How to Make the U.S. Presidential Debates More Like Actual Presidential Debates

Editor’s Note: Guest writer Mark Wilkins is a terrific author who known as A Storyteller. He writes collections of short stories on Kindle e-books including A Week’s Worth of Fiction, Classroom Confessions, Stories of The Supernatural and Slices of life. His stories range from humorous to downright frightening. He has proposed a rather outrageous but practical solution to the sad state of political debates.  

By Mark Wilkins

If you have been listening to the U.S. Presidential Debates you should have noticed that the two candidates spend more time talking about their opponent’s character flaws than addressing the issues that the entire Presidential Campaign are supposed to be about. I have a very simple solution that will incentivize both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton to talk about the issues and their plans for addressing them, than about their opponent’s faults.

At the beginning of each debate, show a black line drawing of each candidate on plain white paper. Every time a candidate goes off topic and begins to talk about their opponent’s faults, drown them out by playing circus music. Then,  change camera focus to the line drawing of them and show a hand drawing a colorful clown attribute on the face of their line drawing. Do this every time a candidate goes off topic or hammers their opponent. See which candidate goes “Full Bozo” first.

This should work to force each candidate to spend most, if not all of their time actually debating the issues and explaining their plans for addressing them. Neither candidate would want to be thought of as being a clown. Neither candidate will want to have the  end result of the debate be that they went “Full Bozo”.

Don’t show the candidates shaking hands and congratulating each other, at the end of the debate. Instead, close with a shot of the two line drawings side by side so that the American People can see their real choices for President this election cycle. Then play circus music.

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Mexican Icon Juan Gabriel Dies

Juan Gabriel


By The Prophet of Life

When he was 15, Alberto Aguilera Valadez escaped boarding school and struck out on his own to make a name for himself as a singer and songwriter. He went from city to city in Mexico picking up singing gigs at local night spots. He made it to Mexico City where he worked for RCA writing choruses to songs recorded by some of their Latin artists. RCA and other record companies would not sign him to a recording contract however, so he went to Ciudad Juarez and signed his first personal performance contract at a nightclub there for a meager $20.00 a night.  

After years of trying, he finally got a recording contract with RCA Records at age 21 after changing his name to Juan Gabriel. A prolific songwriter, Gabriel wrote over 1,000 songs. He penned songs in a variety of Latin and Mexican musical styles as well as pop and disco. He had many hit songs. He recorded and released dozens of albums. Many other famous Latin singers also recorded and had hits with his songs.

Juan Gabriel refused to record any songs for RCA for 15 years due to a contract dispute regarding his songs. He continued to perform live.  In 1994 he sued BMG Music to regain the publishing rights on his song catalog after BMG Acquired RCA. He won the suit and as a result, returned the rights to over 500 of the songs he wrote. He has been inducted in the Billboard Latin Hall of Fame and has a star on Hollywood Blvd.

Over the years Gabriel has continued performing. He is considered Mexico’s most famous and best-selling singer songwriter. He performed at the Forum in Los Angeles and died of a heart attack the next day. He was just 66.

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In Defense of Black Lives Matter

By The Prophet of Life

President Obama compared the Black Lives Matter to the Suffergete and Abolitionist movements. Newt Gingrich said that its very name black lives matter, was racist because it inferred that only black lives matter. The movement has drawn criticism for the radical things they have done to protest the perpetual slaughter of unarmed African American men and boys by armed, white police officers in America.

The Black Lives Matter movement does do more than just march down public sidewalks and in front of public buildings carrying protest signs and placards (although they do that too). The have blocked major public roadways with their bodies, shutting them down for hours. Some people among their group claiming to be their followers have gotten violent. The attack on the Dallas Police Department by a single, black assailant and the killings of two more African Americans at the hands of police officers this week, have exacerbated racial tensions. In my book Black in America, (available exclusively on Kindle) I wrote a piece of literature which I believe, explains why The Black Lives Matter Movement is called that. It Follows below:

Why We Say Black Lives Matter

When we say

Black Lives Matter

We are not saying that ONLY black lives matter

We do understand that All Lives Matter

And we are not negating that fact


When we say Black Lives Matter

We are issuing a call for JUSTICE

We are issuing a plea to stop the murder of our children

Who, as members of the human family, represent all of our children


And we wonder why we must call for justice

If we live in a Just Society

We wonder why there should even be a reason for us to call for justice

If we live in a Just Society

And we wonder why the blood of our children runs in the streets

Beneath the tainted shadow of racism


So next time you hear someone say

Black Lives Matter

Know that it is a call for justice

And think about

Why we need to call for justice

If we do, in fact,

Live in a Just Society


If you still think that the Black lives Matter movement is racist and that African Americans don’t have a real cause for concern about whether or not their men and boys will return alive, after leaving the house, and if you, after reading this article still believe that America actually is a Just Society then I suggest you ask yourself one more question. Would you have the same point of view if there was an epidemic of armed African American police officers killing unarmed white citizens?


“Why We Say Black Lives Matter” from Black in America by The Prophet of Life.

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ISBN 9781936462094 Kindle ASIN #  B00S05QSXA


Alligator Drags off Toddler at Disney Hotel in Florida

By The Prophet of Life

A family of four is walking along a lagoon on a Disney vacation of a lifetime. They had just left movie night and were walking along the shore of the Seven Seas Lagoon. Everything is peaceful. The son of the family, a toddler, wades into the water. It’s cool but nice. He splashes around, enjoying the evening. Suddenly, an alligator bobs its head out of the water, opens its mouth and grabs onto the boy. The boy’s father rushes to help his son. He grabs onto the boy and tries to pry him from the jaws of the alligator. The alligator’s grip is too strong. It drags the boy away and into the darkness of the waters away from shore.

This actually happened last night in Orlando Florida. The Graves family was on vacation from Nebraska, they are devastated. Authorities have been searching for the toddler immediately. They searched all night long and into the next day. The body of toddler Lane Graves was found at 1:45 p.m. on Wednesday June 15, 2016 about 15 yards from where the alligator first dragged him off in very murky waters.  Alligators cannot digest fresh meat. They normally drag it to the bottom of a body of water, wait several days until it rots and softens up in the water, and then they digest it. Alligators rarely attack people but it could have been the toddler’s small size that had the alligator mistake him for an animal.

The family has been cloistered away from reporters and just as likely prospective lawyers, by the Disney Corporation. Disney is providing them grief counseling and other things they require. It is hard to know exactly whether Disney is doing this out of an honest compassion for the family or to protect its corporate image. Perhaps it’s a little of both. Witnesses have told reporters that there were no swimming signs but no signs posted that warned of an alligator danger. The lagoon the toddler was wading in channels into larger waterways any number of which could have alligators in them.

It is time that corporations put safety first. There is no excuse for having a waterway at a resort that has alligators in it. Especially when there is not appropriate signage and especially when it is accessible to the public including toddlers. When the bottom line is more important than customer safety everybody suffers. At this moment in time, that particular Disney property is the saddest place on earth.

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Muhammad Ali, A Life that Impacted The World

By The Prophet of Life

For a time, he was one of the best known people in the world. He completely changed the sport of boxing. He changed his religion and his name at the height of his popularity. He even defied the U.S. Government when he was drafted to go to war. Muhammad Ali became an icon in sports, in the counterculture, in the African American Community and in the cult of Personality. He was a media sensation of his own making.

Born in Louisville KY in 1942, Cassius Clay, began boxing when a policeman suggested he do so to channel anger he had after someone stole his bicycle. By the time he was 19 He won a Gold Medal in boxing for the U.S. team in the 1960 Olympics. He entered professional boxing soon afterward and by 1963 amassed a 19-0 record. He had defeated all of the other contenders for the heavyweight crown and was scheduled to fight champion Sonny Liston.

Ali taunted Liston in the press everywhere he went. The press reported his exploits and taunts but few took him seriously and fewer thought he had any chance of beating Liston who was bigger and stronger than Ali. When the first blows began, Ali was a 7-1 underdog but his superior speed and powerful blows forced Liston to quit the match before the seventh round bell. At 22, Ali was the youngest boxer to beat a reigning Heavyweight Champion.

Ali was considered the greatest boxer of all time because he defeated every major boxer in what is considered the golden age of boxing. His emphasis on speed and colorful self-coined descriptions of his style like, “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee” captivated people. He revolutionized the sport, which had been dominated by gigantic men, of huge strength for decades. His gift of self-promotion, confidence, pride and his personality all played a part in making an Ali fight an entertainment spectacle that filled seats and garnered mass media coverage.

Ali was a unique and revolutionary figure in many ways. He touted pride for himself at a time when many black people lived under Jim Crow and Apartheid. He converted to Islam at a time when a majority of Black Americans were Christian. He even stood up to the might of the U.S. Government.

Ali refused to go into the army when conscripted during the height of the Viet Nam War. He refused on the grounds of being a conscientious objector. This was unheard of. Ali’s public popularity rapidly declined. He was jailed. He was stripped of his championship title and banned from boxing He appealed his incarceration all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and won. He was then reinstated into boxing but he lost four of his prime boxing years during the process.

Over the next decade, Ali won and lost the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship twice. He regained it from Joe Frasier and took it from George Foreman. Two of his fights the “Rumble in the Jungle” against Foreman and the “Thrilla in Manilla” against Frazier were epically successful internationally. Ali declined as a boxer after that but continued to be a success. He penned a best-selling book about his life. The book was made into a major movie which he starred in. There were other acting roles and media events he was part of. He even got Saddam Hussein to release hostages when he invaded Kuwait in the 1990’s.

Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1984. He was still active while battling the disease which he had for the rest of his life. He raised a lot of money for charity and garnered the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005.

There has never quite been another sports personality like Ali. In the heyday of his boxing career, he was able to control how he was presented by the media and in doing so, was able to control the public perception of  his persona. He was always colorful and controversial. He was both polarizing and inspirational. He never shrunk from a fight both in and out of the ring, no matter how daunting the odds. He broke many molds and became a unique individual whose existence had a global impact in many different fields. It is unlikely that there will ever be anyone quite like him again.

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Breaking News: UCLA Shooting Murder Suicide

Los Angeles- There was an active shooter at UCLA. Two people are confirmed dead. Both are males.The shooting took place in an engineering lab. The campus was on lock down for several hours. Police have swarmed the campus in search of the shooter. The entire city of Los Angeles California is on tactical alert. Authorities have determined the shooting was a murder-suicide.

EgyptAir 804 Wreckage Found!

By The Prophet of Life

Paris—The wreckage of an Egypt Air Airbus 320 plane flying from Paris to Cairo that disappeared in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea has been found. Authorities are now working on the theory that a bomb took the plane down.

Egypt Air Flight 804 left Charles De Gaulle Airport at 11:09 P.M. on Wednesday May 18, 2016 and was due to land in Cairo at 3:15 AM on Thursday, May 19, 2016. At 37,000 feet above the ground, just off the coast of the Greek Island of Kea, the plane disappeared. There were clear skies when the plane disappeared from the radar screen

According to Greek Air Traffic Controllers the flight appeared to be going smoothly the entire time it was in Greek airspace. Air Traffic Controllers talked to the pilot of the plane when it was above the Greek Island of Kea. At 3:27 A.M. the shortly before the aircraft was supposed to exit Greek airspace Greek air traffic controllers attempted to contact the aircraft to transfer control to Egyptian Air Traffic Control but they couldn’t get a response. About two minutes later, the aircraft entered Egyptian airspace. About forty seconds after that, it disappeared from the radar.

66 people from 12 different nations and three continents were aboard the aircraft. About half were Egyptian nationals and 15 were French Nationals.  There were also Europeans from Britain, Belgium and Portugal. There were Africans from Chad, Sudan and Algeria. Saudi Arabians and Iraqis from The Middle east and Canadians from North America. Three of the 66 passengers were children.

The Greeks and Egyptians both launched sea rescue operations immediately. A distress signal was detected in the general area where the plane disappeared about 90 minutes after it disappeared. It is unclear if the signal was from the aircraft or a ship at sea. If there are any survivors and in the water, Spring survival times in the Mediterranean Sea are between seven and 48 hours.

French Authorities have opened an investigation into the plane’s disappearance. Although investigators haven’t said it went down as a result of a terrorist act, they haven’t ruled terrorism out either. Flight 804 underwent routine maintenance in Cairo before going to Paris to pick up the passengers and had flown to Eritrea & Tunisia earlier that day. Investigators will be checking maintenance logs and looking into possible security breaches everywhere Flight 804 traveled yesterday.

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