A Union That Went on Strike for Selfless Reasons

By The Prophet of Life

Most labor strikes are over wages and working conditions. A just concluded labor strike in the United States was about things way beyond salary. In fact, it was for things way beyond a typical labor contract.

The strike in question took place in Los Angeles California, Los Angeles Unified School District. United Teachers Los Angeles, the teacher’s union there was not striking over wages (the district already agreed to their salary demands in their best and final offer). They were on strike to ensure that every school in the district gets a full-time nurse, guidance counselors and librarians. Finally, they wanted class size reductions.

Los Angeles Teachers were off the job for an entire week.  They had been picketing in front of every one of the 1100 district schools. They marched on District offices and Charter School Headquarters. 50,000 people clogged downtown Los Angeles streets and marched to LAUSD headquarters. The district has about 30,000 teachers. The other 20,000 people were mostly parents and students.

It is not unusual for teachers picketing and marching to be assaulted with honking horns from cars passing by.  The drivers of these cars were everyday people, public bus drivers, firemen and policemen. The strike was supported by the people in many of the communities the teachers taught in because the district had cut a lot of counseling, nurse, librarian and support staff positions and raised class size.

In fact, most district schools only have a nurse just one day a week. Counseling caseloads range from a low of 500 to a high of 900 students per counselor. Elementary schools in the district don’t have librarians but they do have libraries. The district only allows smaller class sizes in core academic classes and this is mostly due to a state law requiring it. A few years ago, the district got a temporary waiver from the union to increase the class sizes but the district decided to make the increase permanent without the agreement of the union. There are classes in the district that are so jammed that there aren’t enough chairs for students and some have to stand for an entire semester.

The district has been undergoing takeover battle with corporate run charter schools. The schools can, under the law, use classrooms, resources and electricity in LAUSD public schools without paying a penny to compensate LAUSD. The district lost over 200,000 students to Corporate Charter School and Charter interests have funded LAUSD School Board candidates, as well as other local and statewide political offices, spending millions of dollars on those elections. The current LAUSD School Board is dominated by a pro charter majority.

The new LAUSD Superintendent, a former investment banker, is holding onto the district’s almost $2,000,000,000 (2 billion dollar) reserve. He is telling the public that the district needs the money to offset bankruptcy yet he is surrounded by new hires who reorganized other public school districts into all charter districts (like the New Orleans school district for example). Some say he is touting a plan to break the district into 26 mini districts with all of the beaurocracy & expenses associated with such a maneuver. It has been said that mini districts would be easier to charterize than the entire second largest school district in America.

After six days of picketing and giving up 30% of their monthly salary, striking teachers in Los Angeles may have achieved their goal. A deal has been struck which gives teachers the raise they wanted, lowers class size, provides more nurses, counselors, librarians and other support staff and gives teachers, parents and students more of a voice in their public education at the district.

Public education in America has been underfunded for years. There have been a good many teacher strikes in the past year, mostly over wages. Most were successful but didn’t achieve the total increase the teachers struck for. In Oklahoma for example, a large number of teachers quit the profession when the strike ended without providing a raise in salary. However, many of the open state legislature seats up for grabs were won by former striking teachers and in Oklahoma’s case, money will eventually be raised for teachers through a tobacco tax.

Starting teacher salaries in The United States range from a low of just above $30,000 in Montana to a high of close to $52,000 in New Jersey. Teacher salaries differ because in many red (Republican majority) states. A good number of these states are called “right to work” states. In Right to Work States, teachers do not have collective bargaining rights and teacher salaries are set by state legislatures.

The Los Angeles Teacher’s Strike has garnered national and even international attention. Pressure from the city’s mayor and state’s governor forced the district back to the negotiating table. UTLA called their strike the fight to save public education. The fact that 30,000 teachers struck and gave up 30% of their monthly salary solely to force the district to provide things for students that they should be providing already has people all over America thinking that this could be the strike that caused a change in the national consciousness.

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A High School in China Bans Public Feeding

By The Prophet of Life

Despite the non romantic, regimentation of society in the People’s Republic of China, romance still blooms. It is common for males and females in a relationship to feed each other publicly. This is not only true for adults but for students in high schools across the nation as well. This could be changing if one High School Principal has his way.

Principal Li Xinnian, of The Ruyang Experimental High School in Henan Province in The People’s Republic of China has instituted a pilot program to stop the practice of students feeding each other in his school. Last week the school began segregating males and females. A red line and assigned seating separates males from females. Monitors patrol the seating areas and take photos of any infractions of the policy including mixed seating and feeding.

Principal Li stated his reasons for instituting the policy publicly. He said that it is not a stand against romance in general but an effort to eliminate romance from his school. He feels romance is a bad influence and detracts from the reason a student is in school, to study and learn.

He added insights into the humanity of the policy by stating “If we find students violating the policy we simply pull them out and give them a good talking to instead of criticizing them in front of the whole school.”

The population in China has doubled since the communist revolution, from about 542,000,000 in 1949 (the year the communist state was declared in China) to over 1.3 billion now. It is therefore safe to say that romance must exist in China but if the example made by one high school principal spreads, romance could go completely underground.

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Teenage Mysteries of Life Solved.

By The Prophet of Life

You know how your parents are always telling you not to do things, but they never tell you why? They tell you things like work hard, get good grades, respect others, be careful of the company you keep and stay away from drugs and alcohol. All your mysteries are about to be solved. This article is going to tell you why.

Parents tell you to work hard and get good grades because, for most societies across the globe, school is the path to upward mobility. Even the poorest of people from the poorest of families can move upward economically, socially and intellectually by getting a good education. Going to a good school can help you develop into a more disciplined, well versed, well rounded person. Going to the right school could get you powerful connections that will help you advance in the future. People without money or connections can get into the right school but only through excellent grades. Graduating will be the key to a good job. A good job is the key to economic advancement.

Parents tell you to respect others. They tell you this because people who don’t respect others don’t get respect themselves. If you get a job and don’t show your colleagues and customers respect you won’t have a job for long. Gangsters and criminals don’t get respect. They think they do but what they actually get is fake respect to their faces while people are laughing at them behind their back. This is because they have no job and no future. They don’t respect anyone. They give intimidation through fear and have to carry a weapon to get the fear. That’s pretty sad.

Parents tell you to be careful of the company you keep. This is because you are judged by the company you keep. If you hang around with the brainiacs, people think you are one of them. People will think you are smart. If you hang around people who cus a lot, you will end up cussing a lot. If you hang around thugs, people think you are a thug or a wanna be thug. When thugs are attacked by rivals guess who else suffers the consequences? You do. While the thugs have other thugs for backup, you’ve got nobody. If thugs commit crimes, and you hang with them you automatically become a suspect. Suspects can sometimes be arrested and even charged with a crime. Even if you aren’t convicted, you may still get a reputation. One that may follow you into your adult life.

Parents tell you to stay away from drugs and alcohol. This is because drugs and alcohol are addictive. They can become the focus of your life while everything else, including more important things fall by the wayside. It’s difficult to concentrate in school when you are high. If you can’t concentrate, you can’t pass classes. If you can’t pass classes, you can’t graduate. If you don’t graduate, you can’t get a decent job. Before you know it, you will be in the workforce. If you are high all the time you won’t be able to keep a job. If you already have a reputation and even a nick name that indicates you are a druggie, its likely that it will follow you into the world of work. Who is going to hire a drug addict?

There are reasons that your parents tell you these things. They may not tell you what they are. Perhaps they don’t know how to tell you. The reasons may not be clear to them but the reasons are clear and they make logical sense. They are all based on caring. Your parents care about your future. They only want the best for you. They have lived longer than you and have more experiences with life than you do. They have learned from their own mistakes or from the mistakes of their friends. They may see you making some of the same mistakes and they are trying to save you the aggravation of suffering the consequences of those mistake.

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Update: Corruption, Scandal and Resignation at The School District Controlled by A Group of Billionaires

The FBI raided the headquarters of the School District (LAUSD) in the article at a behest of a Federal grand Jury Investigation into the possible misuse of public funds in a 1.3 billion dollar exclusive computer purchase with Apple Computers and Pearson Education. Public funds are supposed to be spent for contracts through an open bidding process. There appeared to be close ties between the Superintendent that resigned and executives at both Apple & Pearson which could have given them preferential treatment during the bidding process, if in fact, there was a bidding process.

FBI Agents seized 20 boxes of documents which included reports, contracts, agreements, meeting notes and agendas, consent forms, score sheets, notepads, notebooks and binders.

If incriminating evidence is found the former Superintendent (John Deasy), Members of The LAUSD Board of Education and executives from Apple and Pearson could face indictment. The Billionaires who financed them would likely never be indicted because, billionaires are never indicted. The current Superintendent The one mentioned in the original article as a likely successor, moved to suspend further roll out of the Ipads to 27 more schools.
See The Original Article:

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Corruption, Scandal and Resignation at The School District Controlled by A Group of Billionaires

By The Prophet of Life

I’m going to tell you a story about a school district I have been following. It’s a good sized district in the Western United States. For the past decade it has been struggling to wrest control away from a group of billionaires who have decided to spend money buying school board elections. The School Board races for this district are among the most expensive in the nation almost always costing millions of dollars to win a seat that pays about $50,000 a year.

A few years ago, the billionaires were able to put a Superintendent in place that would do their bidding in a big way. He called himself a Doctor but he got a doctorate with 9 units of work instead of the normal 45. He actively advocated spending a billion dollars to buy computers for the district using funds earmarked for improving buildings, while holding stock in the computer company. He also appeared to have given that company preferential status in the bidding for the billion dollar contract. When the local press grumbled about that, he sold the stock but its uncertain if he sold it outright at a tidy profit or if he sold it to a “friend” for $1 with the thought of buying it back at some advantageous point in the future.

This industrious Superintendent also hired a slew of outside contractors to solve a lot of district problems. He “improved” an already well functioning district attendance and record keeping system with a “New” more expensive one that never quite did what it was supposed to. He took a sex scandal at one school and turned it into a district witch hunt where he put teachers in district jail for being accused of anything by anybody. He also advocated and sponsored laws at the state level to instantly fire teachers for merely being accused of any wrongdoing without due process.

A typical example is a teachers put in teacher jail is a teacher who failed two students. The students accused him of hitting them in front of a class full of students. When school administrators interviewed the class full of “witnesses” none of them saw the teacher hitting anyone.. One of his two accusers retracted her statement and told an administrator that she and other student made up the story to get the teacher fired because he failed them. The teacher was cleared by the school administration but when the mother of the accusing student who didn’t recant her story showed up at a meeting with a Assistant Superintendent and complained, the teacher was put in teacher jail.

Today, that Superintendent is supposed to resign. The School Board members who’s elections were paid for by the billionaires and who collaborated with him are still in power. They are thinking of bringing in the guy that this Superintendent replaced as an interim Superintendent. He was forced to resign because he was being paid $100.000 a year extra as a “consultant” to a book company that the district buys books from. He was also accused to sexually harassing an employee who worked under him. The district still named a school after him. Until the School Board members who collaborated with the corruption of the resigning Superintendent are replaced, the corruption will not end with his departure.

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Malala Yousufzai Wins Nobel Peace Prize

By The Prophet of Life
She was on a school bus coming home from school. A man got on the bus. He asked other students to identify her. Then the man walked up to her and shot her in the head.

The girl’s name is Malala Yousufzai. The 14 year old Pakistani schoolgirl survived the attempted assassination by the Taliban. Why would the Taliban try to assassinate a 14 year old girl? Because they are afraid of her.

Why is the Taliban afraid of a 14 year old girl? Because she is not afraid to stand up for the right of girls in Pakistan to receive an education.

Malala had attended a school in Mingora Pakistan. Until the Taliban forced it to close. Then, she wrote a blog for the BBC under an alias. The Blog told the world about what it was like for a teenage girl to live under Taliban rule. The alias insured her safety because everyone knows bullies and cowards only strike out when they know the identity of those who stand up to them.

When her school was reopened, Malala began appearing on talk shows and public gatherings advocating for the right of girls to receive an education in Pakistan. The Taliban took this as a threat since they knew who it was they felt threatened by they struck at their defenseless target.

It takes a lot of courage for a grown man to shoot an unarmed 14 year old girl in the head. It takes a lot of fear to force a cowards hand and the Taliban sanctioned

this cowardly act. I call upon the Nation of Pakistan to provide an education for all of its females as well as all males. I call upon the people of Pakistan to defy the corrupt overtures and attempted rule of thugs & cowards. They may claim to represent Allah but they do not. For Allah NEVER uses cowards and thugs to make his will known. I call upon the people of the world to unite in their resolve and take action to stop this from happening not only in Pakistan, but in every nation of the world. I pray to God for Malala’s swift recovery and I pray to Allah for justice in Malala’s name and for all the other unnamed girls like her who
are suffering because of similar injustices. Malala has since recovered and she has spoken about her cause before the United Nations. Today the now 17 year old now won the Nobel Prize of Peace.

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Is There a Global Cell Phone Addiction Epidemic?

By The Prophet of Life

{Editors Note: This article was written before Associations of Psychology Professionals began classifying Cell Phone Addiction as a Psychological Disorder. It is both profound and chilling in its prophecy}.

Recently, a restaurant in New York City wanted to find out why they were getting bad reviews. The reviews mostly focused on two areas, long wait times and cold food. They suspected their staff might be slower than they used to be. They engaged a security company to review their digital security footage and find out what was causing the problems that were being complained about. The security company personnel analyzed the digital footage of a typical lunch hour at the restaurant by comparing it to a security tape from 2004 to see if they could detect any differences.

In the 2004 tape, customers were seated promptly, and handed a menu. The customers averaged 8 minutes of looking at the menus. The Wait Staff, attuned to this fact came over within an average of one minute of customers closing their menu. Orders were taken in an average of 30 seconds per customer. The food began to be cooked within 6 minutes of the order and was served an average of 15 minutes after that. The customers finished their meals and left the restaurant. The whole process from seating to leaving to an average of 55 minutes.

The 2014 digital recording showed some startling differences. Customers generally had to wait for a table longer because people spent longer at the tables. Customers were seated and handed menus. Most customers spent at least five minutes engaged with their cell phones before even opening their menus. While they are looking at their menus they are still engaged with their cell phones. Waiters come to the table asking if they are ready to order, most people ask for more time. When people finally order an average of 21 minutes after they had been seated, they continue engaging with their cell phones. When the food comes, most people take photos of it and of themselves and their friends posing with the food. Many send the food back because by the time they decide to eat it, it is cold. Many waiters spend many extra minutes with customers answering their questions about the Restaurants WIFI, being shown things on customer cell phones or taking several photos of customers with the customers cell phones. Which impacts the Wait Staffs ability to serve other customers. The average customer spends almost two hours in the restaurant.

We have become a world of people addicted to cell phones. We carry them everywhere. We rarely divert our glances from them. We make calls but spend more time texting, surfing the internet, streaming music or videos and taking or reviewing photos. How often do you hear about car accidents caused by people texting while driving? If we, as a race, the human race, don’t wean ourselves off of this addiction you can expect a lot of changes in the way things are done.

It will become normal for people not to talk to one another face to face. It will become normal for people to get their news from You Tube or blogs instead of credible news organization. It will be normal for parents to give their toddlers a cell phone and leave them unattended for hours at a time. It will become normal for school districts to replace the focus of education on teachers and on cell phones while students of all ages are texting, sexting. Cyber bullying or surfing pornography in their classrooms.  It will become normal for airline pilots and bus drivers to surf the internet, watch movies and text while driving. It will become normal for firefighters to finish viewing that you tube video or texting someone before entering a burning building. It will become normal for doctors to text while operating on patients.

People will grow apart from one another. People will have a diminished capacity at their work. People will have diminished enjoyment of their lives. They will lose precious time which could be spent playing sports, writing a great work of literature or curing a disease. If you don’t think that this article pertains to you, or that you aren’t addicted to your cell phone, try going without your cell phone for one week.

See if you last the week and if you do, see how often you think about what you are missing out on without your cell phone because with it, you are missing out on your life.

In true Faith,
The Prophet of Life

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