Is Donald Trump A Racist?

By The Prophet of Life

One of the hallmarks of racism is making general statements and / or judgments about or taking actions against an entire group of people based on the actions of a few members of that group. If you look at some of Donald Trumps statements in his bid for the Republican Presidential nomination based on this hallmark, then Donald Trump would appear to be a racist. His statements about Mexicans being criminals and rapists and about barring all people of the Islamic faith from entering the U.S.A. make him sound more like the Grand Dragon of the KKK than a serious candidate for the nation’s highest office. The problem is one never really knows whether Trump is just saying inflammatory things to grab headlines and keep himself relevant or if he is speaking from his heart.

Many Republicans like Donald Trump because he’s not afraid to speak his mind. They say he tells it like it is and doesn’t apologize for it. But, is Trump really telling it like it is? Or, is he just reflecting the frustrations of Xenophobic and racist white people who are afraid of sharing the American Dream with people who are different from them?

The media loves Trump because he’s always good for a sound bite. Sound bites dominate the media because they supposedly summarize an entire issue concisely. People have gotten used to sound bites and they have now become the new encyclopedia of knowledge on an issue despite the fact that they are often shallow, oversimplified and inflammatory in nature. In this sound bite world, people don’t like going into depth on an issue and prefer keeping the gory details to a minimum. In this sound bite world, Donald Trump is the perfect Presidential candidate.

Making headlines is Trump’s strong suit. Planning and follow through are his weaknesses. If you look at most of the things he says he will do if he gets in office they are shallow on details. He has been a great success in business but he is not running his presidential campaign like a business, unless you consider a circus a business that is applicable to governance. So far, his candidacy has done more to detract from the real substantive issues that should be discussed during this presidential campaign than it has to promote them.

The Office of The Presidency is a collaborative one. The Best Presidents have found a way to work with congress and get things done. It’s hard to imagine someone who owns a mega corporation and is used to telling people what to do, being effective in a position that requires working with people who don’t agree with you and having to constantly compromise. It’s hard to imagine someone who makes inflammatory and racist statements dealing effectively with the groups they have been insulting. It’s hard to imagine someone like that not making America the laughing stock of the entire world.

I guess the real proof of whether or not Donald Trump is effective at running for the Republican Candidate for President will come as the vote counts of State primaries are tallied. The proof of whether or not Donald Trump is effective at running for President will come during the Presidential Election of 2016 if he becomes the Presidential Candidate for the Republican Party. The answer to the question about whether or not Donald Trump is a racist can really only be answered by Trump himself. The answer to the question is he perceived as a racist is likely a resounding yes to a large number of people.

It has been said that running for the job of Presidency is different from actually being President. It has been said that people who win the job change. If Trump does win I hope to God that it is true for him because the Donald Trump I am seeing now is not Presidential material.

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