The Real Danger in The Jussie Smollett Attack

Jussie Smollett is a singer and actor. He has won praise for his role as Jamal Lyon on the popular TV Show Empire. On January 29, 2019 Smollett filed a report with the Chicago Police Department stating that two white men in ski masks beat him, threw bleach on him and put a rope with a hangman’s noose around his neck while shouting racial and homophobic slurs at him.

News of the attack went viral. Celebrities and politicians condemned the attack and stated their support of Smollett. Two presidential hopefuls who are currently in Congress, even put forth an anti- lynching law in reaction to the horrible hate crime.

Then cracks in Smollett’s story began to appear. There was no video of the crime despite the fact that there are video cameras in the area were the crime took place. Rumors began circulating that Smollett was close to being Axed from Empire although the show’s producer came out in support of Smollett after the crime was announced.

Chicago Police raided the home of two “Persons of Interest” in the case. Police recovered bleach, rope and other items from the home. Police interrogated the two men before charging them. Upon interrogation they learned that the two men were brothers of Nigerian descent who worked as extras on Empire. They went to the same Gym as Smollett.

The men told police that Smollett hired them to stage the attack. Police allegedly uncovered evidence of a payment. Smollett was book on suspicion of filing a false police report which in Illinois carries a maximum penalty of three years in prison.

If Jussie Smollett was actually attacked and the police have it wrong then I for one, am sorry for all he has gone through. If his arrest and booking is erroneous I think he should sue the hell out of the police department. If what the police say is true and Smollett did stage this incident  then he has done more damage to the cause of civil rights than he will likely ever know.

If Smollett staged this crime and then went viral with it he I has mocked every person of color who actually has been victimized by a hate crime. He has bamboozled two Presidential hopefuls of color into introducing legislation that may be looked at as a joke. He has put doubt in the minds of many white people for future actual victims of hate crimes because in the back of their minds they will be thinking, “ this just another Smollett?”

If Smollett staged the hate crime he has in so doing, sewn the seeds of doubt in white America and this is very dangerous. It will embolden hate mongers and white supremacists to say “They’re all a bunch of liars!” It will cast a shadow of doubt over ever accusation a person of color makes. It will contribute to future hate crimes because the credibility of the victim will come into question. None of these things are crimes that Smollett can be charged with and he may be totally innocent of any and all of the charges made against him by the Chicago Police. If, however, he is not innocent and he did stage the hate crime, then these unchargeable consequences are the real danger and the real crime that was committed.

From the book Black in America by The Prophet of Life

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In The Name of Love

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Black in America is an exploration of racism in America through essays and poems. It spans from the beginnings of the civil rights movement through today, It includes powerful new poems”Why We Say Black Lives Matter”, “Baltimore”, “Requiem for Laquan” It takes a look at people who have been lightning rods for race relations in America and has some surprising insights into the people and events that have shaped race relations in America for the past 60 years. It is a powerful work that teaches as it entertains and allows the reader gain new insights.

Consumer Reviews:

Lori Dubelyoo

5 out of 5 stars!

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Powerful Poetry & Thought Provoking Prose

Although Black in America is not a very long book, it is powerful. Just a look at the “Look Inside” preview gives one a glimpse at the power of its poetry but its prose is equally powerful. It shines when it looks at the rash of armed white police officers shooting unarmed black men. Black In America is also full of unique insights like suggesting that the Trayvon Martin shooting be used, not as a platform for racial tension but as a bulwark to take on the “Stand Your Ground” law that enabled Travon’s death. The pictures Black In America paints with words are colorful & moving but are punctuated with the hard edge of reality. I enjoyed this book!

willy makit

5.0 out of 5 stars

One of the best books on this subject!

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One of the best books on this subject!

As a person of color who actually went through the civil rights movement era, I can tell you this author has it dead on as far as depictions of the Civil Rights movement from the 1950’s to this present day. Racism is still here America. This book is a tonic for racism. It’s one of the best books on this subject I’ve read. It makes me proud to see the younger generation stepping up.

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A Union That Went on Strike for Selfless Reasons

By The Prophet of Life

Most labor strikes are over wages and working conditions. A just concluded labor strike in the United States was about things way beyond salary. In fact, it was for things way beyond a typical labor contract.

The strike in question took place in Los Angeles California, Los Angeles Unified School District. United Teachers Los Angeles, the teacher’s union there was not striking over wages (the district already agreed to their salary demands in their best and final offer). They were on strike to ensure that every school in the district gets a full-time nurse, guidance counselors and librarians. Finally, they wanted class size reductions.

Los Angeles Teachers were off the job for an entire week.  They had been picketing in front of every one of the 1100 district schools. They marched on District offices and Charter School Headquarters. 50,000 people clogged downtown Los Angeles streets and marched to LAUSD headquarters. The district has about 30,000 teachers. The other 20,000 people were mostly parents and students.

It is not unusual for teachers picketing and marching to be assaulted with honking horns from cars passing by.  The drivers of these cars were everyday people, public bus drivers, firemen and policemen. The strike was supported by the people in many of the communities the teachers taught in because the district had cut a lot of counseling, nurse, librarian and support staff positions and raised class size.

In fact, most district schools only have a nurse just one day a week. Counseling caseloads range from a low of 500 to a high of 900 students per counselor. Elementary schools in the district don’t have librarians but they do have libraries. The district only allows smaller class sizes in core academic classes and this is mostly due to a state law requiring it. A few years ago, the district got a temporary waiver from the union to increase the class sizes but the district decided to make the increase permanent without the agreement of the union. There are classes in the district that are so jammed that there aren’t enough chairs for students and some have to stand for an entire semester.

The district has been undergoing takeover battle with corporate run charter schools. The schools can, under the law, use classrooms, resources and electricity in LAUSD public schools without paying a penny to compensate LAUSD. The district lost over 200,000 students to Corporate Charter School and Charter interests have funded LAUSD School Board candidates, as well as other local and statewide political offices, spending millions of dollars on those elections. The current LAUSD School Board is dominated by a pro charter majority.

The new LAUSD Superintendent, a former investment banker, is holding onto the district’s almost $2,000,000,000 (2 billion dollar) reserve. He is telling the public that the district needs the money to offset bankruptcy yet he is surrounded by new hires who reorganized other public school districts into all charter districts (like the New Orleans school district for example). Some say he is touting a plan to break the district into 26 mini districts with all of the beaurocracy & expenses associated with such a maneuver. It has been said that mini districts would be easier to charterize than the entire second largest school district in America.

After six days of picketing and giving up 30% of their monthly salary, striking teachers in Los Angeles may have achieved their goal. A deal has been struck which gives teachers the raise they wanted, lowers class size, provides more nurses, counselors, librarians and other support staff and gives teachers, parents and students more of a voice in their public education at the district.

Public education in America has been underfunded for years. There have been a good many teacher strikes in the past year, mostly over wages. Most were successful but didn’t achieve the total increase the teachers struck for. In Oklahoma for example, a large number of teachers quit the profession when the strike ended without providing a raise in salary. However, many of the open state legislature seats up for grabs were won by former striking teachers and in Oklahoma’s case, money will eventually be raised for teachers through a tobacco tax.

Starting teacher salaries in The United States range from a low of just above $30,000 in Montana to a high of close to $52,000 in New Jersey. Teacher salaries differ because in many red (Republican majority) states. A good number of these states are called “right to work” states. In Right to Work States, teachers do not have collective bargaining rights and teacher salaries are set by state legislatures.

The Los Angeles Teacher’s Strike has garnered national and even international attention. Pressure from the city’s mayor and state’s governor forced the district back to the negotiating table. UTLA called their strike the fight to save public education. The fact that 30,000 teachers struck and gave up 30% of their monthly salary solely to force the district to provide things for students that they should be providing already has people all over America thinking that this could be the strike that caused a change in the national consciousness.

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Las Vegas 1 year after the Greatest Massacre in U.S. History.

A year has passed since the Route 91 Concert Massacre in Las Vegas. The families of people killed are still traumatized. People injured in the massacre are still trying to recover, both physically and mentally. There is a lawsuit against MGM Resorts from whose Mandalay Bay Resort the mass shooter, perched himself on the 32nd floor and brought in dozens of guns to a suite he rented for the weekend. MGM has countered the lawsuit by throwing up a federal law exempting businesses from lawsuits after terrorist attacks.

Las Vegas itself has made changes to beef up security in general. There are some barricades on the Las Vegas Strip and in public venues. Some hotels have panic buttons allowing hotel personnel to alert security. Many hotels now reserve the right to enter rooms at any time at their discretion.

A new song has been released to mark the occasion. The Loveforce Collective has released a song called Country Strong (not the same song as the movie which launched Blake Shelton’s career). The song talks about Country music fans being survivors of disasters and various other terrible things. There’s a line that says “We are survivors, lots of obstacles we got past, got the scars to prove it but we are built to last.” Another couple of lines in the song say “Survived natural disasters, love’s never after, we right things when they are wrong, Sometimes you may beat us but you’ll never defeat us, we stand together country strong.”

Songwriter Mark Wilkins says that the lyric “Love’s Never After” in the song refer to the Route 91 Massacre and were inspired by a woman whose fiancé was killed in the massacre. “Hearing about that woman on the radio, touched my heart and reminded me of what a tragedy one life lost is for all of the people that that life touched and the Route 91 Massacre had 58 lives lost.” Said Wilkins “The song is also an attempt to heal our divided nation by looking at what unifies us instead of what divides us.” He continued.

One year later, the pain of this tragedy has been numbed just slightly by time. While some are still recovering from their wounds, others are still trying to figure out why it happened. Still others, like the Loveforce Collective are trying to glean inspiration through the power of survivorship and looking at what unites us as Americans  instead of what divides us. In this way, the song transcends this grim anniversary and I for one, hope it helps unify this nation, even if it’s just for a little bit.

You can hear the song and view the lyrics by following the link below:

Link to The Country Strong Song

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Loveforce International Announces A Day of Firsts

Santa Clarita CA–

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