A Quote About Global Leadership

For centuries, world leaders have made some really stupid decisions, leaving the rest of us to ask “What were they thinking? Lately, however, that question has evolved. In regards to decisions made by world leaders, we no longer ask, “What were they thinking?” We now ask “Were they thinking?”   —The Prophet of Life

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Why Trump Won and What His Victory Means to America

By The Prophet of Life

There are a lot of people in the world who are shocked today. Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States of America. Some around the globe are saying things like “Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people.” Others are saying nothing but feeling dread when they think about the future.

Donald Trump won the election because he tapped into an anger and frustration throughout America. There are plenty of Americans who don’t feel that the system is working for them. They are tired of career politicians who promise the moon but deliver gridlock. Who count on their vote but don’t give them a second thought at election time. That group is Donald Trumps constituency.

Donald Trump won as a Republican despite the fact that the party elite didn’t support him. He ran on a platform of Republican values and 9 of 10 Republicans ended up voting for him as well as people who usually vote for fringe independent party. The Republican party members of congress will likely support him but if they don’t or if there is still gridlock, Trump can always tap into the rage of his constituency and form a third party and run his own slate for congress. If he did that, it could likely transform America from a two party to a three party system.

Now Trump calls on all Americans to bind the wounds of the past and seek unity. I am sure that many Americans would like to do that but can they leave behind their animosity and do that? When it comes to this new concept of a Trump Presidency, many Americans are hoping for the best but fearing the worst.

At its best, A Trump Presidency could reshape America into a more prosperous nation with full employment and a better life for all. Trump could bring new ideas and new approaches to solving America’s problems which, if tried, might just work.

At its worst, a Trump Presidency could become an economic disaster, stand by as Russia takes over Eastern Europe and the Middle East and China takes back Taiwan and overruns parts of Asia. It could set back advancements against global warming as well as advancements made by every minority group, immigrants and Women’s Rights. You could expect a Supreme Court that would likely repeal Roe Vs Wade and Reverse Gay Marriage. You could see the rise of a law and order police state where minorities continue to be gunned down or a war that drafts our youth.

A Trump America could be a place where pollution is rampant, abortion is illegal, the military industrial complex is reborn, differences aren’t respected or tolerated and hate crimes rise. It could be an America where millions have lost their health care, had their social security cut or pensions diminished or are just plain broke. Most of America will live in apartments because homes will be out of reach for an average American. More people will have jobs but they will not pay enough to afford a house and college will be out of reach for most children.

At both its best and worst, Trumps America will be a great place to be rich.

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A Blessing in Disguise

By The Prophet of Life

Have you ever had something bad happen to you, only to find out later that it was actually a blessing in disguise? Bad things happen to good people all the time but it while some hold on to the pain caused by bad things like it was a precious jewel, allowing that pain to hold them back from trying new experiences, others let it go and move forward with their lives.

It has been written that everything happens for a reason. It is true, everything does happen for a reason it’s just that the person it is happening to often doesn’t know what the reason was at the time things are happening to them. The reason usually only becomes clear in hindsight, after the incident has long passed and some perspective can be achieved.

So, what is the difference between the people who are devastated by the bad things that happen to them and those who seem to move beyond the trauma associated with the incident quickly? The people who move on quickly are often people in one of three categories: they are people of faith, spiritual people or people with a positive outlook.

People of faith often move beyond the bad things that happen to them because they have been taught through their religion that God watches over and protects them. They have a holy book, filled with stories and parables which illustrate this point. They have religious authorities that they can go to for guidance. They have a community of people who believe as they do, who they can count on for support. They move forward with the help of other people of faith as a member of a caring community.

Spiritual people believe in a higher power. They believe that higher power is ultimately   good and that bad things are a part of life. They seek to learn the lesson that the bad thing was sent to teach them. They move forward because they know that the bad thing

That just happened to them happened for a reason. They may not know the reason just yet but knowing that it happened for a reason gives them the strength to move forward.

People with a positive outlook on life may not have religion. They may not even believe in higher power. They are strengthened by their honest belief that good things can come out of bad and that every cloud has a silver lining. They may also be bolstered by thoughts of how much worse the bad thing could have been and count themselves as fortunate that the bad thing wasn’t a worse thing. They may also believe that something better is just around the corner. They move forward to get to that something better.

Are you in any of the three groups described above? Do you have a holy book, religious authorities and a community behind you? Do you believe that everything happens for a reason and search for the lesson in the event? Do you believe that every cloud has a silver lining?  Or…are you a combination of two or more of these three types? If so, congratulations, you have evolved a coping strategy for the bad things that happen in life. If you do not fall into one of the three categories mentioned, what is your coping strategy? How has it been working for you? Do you let the bad things that happen to you hold you back or do you move forward beyond them? The next time something bad happens to you and trust me, something bad will happen to you sooner or later, remember the type of people that move beyond the bad things that happen to them and see what you can use that will work for you.

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Karmic Reincarnation Families

By The Prophet of Life

Have you ever met someone that you unexplainably drawn to? Someone whom you hardly knew or never met before, who you instantly trust and feel like you have known them for years? Have you ever met anyone who you instantly get a bad feeling about? These may not be merely feelings but manifestations of one school of reincarnation that believes not only are you reborn into a new body but that you are also reborn into the same group of souls y that have been like a family to you for many lifetimes. I call this a Karmic-Reincarnation Family. I will now discuss this as an offshoot of the concept of Spiritual DNA which was revealed to me many years ago (See my Speaking Tree Article “Spiritual DNA”).

A Karmic-Reincarnation Family is a group of souls that are familiar with one another. They have been together for many lifetimes. They often change roles in relation to one another. Someone who was another’s daughter in a past life is their mother in this life. Someone who was someone’s father in one life is their sister in this life. Someone who is another’s boss in this life was murdered by them in another life. There are many different combinations and they aren’t always members of the same family but can be ,members of a group of families, often living in the same area where they had in other lifetimes.

Karmic-Reincarnation Families manifest themselves in human behaviors. A daughter who is more mature, and clear headed than their mother could have been the mother in a past lifetime, to the one who is their mother in this lifetime. A sister who is very bossy or controlling to her sibling in their current incarnation could have been their father in a past lifetime. A boss who is particularly cruel to one particular employee who never seems to be able to leave that bosses employ in a current incarnation may have murdered the one who is their boss in a past lifetime.

So why are souls in Karmic families that swap positions within relationships from one incarnation to the next? Because souls take a journey through many lives and life is a learning experience. The group of souls that are in your Karmic-Reincarnation Family are on the journey with you. You are supposed to learn from each other. If one has done you wrong in one lifetime, you are given a position of power over them in another lifetime. Do you seek revenge or do you show them forgiveness and compassion? This is how you are tested. The beauty of it is that you have no physical memory of the events from a past life that cause you to feel a certain way about another person but your spirit does have a psychic memory through Spiritual DNA.

This can help humanity understand another concept that was revealed to me, the concept of Unity of Prophecy. The five Prophets of the five major religions, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam each in their turn, gave similar messages which emphasized different aspects of God to help humanity understand God. Think of the concept of Karmic-Reincarnation families in terms of the Jewish Ten Commandments, the Christian Doctrine of forgiveness the Islamic tradition of

So look at the people in your life. Is there anyone who are always mad at but don’t quite know why? Are these people who you are unexplainably attracted to or repelled by? Is there someone who is cruel towards you but you can’t figure out why? It could be that they are in your Karmic-Reincarnation Family and it could have to do with something that was done in a past life.

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Why the U.S. is on Heightened Alert This Fourth of July

As The United States prepares for a potential terrorist attack a haunting phone call about shots fired at the Washington D.C. Naval Yard where a killer went on a rampage in September 2013 punctuates the threat of Terrorist Attacks. The reason for this is that this year, The United States Independence Day falls at the same time as the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan (this year it is from June 17-July 17), a time when Islamic terrorist groups might carry out attacks.

Why would terrorist groups carry out attacks during the Islamic Holy Month? Ramadan commemorates the month when the holy Quran was first revealed to The Prophet Muhammad. It is one of the five pillars of Islam.  During Ramadan, Muslims are supposed to fast. They are not allowed to eat and drink from dawn to sunset. They are also supposed to refrain from smoking and  having sex with their spouses, They are required to refrain from sinful behavior like lying, cursing, insulting and fighting. More praying and recitation of the Quran are also expected. Rewards for these sacrifices during this holy month are multiplied. It is in this part of Ramadan where terrorist groups find a loophole that allows them to kill others in terrorist attacks. Many terrorist groups believe that those who die as martyrs for Islam get rewarded with 100 virgins in paradise for eternity and becoming a martyr for Islam during Ramadan yields increased rewards. 99% of all Muslims do not agree with this warped interpretation of the holy Quran but 99% of the Muslims who are terrorists do.

On July 2, 2015 a call to 911 from one of the buildings within the Naval yard claimed to hear  gun shots. This is the same Washington D.C Naval yard where a killer went on a rampage in September 2013 (See my original Washington D.C. Naval Yard Shootings article in the link below). Those shootings left 12 people dead.The Naval Yard went on lock down and a heavy military and D.C. police response determined that no shots were fired. When the caller was found she said  “The Police Department is always putting out ads asking people to call if they see or hear anything suspicious, so I called.”

This incident punctuates the call by law enforcement officials nationwide including the FBI and Homeland Security which sent out bulletins advising increased deployment of police and other security officers at national landmarks and advisories to members of the public to report any suspicious persons or activities to authorities immediately. Emphasis is being placed on searching for lone wolf suspects that may be heeding an ISIS call for increased attacks.

So to the people of America, have a great weekend. Feel free to celebrate. Make this year’s 4th of July weekend a safe and sane holiday weekend. Help keep it safe by reporting any suspicious people or activities to authorities immediately.

See my Story on the Original Naval yard Shooting here:


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Insight into the Greek Debt Crisis

By The Prophet of Life

Greece has come to an agreement with the European Union banks that send 96 billion dollars it way to will help it pay its bills into the foreseeable future. The agreement will likely keep Greece in the European Union for the time being, but at what cost?

The Greek Government wanted debt cancellation. It got eased terms with longer grace periods, the full debt must be repaid. Greece must also agree to cut government services, pensions and impose higher taxes. It must sell some of it’s state owned assets like airports and utilities. Greece will also have to allow The European Union to send monitors to make sure that the proceeds from the sales of Greek National Assets are put back into repaying its debt to the European Central Bank (ECB).  The Greek Parliament must approve these measures by Wednesday July 15, 2015.

Greece has already lost any opportunity to get more capital from The International Monetary Fund (IMF) due to its default in early July. They can only get technical support, no money. All banks in Greece will remain closed until the deal is approved by Parliament if it is not, banks will likely remain closed for some time longer.

The vote in Greece on July 5th which had The Greek People rejecting the proposed Eurozone bailout plan came as a surprise to everyone except The Greek People. Greek banks shall remain closed most if not all of this week. The IMF, issued a statement indicating that although Greece will still qualify to get technical support, they will not be allowed to access any money as they defaulted on the loan the IMF gave them.

The prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, told both the IMF and The ECB, that capital controls in Greece must be lifted, His words are falling on deaf ears as far as the IMF is concerned and The ECB is responding by telling him to come up with a counter proposal which would repay the monies the ECB has lent Greece by the end of the week. Most of the EU nations are anxious about what Greece will do and The Greek People are anxious about how they are going to pay their bills.

Greece has had financial problems for a long time. Greece is a member of the European Union that also participates in the Euro, Greece has never adhered to the debt levels allowed by the European Central Bank.  The ECB and IMF have been bailing Greece out for years. The ECB has forced Greece to suffer through austerity measures to help shore up its economy. Austerity measures cut government services, cut pensions and caused massive layoffs in government employees and forced The Greek People to pay more taxes and get less services.

In January, Greece held national elections. The Greek People had a choice between a conservative government that would continue to impose austerity measures and a liberal government that would resist them. The Greek People chose the liberal government. Ever since then, that government has been engaged in a tug of war with the ECB and IMF on repayments of loans made to Greece.

Greece paid back a 450 million Pound Sterling loans in April and another $225 million IMF loans in May. Loan terms required Greece to pay 3% of their Gross National Product (GNP), this year and 4.5% of their GNP next year should they post a budget surplus. When Greece threatened to default on loan repayment in June members of the ECB and IMF proposed a compromise which would allow Greece to pay 1% this year and 2% in 2016. The Greek Government seeking relief from the suffering of its people, offered to pay 0.8% of its GNP this year and 1.5% of its GNP next year.

Greek banks have been closed for more than a  week. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras left the decision on how to proceed up to the Greek People and scheduled a nationwide referendum for July 5, . The referendum asked The People of Greece to decide whether or not to accept the austerity bailout plan proposed by the ECB and the IMF. He advocated for a vote to reject the bailout plan and said he would resign if The Greek People did not vote his way. The People of Greece divided  into two camps, those voting for austerity asking Greeks to  Vote for Unity (with the EU) group and those voting to break away from the austerity measures imposed by the IMF and ECB. That side also advocates for Greece to ditch The Euro and go back to a sovereign national currency.

Saddled with debts 178% of its GNP to the European central bank and IMF its likely that Greece will take years to repay the debt if ever. If Greece defaults on the payments it owes, it is likely it will be voted out of the European Union by other member nations.

If Greece leaves the EU they may escape repayment of most if not all of the debt but the value of Greek assets will fall, inflation will skyrocket and unemployment will run rampant. Trade partner nations will also be affected as will the nations in the EU with weaker economies as they come under increasing pressure to repay loans they took to shore up their economy. The European nations which put up the money for loans to Greece (primarily France and Germany), will have to take the hit on that money.

Greece could have an economic advantage in trade with a weaker economy. The biggest obstacle to this advantage comes from the fact that  when nations joined the EU there was only a plan for converting their independent state currency to Euros not for converting from the Euro to an independent state currency if they were to exit.

Greece is a great nation but it is currently in great economic distress. Their distress will likely spread to other nations and could have ripple effects on the economies all across the globe. As the fall of 2007 showed us, one nations problems affect people everywhere. Wherever you live, Greece’s crisis is your crisis because no matter where you live, it will affect you.

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The U.S. Becomes the 23rd Nation to Legalize Gay Marriage

June 25, 2015 will go down as a historic day in human liberation. This is the day when The United States of America, through five of the nine members of its Supreme Court made a ruling that marriage between people of the same sex legal. This ruling allows people in a same sex marriage to enjoy all of the legal benefits of marriage just like those of the opposite sex who are married.

The United States has become the 23rd nation to legalize gay marriage joining with The Netherlands, 2001, Belgium, 2003,Canada, 2005, Spain, 2005, South Africa, 2006, Norway, 2009, Sweden, 2009, Portugal, 2010, Argentina, 2010, Iceland, 2010, Denmark, 2012, Brazil, 2013, England, 2013, France, 2013, New Zealand, 2013, Uruguay, 2013, Luxembourg, 2014, Scotland, 2014, Finland, 2015, Slovenia, 2015, The Republic of Ireland, 2015,and  Mexico, 2015. The United States Supreme Court decision adds 321 million people to the potential liberation pool. It also puts the total of the world population which offers this particular type of liberation over the 1 billion mark.

While there is indeed cause for celebration, it must be remembered that this only represents 10% of the nations in the world and 12% of the world’s population. These are also predominantly Christian nations. Not one Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu or Jewish nation has joined in this aspect of human liberation. There are 81 nations where homosexuality is illegal. In these 81 nations, people can be punished for love. Homosexuality is punishable by death in ten nations, Iran, Iraq, Mauritania, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates. In these ten nations, people can literally be put to death for love.

Those who have outlawed homosexuality have used their holy books to justify it. Those who have made it a cause to inflict the death penalty have as well. ISIS throws homosexuals off of high rise buildings. They use their pseudo religious rhetoric based on a psychotic invented religion that they claim is Islam. The fact that psychopaths like ISIS are killing homosexuals ought to show you how wrong it is. God does not and never has, condemned homosexuals. People do. Those who use what they claim to be God’s Word to do it are misinterpreting God’s word. They are, in fact, claiming to be God because only God can take a life for only God can give life.

While it is wonderful that the United States has joined with other nations in contributing to world liberation and human rights there is still work to be done. 10% of anything is significant but it still leaves 90% to go. The closer humanity gets to full human rights in every nation, the closer humanity gets to full human liberation. The closer humanity gets to full human liberation, the closer humanity gets to  knowing god. Celebrate today but continue the fight tomorrow.

In true Faith,

The Prophet of Life

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