A Cure for Cancer

By The Prophet of Life

I have often told you that The Lord has given humanity all it needs to solve its own problems. What you are about to read is proof of that. It’s about a convergence of sorts. A convergence of two different kinds of diseases, and genetic science and how one type of disease can be genetically engineered to kill another.

Somewhere in the world many years ago a group of several women with cervical cancer contracted rabies. After the rabies was treated, doctors noticed that the cancer had disappeared. This led to a breakthrough in the fight against cancer.

Viruses are tiny, infectious agents that get inside the cells of living organisms and replicate or copy themselves. Left untreated, the virus just keeps on copying itself, destroying the cells of living organisms, which could lead to death. Cancer works similarly. It takes over a cell and turns it into a cancer cell, stealing the blood supply to normal cells and growing larger. Cancer cells from one tumor can break free and travel to other parts of the body through the blood stream and start a new tumor there.

In the era since the discovery of genetic mapping, scientists have been able to genetically engineer viruses of various forms to attack cancer cells. Instead of attacking normal, healthy cells, the genetically engineered virus targets only cancer cells.

Clinical trials of genetically engineered viruses of several varieties have been done. The viruses studied include the common cold virus, measles and HIV.  All three viruses have had an effect on the cancer. In all three trials, reductions in tumors both in size and number, retardation of the spread of cancer and remissions have been the results.

The strongest result has come from the deadliest virus. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.  In AIDS, the virus latches onto and destroys the T Cells which are the cells that fight disease in living organisms, resulting in a lower immunity. It is by killing off T Cells that AIDS creates a path towards death because lower immunity leaves that organism open to infections and diseases that most people naturally fight off.

The HIV virus is genetically engineered to program the T Cells to seek out and destroy cancer. Once the body’s T Cells are on the job, cancer doesn’t stand a chance. Clinical trials have yielded a 90% success rate in reducing and eliminating specific types of cancer. With FDA approval, this genetically engineered HIV virus should be available for regular use by sometime in 2016.

Once again, science has used something harmful to humans to help fight cancer, the major cause of death in humans. Not since a scientist discovered that bread mold could create penicillin, a drug used to fight many diseases, has humanity seen a medical breakthrough of this scale. In the future, a diagnosis of cancer will not be a death sentence but a treatable disease that will rarely result in death.

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Is an Inexpensive Drug A Cure for Cancer?

According to Dr. Evangelos Michelakis of The University of Alberta Canada DCA, an inexpensive compound may cure tumorous cancers. Dichloroacetic acid, often abbreviated DCA, is a chemical compound. Salts of DCA have been studied as potential drugs because they inhibit an enzyme associated with some diseases like cancer.
DCA works by reviving the energy producing components of living cells causing them to work normally again and triggering cancer cells to commit suicide. There have been clinical trials of DCA for the past seven years. Preliminary studies have shown DCA can slow the growth of certain tumors in animals and in test tube trials. While some in the medical field believe that available evidence does not support the use of DCA for cancer treatment at this time. Many doctors feel it’s potential does warrant study in clinical trials. DCA has been associated with tumor regression and had a good safety profile. DCA side effects have been minimal when used in low doses over a short period of time.
Since DCA was discovered in 1864, it is not patentable (making it inexpensive to purchase) but the clinical trials needed to get a drug recognized and authorized for sale in a major nation can easily cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Drug companies are not interested in paying for trials for a drug they can’t get a patent on (because there is no real way to recoup the costs of the trial with profits since any company can make and sell DCA) so universities have been conducting clinical trials.
The promise of a cheap cure for cancer has caused some people to self medicate but doctors warn against that as there are health risks to those who are doing so outside of a clinical trial. Perhaps at least one nation’s Government can take on the costs of the trials so their citizens could reap the benefits from DCA.
In True Faith,
The Prophet of Life

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