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This is what  an ad I saw.somewhere said.  II was “different”


13 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide over Haircut

Tacoma Washington–13 year old Izabel Laxamana committed suicide. A few days ago her father posted a video on You Tube showing her beautiful, long hair being cut off. On the video a voice was heard telling her that the hair cut was the consequence of her “messing up”. It was likely an attempt to publicly shame her for disobeying him. Izabel walked out of a car and jumped off a bridge to a busy highway below.

Right now, across the globe, public shaming is the right of many parents. As of today, many nations have deemed public shaming by judicial order, law enforcement, in schools and by companies as cruel and unusual punishment. Yet parental rights allow parents to do to their child what no school, police force, company or judge can ethically and in many cases, legally do.

I am sure that Izabel’s parent didn’t think that she would commit suicide as a result of his choice of punishment but that’s the point, you never know how someone will react to public humiliation. It is time that we, as a global society not only frown upon public shaming but outlaw public shaming. Living free of public humiliation should be a basic human right. Until, we as a race, the human race, outlaw public shaming, parents will continue to find ways to punish by humiliation. While we’re at it, let’s outlaw all forms of public shaming no matter who is doing it so that it will be considered illegal everywhere.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life

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Another Example of How Your Perception Determines Your Reality.

By The Prophet of Life

In a continuing effort to illustrate how your perception determines your reality I have written a story that can be seen from two different perspectives. Each perspective determines the reality of the person who holds it. One perspective can be seen as beneficial or good and the other can be seen as malevolent or evil.Each perspective could be from someone on the road next to the house who see two men entering via a side gate to the property. Read the story and then answer the question on the bottom. You must pick one of the two choices.

The House

The two men walked until they came to a huge gate,. “See, I told you today was a good day to come here.” Said Pete

They entered through a smaller gate on the side. Tall bushes hid the house from the road. The pair strolled across the finely landscaped yard slowly.  “Someone might see us.” Bill worried aloud. “Nah”, Said Pete, “No one can see us from the road.” “So, the family is on vacation while the house is up for sale?”  Said Bill.. “They sure are,” Said Pete. “We’ve got this place to ourselves.” He added.

They walked through the yard and up a hill. As they reached the downward slant of the hill the house came into view. “I never knew this place was so big”. Said Bill. “No one does, that’s the point, it’s secluded to insure privacy.” Pete responded.

As they got closer to the house they noticed that it had two French doors that opened onto the back yard and a door on the side of the garage. They entered the door on the side of the garage. There was nothing in the garage except three ten speed Italian racing bikes. At the end of the garage was a door which led to the house. Pete knew it would be unlocked because it usually is.

The door opened up into the living room. “I didn’t know this place was so big.” Said Bill. “It looks bigger since they added that 75 inch big screen television and surround sound.” Said Pete. “And look at that fire place!” Bill pointed at a freshly installed, marble fireplace. Two solid Gold Grammy Awards stood on the mantle.

“Let’s hear how the sound is on this baby.” Said Pete as he turned on the television, changed it to internet mode and clicked on Pandora. He bumped his favorite tune which reverberated all over the house at an eardrum splitting volume. ‘Turn that down!” shouted Bill. “Someone might hear it.” He added. “Don’t worry”, said Pete. The whole house is soundproofed, you could set off a charge of dynamite and no one would hear it.” He added.

Then they went off the spare bedroom. It was a state of the art recording studio filled with pricey outboard equipment. “Did this studio come with the place?” Bill asked. “No, the owner had it built in but everything in it is removable so it can easily be cleaned.” Pete said.

Then, the two men went into the Master bathroom. It had an attached bedroom with a sauna and spa bathtub. The bedroom itself had a huge walk in closet. Inside the closet was a fake wall. Pete knocked on it three times and a small room opened up. The room had a big safe in it. “Is this place sweet or what?” Asked Pete. “It’s the sweetest.” Responded Bill.

Are the two men a realtor and client or are they burglars?

The first perspective has the person passing on the road assuming that the two men are a realtor and a perspective client. The second perspective assumes that the two men are burglars. How the reader feels about the two men’s race, dress, manner and even their own past experiences will determine which perspective they bring to the story. Which did you pick, realtor and client or burglar? Your perception of this story says a lot about your perception of life and the world in general.

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The Trans Pacific Trade Partnership (TPP) Agreement: Good For Corporations, Bad For You

By The Prophet of Life

What would you say if your boss asked you to sign a paper but wouldn’t tell you what was on it and wouldn’t allow you to read it? That’s exactly what the Obama administration is doing with the Trans Pacific Partnership Trade (TPP) Agreement. This week, Congress is voting on a trade agreement that has been drawn up behind closed doors, and drafted by a team of CEO’s and corporate lawyers. Does this sound like an agreement which will benefit any one other than large corporations?

The agreement is purposely kept secret from the public. Congress members themselves can only see if they go to a secreted room and look at the pages of the document. No electronic devices are allowed in the room. Senators and House members are not allowed to take notes. They are also not allowed to disclose its provisions publicly.

The TPP will allow Genetically modified food, radiated foods, lower standards on toxins, (like toxic dog food and lead in toys), accelerate the killing of dolphins for tuna & eliminate nation of origin labels on beef (Mad Cow Disease with that burger?). It will allow corporations under an Investor Rights Clause, to sue governments for environmental protection laws that affect their profits. Phillip Morris Tobacco, for example successfully sued a government which passed a non smoking law. That government had to rescind that law.

One recent example is Chevron Oil suing a Latin American nation (and winning) under this clause to cancel a decision in that nation’s national court for a 1 billion dollar compensation for ruining the ground water of an entire community. Had this agreement been signed a few years ago, If BP were from a member nation it could have sued the U.S. Government and never paid a penny for a clean up or to any of the Gulf Coast States or any of their inhabitants for the underwater oil spill that devastated that region.

One clause contained in the agreement, the Investor-State Dispute Settlement provision, or ISDS, allows corporations to sue governments (national State and Local) not in a court but in front of an arbitration counsel made up of corporate lawyers. These Corporate Lawyers almost always rule against the sovereign rights of governments in favor of the desires of corporations.

     Proponents of TPP will tell you that America needs to pass it to maintain a competitive edge in a global economy. While its true that trade agreements are necessary to eliminate barriers to free trade, not all barriers to free trade are bad. Economic barriers like tariffs can be bad but barriers like environmental and consumer safety laws are good. No sovereign nation should sign a deal that takes away its right to protect its citizens for the possibility of increased trade.

     So why, do politicians and governments across the globe bring us predatory and destructive trade agreements dictated by corporations? Why do they forsake their national sovereignty and international responsibilities? I believe its because its easier to let corporations write the agreements than to actually do the work involved in fully responsible governance.

     Instead of pushing for corporate autonomy over national sovereignty, the signatory governments of  TPP The U.S., Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam and Japan should be pushing for uniform environmental, health and safety and fair wage labor standards that will create barriers to import and export of unhealthful and hazardous products and of products made by slave labor.

Trade agreements should be transparent, not secretive. They should remove economic barriers to trade but not barriers to human and environmental exploitation and endangerment.  They should be created in a global environment of uniform health and safety standards where human rights and dignity are upheld and the environment is protected. This monstrosity that U.S. Congress is voting on is far from anything even remotely resembling that.

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Fulfilling Your Destiny

By The Prophet of Life

Every human is born with a destiny. At birth, God whispers the same phrase to every person “The world is a better place because you were born.” The phrase is a prophecy. It is a prophecy that proclaims part of your destiny. It is a prophecy you are charged with fulfilling during your lifetime.

Part of your life mission is to find out how your life can fulfill this prophecy. There are many ways you can fulfill this prophecy. You can fulfill it through a lifetime of service to others. You can fulfill it discovering, creating or inventing something that benefits the world. You can fulfill it by saving the life of another living being.

You can fulfill this part of your destiny through service to others. Many professions, from doctors, to firefighters, to teachers to garbage workers can help fulfill God’s prophecy. Most people can understand how doctors, firefighters and teachers are included on the list because doctors and firefighters are perceived as saving lives.  Teachers are perceived as saving the future by educating children. Far fewer may understand how a garbage worker can be included on the list. Garbage workers help with diminishing the effects of disease. Many garbage workers become sick from diseases clinging to the refuse of people who are sick. In doing so, they contract an illness that many others might have contracted if the garbage was left out in the open in a public place.

You can fulfill this part of your destiny by discovering, inventing or creating something that benefits humanity. You can discover the cure for a disease. You can invent a machine that helps to clean up the environment. You can create a painting or a sculpture or a poem that uplifts people’s spirits or gets them to think about the big questions of life.  Any of these types of activities can make the world a better place, one soul at a time.

You can fulfill this part of your destiny by saving the life of another being. Saving the life of a person could enable that person to complete their fulfillment of this part of their destiny. Saving the life of another being, a plant or animal for instance is performing an activity that creates a direct effect for the being you are saving and future generations of that living being’s descendents.

Most people are not artists or writers. They cannot create an artistic or literary masterpiece. They are not doctors, or teachers. They live ordinary lives working mundane jobs for less money than they think they are worth. They can save a life, if not the life of a person, then the life of a plant or an animal. They can volunteer to help at a hospital or an orphanage. They can be help a stranger in need, They can join groups like Change Agents for Humanity to get ideas on what they can do.

The question is clear. Will the world be a better place because you were born? The answer may be unclear because in most cases, words alone will not satisfy it. Only your actions will create the answer to the question. What actions are you taking? How is the story of your life answering the question?

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The Co-Pilot Crashed the German wings Plane into the Alps


The Co-Pilot Crashed the German wings Plane into the Alps


By The Prophet of Life

According to authorities, co-pilot Andreas Lubitz intentionally crashed the German wings aircraft into the Alps. Marseille Prosecutor Brice Robin, stated. He then gave more detailed information yielded from listening to the fight records “Black Box”.


Evidence from the Flight Recorder indicates that the pilot, who was apparently locked out of the cabin, continuously banged on the door ordering Lubitz to open it. The voices of Air Traffic Controllers could be heard telling the co-pilot to change course. The people in the passenger section could be heard screaming while Lubitz could be heard breathing heavily just before silence. 150 people were killed when the plane crashed into a mountain at 455 miles per hour.


Lubitz, was 28 years old. He had only been with the airline for a few months. He had hundreds of hours of flying experience. He was considered capable of flying the plane. The Cockpit Data Recorder indicates that he locked the pilot out of the cockpit, took the plane off of autopilot and began a slow descent with a trajectory into the mountain. Lubitz had no apparent ties to any terrorist organizations.


This entire tragic incident points up a curious fact. You never know if the strangers you depend on to transport you safely from one place to another are mentally sound on the day you take your trip. They could be quite normal their whole life and just snap. They could be a functioning drug addict, whose addiction is undetected by their employer. They could have been suicidal and want to have company on their ride into the afterlife. They could be a closet terrorist or someone who fantasizes that they are a terrorist. They could be any of these things, and many others.


The truth is, There are no guarantees that you will get to your destination safely. No matter how pleasant a transportation company makes a trip sound, no matter how stringently it tests its drivers, no matter how safe it claims its carriers are, no one can guarantee your safety. No one can guarantee safety because there is always one exception to every rule. In the case of the German wings Airbus, that exception proved fatal for 150 unsuspecting travelers.


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Russian Leader Putin Speech, Conciliatory or Full of Crap?

By The Prophet of life

     Russian President Vladimir Putin made a seemingly conciliatory remark in a speech he gave before the SPIEF economic conference in St. Petersburg Russia. Stated that Russia will recognize whatever government is elected in the Ukraine. In the speech he also said that The West decided to make Ukraine a part of NATO but that Russia was never consulted about that. He further stated that The West’s position is that Russia had no business in the affairs of Ukraine. This is likely because the Russians view Ukraine as a puppet satellite state and Ukraine views itself as a govern nation.

      There are many who will tell you that the speech is a signal that Western economic sanctions have worked but that isn’t the case. Western economic sanctions have been too weak to cause Russia to cave on this issue. In the speech, Putin mused that if Ukraine joins NATO, they are likely to put Missiles on its border with Russia. He also stated that he hopes military actions in Ukraine are stopped. Clashes between Ukrainian National Soldiers and Russian Separatists in Eastern Ukraine continue.

     With the bogus Eastern Ukraine Succession vote just passed and the national Presidential elections about to take place Putin is likely banking on a finding a reason for further splitting off Eastern Ukraine from Western Ukraine and a justification to roll Russian troops into Eastern Ukraine to support the Russian Separatist elements there.

      Putin declared that an all out civil war as the one that happened in Odessa was averted in the Crimea because Russia annexed it. He will likely use the same argument to annex part or all of Eastern Ukraine. If the United States had used that lame argument and annexed every nation that it rolled troops into to stabilize it would have doubled in territorial size. Perhaps Russia is doing just that, trying to increase its territorial size and will use whatever argument, no matter how pathetic or lame, to do it.

      Wake up World Press, Russia isn’t giving into the weak sanctions imposed upon it, it is jockeying for position in the Ukraine territorial give-away. They will keep on doing it all over Europe until they are taken off of swift and become an economic pariah nation. Until that happens, better turn on your lie detectors every time Mr. Putin makes a speech.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life

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