to healthful food and clean water. More children are being educated and world literacy rates are at an all time high. More health care is being offered to more people now than at any time in the world’s history. More people have access to sanitation and toilet facilities. Human Rights are a reality in many of the world’s nations.

The world is not, as we all well know, perfect. Across the globe a huge number of people go to bed hungry every night. Millions are without nearby access to clean drinking water. Millions are denied access to any education whatsoever for reasons of race, class or multiple births in one family. A billion people are without access to local healthcare.

Millions of people in the world are displaced from their homes due to war or racism. They have become refugees in other lands. Millions are still held in bondage as slaves. Wars continue to rage and civilian atrocities mount. Drug addiction rages in every corner of the globe. Crime continues and even death occurs at such an alarming rate that many are sensitized to it. People see it all on the news and ignore any atrocities that are not occurring in their own neighborhood.

An injury to one is an injury to all. If one person goes to bed hungry, all of humanity suffers. If one person is denied education our collective future remains ignorant. If one person is denied healthcare, disease spreads. If war rages in another part of the world it affects people in other parts of the world. If racism holds members of one race back no race is immune to its horrors. If one person is held in slavery, can any of us be truly free?

Now is the time to work collectively towards full world liberation. To create a world where all people enjoy basic human rights. To create a world where all people enjoy the equality of mutual respect and dignity. To create a world where no child is abused, uneducated or goes to bed hungry. It’s time to create a world that will not stand for ethnic cleansing, genocide and war. It’s time to create a world free of racism, sexism and slavery. It’s time to stand up for a world where all peoples can co-exist with mutual respect in a global society where ideas are exchanged freely. It’s time for humanity to live up to our potential instead of just praying for it.

It’s time for all of us to do whatever we can, when ever we can and wherever we can to make that world a reality. What can you do to help make that world a reality?

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The Rash of White Cops Killing Black Male Suspects Extends Further

By The Prophet of Life

This Summer and Fall it has been very dangerous time to be a black male in America. There have been several high profile cases that have been covered in the national press as well as stories which have not. Many of these involve white police officers killing unarmed black men.

Michael Brown- an 18 year old was walking down a street in Ferguson Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. He got into a scuffle with a white police officer who was trying to arrest him. He was shot by the officer and died. A Grand Jury Recently found Officer Darren Wilson not guilty in Brown’s death.

Ezell Ford a mentally challenged young man was walking down a street in Los Angeles. He resisted being arrested (according to the police but eyewitnesses say he was complaint and was shot in the back). He died. The police have not released the Coroner’s report and have been ordered to do so by December 31.

Lenon Lacy- a 17 year old was found hanging from a swing set in a predominantly white mobile home park in North Carolina. The shoes on his feet were not his and in fact were two sizes too small.  His body and face were covered by bruises and abrasions. Of course the coroner ruled it a suicide.

Eric Garner a 43 year old heavy set black man was selected for arrest for selling untaxed cigarettes (something he had been arrested for before).A video tape of the incident shows Garner pleading his case and asking officers not to touch him as several surrounded him. One put him in a choke hold as he was wrestled to the ground. As one officer held one arm behind Garner’s back and another pulled his free arm behind his back the officer who was choke holding him held Garner’s face against the pavement. Garner said he couldn’t breath twice and then passed out. He died in police custody. A Grand Jury found the police officer Daniel Pataleo, who was choke holding him not guilty in his death.

Akai Gurley was walking in a dark stairwell of a housing project in Brooklyn New York. The elevators were often not working in the building and stairwell lights were often out as well. A rookie police officer in the stairwell was startled by Gurley who was coming up the stairs about 1 flight down. The officer’s gun went off & Gurley was killed. A Grand Jury has just been called in this case.

Tamir Rice, a 12 Year old Cleveland Ohio resident was pointing a bb gun at passing cars. A rookie police officer arriving on the scene told Rice to put his hands up. He appeared to reach for the gun and was shot. He died the next morning.

Today, Rumain Brisbon, a 34 year old  black father of four, was shot dead by Phoenix Police. He was in the driver’s seat of an SUV suspected of being involved in drug sales. When the officer asked him to get out of the car, Brisbon reached for his waistband which caused the officer to draw his gun. Brisbon fled, the officer gave chase. A struggle ensued and when Brisbon tried to reach into his own pocket, the officer, fearing he had a gun shot him twice. Brisbon only had pain pills in his pocket. He died soon thereafter.

This rash of cases illustrates one aspect of racism in America. White officers using deadly force on black males for crimes that are not capital offenses. Several questions arise: Would deadly force have been used against white males? Are African American males targeted by police departments? Is there racism I within police forces or are white officers afraid of black males and therefore, using their guns to “protect” themselves? Are these just random events that seem like part of a natural pattern of racism due to press coverage? One thing is certain, the loss of life, any life is a tragedy but if these and other similar deaths are the result of targeting or racism, America as a society really needs to end this rash of deadly encounters.

My role here is not to voice my opinion but to merely line up the facts so that you can look at them, research these cases yourself and come to your own conclusions. Please let me know what you think.

From The Kindle Book Black in America:


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