Towards Global Liberation

By The Prophet of Life

Every human being on this planet is entitled to basic human rights. Everyone should have the right to have healthful food to eat, clean water to drink, education, healthcare, sanitation and toileting facilities and to be treated with respect and dignity. The world has made tremendous progress towards these ends in the last century.

All across the globe, more people have access to healthful food and clean water. More children are being educated and world literacy rates are at an all time high. More health care is being offered to more people now than at any time in the world’s history. More people have access to sanitation and toilet facilities. Human Rights are a reality in many of the world’s nations.

The world is not, as we all well know, perfect. Across the globe a huge number of people go to bed hungry every night. Millions are without nearby access to clean drinking water. Millions are denied access to any education whatsoever for reasons of race, class or multiple births in one family. A billion people are without access to local healthcare.

Millions of people in the world are displaced from their homes due to war or racism. They have become refugees in other lands. Millions are still held in bondage as slaves. Wars continue to rage and civilian atrocities mount. Drug addiction rages in every corner of the globe. Crime continues and even death occurs at such an alarming rate that many are sensitized to it. People see it all on the news and ignore any atrocities that are not occurring in their own neighborhood.

An injury to one is an injury to all. If one person goes to bed hungry, all of humanity suffers. If one person is denied education our collective future remains ignorant. If one person is denied healthcare, disease spreads. If war rages in another part of the world it affects people in other parts of the world. If racism holds members of one race back no race is immune to its horrors. If one person is held in slavery, can any of us be truly free?

Now is the time to work collectively towards full world liberation. To create a world where all people enjoy basic human rights. To create a world where all people enjoy the equality of mutual respect and dignity. To create a world where no child is abused, uneducated or goes to bed hungry. It’s time to create a world that will not stand for ethnic cleansing, genocide and war. It’s time to create a world free of racism, sexism and slavery. It’s time to stand up for a world where all peoples can co-exist with mutual respect in a global society where ideas are exchanged freely. It’s time for humanity to live up to our potential instead of just praying for it.

It’s time for all of us to do whatever we can, when ever we can and wherever we can to make that world a reality. What can you do to help make that world a reality?

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A Cure for Cancer

By The Prophet of Life

I have often told you that The Lord has given humanity all it needs to solve its own problems. What you are about to read is proof of that. It’s about a convergence of sorts. A convergence of two different kinds of diseases, and genetic science and how one type of disease can be genetically engineered to kill another.

Somewhere in the world many years ago a group of several women with cervical cancer contracted rabies. After the rabies was treated, doctors noticed that the cancer had disappeared. This led to a breakthrough in the fight against cancer.

Viruses are tiny, infectious agents that get inside the cells of living organisms and replicate or copy themselves. Left untreated, the virus just keeps on copying itself, destroying the cells of living organisms, which could lead to death. Cancer works similarly. It takes over a cell and turns it into a cancer cell, stealing the blood supply to normal cells and growing larger. Cancer cells from one tumor can break free and travel to other parts of the body through the blood stream and start a new tumor there.

In the era since the discovery of genetic mapping, scientists have been able to genetically engineer viruses of various forms to attack cancer cells. Instead of attacking normal, healthy cells, the genetically engineered virus targets only cancer cells.

Clinical trials of genetically engineered viruses of several varieties have been done. The viruses studied include the common cold virus, measles and HIV.  All three viruses have had an effect on the cancer. In all three trials, reductions in tumors both in size and number, retardation of the spread of cancer and remissions have been the results.

The strongest result has come from the deadliest virus. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.  In AIDS, the virus latches onto and destroys the T Cells which are the cells that fight disease in living organisms, resulting in a lower immunity. It is by killing off T Cells that AIDS creates a path towards death because lower immunity leaves that organism open to infections and diseases that most people naturally fight off.

The HIV virus is genetically engineered to program the T Cells to seek out and destroy cancer. Once the body’s T Cells are on the job, cancer doesn’t stand a chance. Clinical trials have yielded a 90% success rate in reducing and eliminating specific types of cancer. With FDA approval, this genetically engineered HIV virus should be available for regular use by sometime in 2016.

Once again, science has used something harmful to humans to help fight cancer, the major cause of death in humans. Not since a scientist discovered that bread mold could create penicillin, a drug used to fight many diseases, has humanity seen a medical breakthrough of this scale. In the future, a diagnosis of cancer will not be a death sentence but a treatable disease that will rarely result in death.

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What if Perception Determines Reality?

Part of the What if Conversations Series

 By The Prophet of Life

What if reality as we know it is nothing more than an agreed upon set of rules that we all follow?

What if the laws of physics were both true and not true? What if they were true for those who agree to follow them but can be superseded by those who don’t agree?

This could explain the anomalies of a small group of people who have throughout our history seemed to defy physical laws. The Siddhas who can lift inches above the ground, the witch doctors, and sorcerers and warlocks who seem to be able to tap into an alternate consciousness to do things the rest of humanity knows are impossible.

What if reality was determined by one’s perception and a change in perception could yield a change in one’s reality?

Imagine the possibilities in human health, in conquering war and famine and pollution. This would mean that the first step in changing our world for the better is to change our collective consciousness. A change in our collective consciousness would lead to a change in our collective actions.  We could, as one race, the human race, change our world. The world doesn’t have to be polluted. Hunger doesn’t have to be prevalent. Disease doesn’t have to run rampant. War doesn’t have to be declared.

It may be impossible to change the collective consciousness of all of humanity all at once. It is, however, possible to change the collective consciousness of humanity one person at a time. The Lord sent me these “What if” Conversations so that we may begin the conversations that will lead to changing the collective consciousness of humanity. If you have found this conversation, you have been chosen to be one of the people who begin the conversation. Whether or not you choose to participate is of course, up to you. Think about the issues raised here. Meditate upon them. Share and discuss them with your friends and colleagues. Begin the change.