One Small Candle

By The Prophet of Life

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From The book: Every Lyric Tells A Story


She lived in the middle of the city

But felt like she was living in hell

She wondered how she ended up here

And felt dread as the night fell

She felt so isolated

And scarred by broken dreams

She fell asleep serenaded by

Gunshots, moans and screams

They lit one small candle

And put it next to her window

To fight against the darkness

And let the world know

That one small candle

One soul to stand for right

One small candle

To keep away the night

As she struggled every day

To walk towards her goals while surrounded by

Those who lost their way

She was assaulted by temptations

Hammered by neglect

But kept on walking anyway

One step following the next

She lit one small candle

This went on for years

And things got better over time

She struggled every day

And lit a candle every night

One night before turning in

She looked out and to her surprise

Saw 10,000 other candles

Drowning the darkness with their light

They lit one small candle

And put it next to her window

To fight against the darkness

And let the world know

That one small candle

One soul to stand for right

One small candle

To keep away the night


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A Letter to Mr. Trump from the Children

Editor’s Note: This letter by a teacher, which reflects the pain of his student’s in a constructive way is haunting and profound. I am including it here as a guest column. 


My students were upset by Mr. Trump’s victory in the Presidential Election. Students at my school actually walked out. I decided to create a lesson that would engage the students in my class that didn’t walk out, in a constructive way.

I told them to imagine that they suddenly had the power to write Mr. Trump a letter and, tomorrow morning, when he woke up, he would be the things that they put in their letter. I got some rather profound responses. What I have done below, is to recreate the opening paragraph of the letter and plugged in some of the most profound things students put in their letters.


Dear Mr. Trump,

Welcome to your new life. You have awakened today with some new attributes. These attributes will make you a more understanding and compassionate person. You have the toughest job in the world and we, the children of the United States of America want you to be able to gain insight from the point of view of many in this great nation who live on the margins of society.

You are poor, so you can understand what it’s like to be without a health care and sometimes, without food.  You are a minority, a part African American, part Hispanic and part Asian, female so that you can understand what it is like to be discriminated against and to have your life options limited. You live in a horrible neighborhood and your educational opportunities are limited, so chances are, high school is as far as you will go. Your ability to get a job and to advance within that job are limited as well. You are gay so that you can feel what it’s like to be ridiculed everywhere you go. You are Muslim so you can see what it’s like to be hated for worshipping the same God in a different way. You are an illegal immigrant so that you can know what it’s like to be worried about being discovered and deported back to the nation you left because your future and even your life was in danger there. You are a child, so no one listens to, or cares about, what you have to say.

Next year, you will be deported and you will be a Mexican National so that you can understand what it is like to live on the other side of the wall you are going to build.



The Children


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Why Trump Won and What His Victory Means to America

By The Prophet of Life

There are a lot of people in the world who are shocked today. Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States of America. Some around the globe are saying things like “Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people.” Others are saying nothing but feeling dread when they think about the future.

Donald Trump won the election because he tapped into an anger and frustration throughout America. There are plenty of Americans who don’t feel that the system is working for them. They are tired of career politicians who promise the moon but deliver gridlock. Who count on their vote but don’t give them a second thought at election time. That group is Donald Trumps constituency.

Donald Trump won as a Republican despite the fact that the party elite didn’t support him. He ran on a platform of Republican values and 9 of 10 Republicans ended up voting for him as well as people who usually vote for fringe independent party. The Republican party members of congress will likely support him but if they don’t or if there is still gridlock, Trump can always tap into the rage of his constituency and form a third party and run his own slate for congress. If he did that, it could likely transform America from a two party to a three party system.

Now Trump calls on all Americans to bind the wounds of the past and seek unity. I am sure that many Americans would like to do that but can they leave behind their animosity and do that? When it comes to this new concept of a Trump Presidency, many Americans are hoping for the best but fearing the worst.

At its best, A Trump Presidency could reshape America into a more prosperous nation with full employment and a better life for all. Trump could bring new ideas and new approaches to solving America’s problems which, if tried, might just work.

At its worst, a Trump Presidency could become an economic disaster, stand by as Russia takes over Eastern Europe and the Middle East and China takes back Taiwan and overruns parts of Asia. It could set back advancements against global warming as well as advancements made by every minority group, immigrants and Women’s Rights. You could expect a Supreme Court that would likely repeal Roe Vs Wade and Reverse Gay Marriage. You could see the rise of a law and order police state where minorities continue to be gunned down or a war that drafts our youth.

A Trump America could be a place where pollution is rampant, abortion is illegal, the military industrial complex is reborn, differences aren’t respected or tolerated and hate crimes rise. It could be an America where millions have lost their health care, had their social security cut or pensions diminished or are just plain broke. Most of America will live in apartments because homes will be out of reach for an average American. More people will have jobs but they will not pay enough to afford a house and college will be out of reach for most children.

At both its best and worst, Trumps America will be a great place to be rich.

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How to Make the U.S. Presidential Debates More Like Actual Presidential Debates

Editor’s Note: Guest writer Mark Wilkins is a terrific author who known as A Storyteller. He writes collections of short stories on Kindle e-books including A Week’s Worth of Fiction, Classroom Confessions, Stories of The Supernatural and Slices of life. His stories range from humorous to downright frightening. He has proposed a rather outrageous but practical solution to the sad state of political debates.  

By Mark Wilkins

If you have been listening to the U.S. Presidential Debates you should have noticed that the two candidates spend more time talking about their opponent’s character flaws than addressing the issues that the entire Presidential Campaign are supposed to be about. I have a very simple solution that will incentivize both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton to talk about the issues and their plans for addressing them, than about their opponent’s faults.

At the beginning of each debate, show a black line drawing of each candidate on plain white paper. Every time a candidate goes off topic and begins to talk about their opponent’s faults, drown them out by playing circus music. Then,  change camera focus to the line drawing of them and show a hand drawing a colorful clown attribute on the face of their line drawing. Do this every time a candidate goes off topic or hammers their opponent. See which candidate goes “Full Bozo” first.

This should work to force each candidate to spend most, if not all of their time actually debating the issues and explaining their plans for addressing them. Neither candidate would want to be thought of as being a clown. Neither candidate will want to have the  end result of the debate be that they went “Full Bozo”.

Don’t show the candidates shaking hands and congratulating each other, at the end of the debate. Instead, close with a shot of the two line drawings side by side so that the American People can see their real choices for President this election cycle. Then play circus music.

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Mexican Icon Juan Gabriel Dies

Juan Gabriel


By The Prophet of Life

When he was 15, Alberto Aguilera Valadez escaped boarding school and struck out on his own to make a name for himself as a singer and songwriter. He went from city to city in Mexico picking up singing gigs at local night spots. He made it to Mexico City where he worked for RCA writing choruses to songs recorded by some of their Latin artists. RCA and other record companies would not sign him to a recording contract however, so he went to Ciudad Juarez and signed his first personal performance contract at a nightclub there for a meager $20.00 a night.  

After years of trying, he finally got a recording contract with RCA Records at age 21 after changing his name to Juan Gabriel. A prolific songwriter, Gabriel wrote over 1,000 songs. He penned songs in a variety of Latin and Mexican musical styles as well as pop and disco. He had many hit songs. He recorded and released dozens of albums. Many other famous Latin singers also recorded and had hits with his songs.

Juan Gabriel refused to record any songs for RCA for 15 years due to a contract dispute regarding his songs. He continued to perform live.  In 1994 he sued BMG Music to regain the publishing rights on his song catalog after BMG Acquired RCA. He won the suit and as a result, returned the rights to over 500 of the songs he wrote. He has been inducted in the Billboard Latin Hall of Fame and has a star on Hollywood Blvd.

Over the years Gabriel has continued performing. He is considered Mexico’s most famous and best-selling singer songwriter. He performed at the Forum in Los Angeles and died of a heart attack the next day. He was just 66.

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In Defense of Black Lives Matter

By The Prophet of Life

From The Book Black in America a Kindle e-book available worldwide through Amazon.

President Obama compared the Black Lives Matter to the Suffergete and Abolitionist movements. Newt Gingrich said that its very name black lives matter, was racist because it inferred that only black lives matter. The movement has drawn criticism for the radical things they have done to protest the perpetual slaughter of unarmed African American men and boys by armed, white police officers in America.

The Black Lives Matter movement does do more than just march down public sidewalks and in front of public buildings carrying protest signs and placards (although they do that too). The have blocked major public roadways with their bodies, shutting them down for hours. Some people among their group claiming to be their followers have gotten violent. The attack on the Dallas Police Department by a single, black assailant and the killings of two more African Americans at the hands of police officers this week, have exacerbated racial tensions. In my book Black in America, (available exclusively on Kindle) I wrote a piece of literature which I believe, explains why The Black Lives Matter Movement is called that. It Follows below:

Why We Say Black Lives Matter

When we say

Black Lives Matter

We are not saying that ONLY black lives matter

We do understand that All Lives Matter

And we are not negating that fact


When we say Black Lives Matter

We are issuing a call for JUSTICE

We are issuing a plea to stop the murder of our children

Who, as members of the human family, represent all of our children


And we wonder why we must call for justice

If we live in a Just Society

We wonder why there should even be a reason for us to call for justice

If we live in a Just Society

And we wonder why the blood of our children runs in the streets

Beneath the tainted shadow of racism


So next time you hear someone say

Black Lives Matter

Know that it is a call for justice

And think about

Why we need to call for justice

If we do, in fact,

Live in a Just Society


If you still think that the Black lives Matter movement is racist and that African Americans don’t have a real cause for concern about whether or not their men and boys will return alive, after leaving the house, and if you, after reading this article still believe that America actually is a Just Society then I suggest you ask yourself one more question. Would you have the same point of view if there was an epidemic of armed African American police officers killing unarmed white citizens?


“Why We Say Black Lives Matter” from Black in America by The Prophet of Life.

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ISBN 9781936462094 Kindle ASIN #  B00S05QSXA


Alligator Drags off Toddler at Disney Hotel in Florida

By The Prophet of Life

A family of four is walking along a lagoon on a Disney vacation of a lifetime. They had just left movie night and were walking along the shore of the Seven Seas Lagoon. Everything is peaceful. The son of the family, a toddler, wades into the water. It’s cool but nice. He splashes around, enjoying the evening. Suddenly, an alligator bobs its head out of the water, opens its mouth and grabs onto the boy. The boy’s father rushes to help his son. He grabs onto the boy and tries to pry him from the jaws of the alligator. The alligator’s grip is too strong. It drags the boy away and into the darkness of the waters away from shore.

This actually happened last night in Orlando Florida. The Graves family was on vacation from Nebraska, they are devastated. Authorities have been searching for the toddler immediately. They searched all night long and into the next day. The body of toddler Lane Graves was found at 1:45 p.m. on Wednesday June 15, 2016 about 15 yards from where the alligator first dragged him off in very murky waters.  Alligators cannot digest fresh meat. They normally drag it to the bottom of a body of water, wait several days until it rots and softens up in the water, and then they digest it. Alligators rarely attack people but it could have been the toddler’s small size that had the alligator mistake him for an animal.

The family has been cloistered away from reporters and just as likely prospective lawyers, by the Disney Corporation. Disney is providing them grief counseling and other things they require. It is hard to know exactly whether Disney is doing this out of an honest compassion for the family or to protect its corporate image. Perhaps it’s a little of both. Witnesses have told reporters that there were no swimming signs but no signs posted that warned of an alligator danger. The lagoon the toddler was wading in channels into larger waterways any number of which could have alligators in them.

It is time that corporations put safety first. There is no excuse for having a waterway at a resort that has alligators in it. Especially when there is not appropriate signage and especially when it is accessible to the public including toddlers. When the bottom line is more important than customer safety everybody suffers. At this moment in time, that particular Disney property is the saddest place on earth.

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