Ringleader of the Paris Friday the 13th Attacks Killed During A Police Raid in a Paris Suburb

By The Prophet of Life

Paris France—

French authorities have announced that Abdelhamid Abaaoud , the mastermind and ringleader of the Friday the 13th terror attacks in Paris was among the two dead after a raid in a Paris suburb on Tuesday. His body was so riddled with bullets it was not recognizable. It was identified by DNA taken from saliva samples in what was left of his mouth.

Abaaoud was an ISIS Operative who moved freely between nations. He had a large following and was even featured in the ISIS magazine. He was also suspected of masterminding the failed attack of a train from Brussels to Paris just months ago. That attack was foiled by three Americans who , bare handedly subdued a man with an AK47 walking past them on the train.  Abaaoud  spent time in jail with the brother of  Salah Abdeslam, the terror suspect from the attacks still at large. Abdeslam was allowed to enter Belgium by a policeman at a checkpoint after the Paris attack because “His papers were in order”.

Acting on a witness testimony and phone surveillance, nine dozen French Policemen in battle armor and ski masks stormed an apartment building in the Paris Suburb of St. Denis on Tuesday. Their target, was, Abdelhamid Abaaoud the Belgian national, suspected to be the mastermind behind the Friday the 13th terror attacks in Paris less than a week earlier.  They moved in on one apartment with little resistance. Information from that apartment led them to another apartment building down the street.

An exchange of gunfire erupted. Armed resistance from the building thwarted police efforts to gain entry for about 2 and one half hours. Over time, the police inched ever closer to the apartment in question. As they entered an explosion rocked the apartment. A woman, who was with the group of terrorists blew herself up, her intestines creating a hideous new wallpaper. When it was over, two of the terrorists including the female suicide bomber, were dead and seven people were detained. No policemen appear to have been killed.

The police stated that the raid was “Right on time”. Evidence gathered at the two apartments showed that the terrorists were about to move on another target, possible in a Paris Business District. St. Denis is the Paris suburb where the stadium that hosted the Friday the 13th Soccer Match is located. Three bombings took place near the stadium, one terrorist with a helium tank filled with nails was attempting to gain entry to the stadium where French President Hollande was in attendance at the soccer match. Polce have not identified any of the terrorists and it not known at this time whether Abaaoud was among the dead or detained.

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A Lawsuit That Could Ruin Spokeo, Google and Facebook

By The Prophet of Life

Have  you ever Googled yourself? If not, have you ever searched your name and found information on yourself? Was that information totally accurate or did you find some things that were incorrect? A case before the U.S. supreme Court today may change the face of background checks and web searches.

In a case that went before the U.S. Supreme Court recently, A man named Thomas Robins is suing Spokeo for publishing false information about him. This is despite the fact that he cannot prove there was any actual damage to him as a result of that publication.  Can he really do that, you ask? He can if he has grounds. According to the Ninth Circuit Federal Court he does have grounds.

One day, six years ago, Robins found his profile on Spokeo. It stated that he was a wealthy, married man in his fifties with a degree and a couple of children. Robins, however, was a unemployed single man in his mid twenties. Robins was outraged that Spokeo could have gotten his information so completely wrong. He saw the potential consequences if prospective employers or romance partners looked up the same profile.

Robins filed suit under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a law passed by congress in the 1970’s. The law states that credit reporting must be fair and accurate. The Ninth Circuit Court ruled that Robins does have grounds because he filed suit as a violation of the law and a violation of the law is still a violation whether or not there is any harm. Spokeo as well as Google, Facebook and a myriad of other reporting, commerce, social networks and web based data firms have long been operating using the logic that actual harm as a result of incorrect information had to be proven are all contesting the Ninth Court Ruling and the entire data mining industry is anxiously awaiting the results of this case as it appears before the Supreme Court. One reason is, Robins filed it as a class action suit.

Upon hearing arguments in the case, the Supreme Court Justices seem to be split. The Four conservative Justices seem to be leaning towards the arguments taken by data brokers, that actual proof of harm must be demonstrated, that there must be concrete proof of an injury.  This was illustrated by Justice Alito who made a statement that the plaintiff only showed speculative harm during inquiry of the plaintiff in which he asked if there was proof that any one other than Robins had seen his Spokeo profile. Chief Justice Roberts also stated that the court has a legion of cases which say a plaintiff must have an actual injury to have standing to bring suit.

The Liberal four Justices seemed, by their questioning and statements, to be more sympathetic towards Robins cause. Justice Kagan indicated she would view finding erroneous information about herself online as a concrete injury. Justice Sotomayor agreed that there was potential injury if potential dates looked up Robin’s profile and saw that he was “married” even if it wasn’t true.  Justice Kennedy, the usual swing vote on split cases, asked questions to lawyers on both sides of the issue and asked if credit reporting agencies might have less lattitude than other agencies to argue that a person wasn’t harmed by the misreported information.

The question at the heart of this case is constitutional; whether or not Congress can pass a law which gives people the right to sue and win damages even if they haven’t suffered any provable, concrete harm. The corporations who have been getting away with publishing erroneous information say that congress cannot pass any such law. They say that violation of a statute should not be considered as a harm in any court and that Congress cannot pass a law that allows it to be.

Robins and consumer advocacy groups believe differently. They believe that violation of a statue in and of itself, does constitute harm. They believe that Congress does have the right to pass laws that reflect this and that all laws involving consumer protection reflect this.

If Robins wins, it could send reverberations throughout the internet. Every social media network and data mining company could be sued by people who they have published incorrect information on. All of these people could literally join the lawsuit. Further, any companies that sell information, (like Spokeo does), could in turn be sued by individuals and companies who paid for information and got some false information.

If he loses, especially if the Supreme Court rules to limit lawsuits by consumers, every consumer loses. The corporations will continue doing business as usual. They will continue to publish erroneous information on you and me and we will have fewer avenues to stop them. The big money, big corporate bullies will win and the rest of us will be laying bloody on the playground of life.

This one little lawsuit, could bankrupt entire corporations, keep entire law firms in business and change data collection and verification policies throughout the nation. It could do one more thing. It could make sure that those collecting data on you get it right and possibly force companies that collect data on you to get your permission and a signed release from you in order to publish your information because if the company is reputable that will be the only way it can insure that you won’t sue them into the stone age if they get something wrong.

Sometimes, congress passes laws that actually protect us. It would be nice if suing to enforce them yields tangible results. Mr. Robins, I, for one am rooting for you.

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The Kentucky Clerk who Refuses to Issue Marriage Licenses to Gay People

By The Prophet of Life

In The State of Kentucky, there is a County Clerk named Kim Davis. Citing religious beliefs against Gay marriage, she has refused to issue marriage licenses to gay people since the U.S. Supreme Court voted to uphold the rights of same sex couples to legally wed in June. Davis has been taken to court, she has faced fines and even jail time but she has not backed down. Gay marriage is now The Law in America but Kim Davis has stirred up a firestorm of controversy over her action of inaction.

Davis is the cause celeb for conservatives and religious zealots across the nation applauding Davis for her conviction. They admire her for standing firm to her beliefs and not caving in to public or media pressure. They send her emails and letters of support. Some even consider her a hero.

Davis is reviled by liberals as a bastion of discrimination, who has been using taxpayer monies to deny citizens their legal rights. Liberals have had a field day with facts about Davis that have recently come to light. Like the fact that she, herself had been married four times. Liberals applaud the fact that her appeals through the courts have been denied and that she could now face fines or jail time.

All the while, the media has been lapping the story up. Reporters have dug into Davis’ past, interviewed both liberals and conservatives about Davis and the issue she represents. Editorials have been written about Davis and countless blogs have discussed the subject as well. No matter where you stand on Davis or the issue of Gay Marriage one thing is certain. It’s all a pile of crap.

Everyone involved in this case, from Davis, to her government employer, to the courts, the media, religious leaders, public officials and the bloggers, have made much ado about nothing because the issue is not Gay Marriage or religious conscience. The issue is insubordination. When an employee refuses to do part of their job for any reason, after being directed to, they are insubordinate and subject to termination of employment. That is what should have happened the first day Davis refused to issue a marriage license. Instead, the incompetence of her supervisors have turned the whole Davis case into a public spectacle.

If Davis worked for Mc Donald’s as a cook, and suddenly refused to make burgers after she was ordered to because she decided to become a vegetarian or converted into a Hindu, she would likely be terminated immediately. In America there is freedom of religion but case law proves that practicing religion in the workplace, especially if it interferes with your job duties and gives you an “excuse” not to do the job you are being paid for, are grounds for dismissal. It’s okay to have God in your heart but not to put your version of god into corporate products.

Davis should have been unceremoniously fired in June. If she had been, all of this waste of time, money and effort could have been avoided. Meanwhile, people are starving, wars are raging, global warming is bringing humanity closer to the end of life as we know it and the press is wasting its time and ours covering this story. Davis is being paid taxpayer dollars not to do her job. The County she works for is exposing itself to law suits over discrimination. People who love each other are being denied what the federal law allows them. It’s time for America and the world to get off of this topic and focus on something that really matters.

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A Blessing in Disguise

By The Prophet of Life

Have you ever had something bad happen to you, only to find out later that it was actually a blessing in disguise? Bad things happen to good people all the time but it while some hold on to the pain caused by bad things like it was a precious jewel, allowing that pain to hold them back from trying new experiences, others let it go and move forward with their lives.

It has been written that everything happens for a reason. It is true, everything does happen for a reason it’s just that the person it is happening to often doesn’t know what the reason was at the time things are happening to them. The reason usually only becomes clear in hindsight, after the incident has long passed and some perspective can be achieved.

So, what is the difference between the people who are devastated by the bad things that happen to them and those who seem to move beyond the trauma associated with the incident quickly? The people who move on quickly are often people in one of three categories: they are people of faith, spiritual people or people with a positive outlook.

People of faith often move beyond the bad things that happen to them because they have been taught through their religion that God watches over and protects them. They have a holy book, filled with stories and parables which illustrate this point. They have religious authorities that they can go to for guidance. They have a community of people who believe as they do, who they can count on for support. They move forward with the help of other people of faith as a member of a caring community.

Spiritual people believe in a higher power. They believe that higher power is ultimately   good and that bad things are a part of life. They seek to learn the lesson that the bad thing was sent to teach them. They move forward because they know that the bad thing

That just happened to them happened for a reason. They may not know the reason just yet but knowing that it happened for a reason gives them the strength to move forward.

People with a positive outlook on life may not have religion. They may not even believe in higher power. They are strengthened by their honest belief that good things can come out of bad and that every cloud has a silver lining. They may also be bolstered by thoughts of how much worse the bad thing could have been and count themselves as fortunate that the bad thing wasn’t a worse thing. They may also believe that something better is just around the corner. They move forward to get to that something better.

Are you in any of the three groups described above? Do you have a holy book, religious authorities and a community behind you? Do you believe that everything happens for a reason and search for the lesson in the event? Do you believe that every cloud has a silver lining?  Or…are you a combination of two or more of these three types? If so, congratulations, you have evolved a coping strategy for the bad things that happen in life. If you do not fall into one of the three categories mentioned, what is your coping strategy? How has it been working for you? Do you let the bad things that happen to you hold you back or do you move forward beyond them? The next time something bad happens to you and trust me, something bad will happen to you sooner or later, remember the type of people that move beyond the bad things that happen to them and see what you can use that will work for you.

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Karmic Reincarnation Families

By The Prophet of Life

Have you ever met someone that you unexplainably drawn to? Someone whom you hardly knew or never met before, who you instantly trust and feel like you have known them for years? Have you ever met anyone who you instantly get a bad feeling about? These may not be merely feelings but manifestations of one school of reincarnation that believes not only are you reborn into a new body but that you are also reborn into the same group of souls y that have been like a family to you for many lifetimes. I call this a Karmic-Reincarnation Family. I will now discuss this as an offshoot of the concept of Spiritual DNA which was revealed to me many years ago (See my Speaking Tree Article “Spiritual DNA”).

A Karmic-Reincarnation Family is a group of souls that are familiar with one another. They have been together for many lifetimes. They often change roles in relation to one another. Someone who was another’s daughter in a past life is their mother in this life. Someone who was someone’s father in one life is their sister in this life. Someone who is another’s boss in this life was murdered by them in another life. There are many different combinations and they aren’t always members of the same family but can be ,members of a group of families, often living in the same area where they had in other lifetimes.

Karmic-Reincarnation Families manifest themselves in human behaviors. A daughter who is more mature, and clear headed than their mother could have been the mother in a past lifetime, to the one who is their mother in this lifetime. A sister who is very bossy or controlling to her sibling in their current incarnation could have been their father in a past lifetime. A boss who is particularly cruel to one particular employee who never seems to be able to leave that bosses employ in a current incarnation may have murdered the one who is their boss in a past lifetime.

So why are souls in Karmic families that swap positions within relationships from one incarnation to the next? Because souls take a journey through many lives and life is a learning experience. The group of souls that are in your Karmic-Reincarnation Family are on the journey with you. You are supposed to learn from each other. If one has done you wrong in one lifetime, you are given a position of power over them in another lifetime. Do you seek revenge or do you show them forgiveness and compassion? This is how you are tested. The beauty of it is that you have no physical memory of the events from a past life that cause you to feel a certain way about another person but your spirit does have a psychic memory through Spiritual DNA.

This can help humanity understand another concept that was revealed to me, the concept of Unity of Prophecy. The five Prophets of the five major religions, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam each in their turn, gave similar messages which emphasized different aspects of God to help humanity understand God. Think of the concept of Karmic-Reincarnation families in terms of the Jewish Ten Commandments, the Christian Doctrine of forgiveness the Islamic tradition of

So look at the people in your life. Is there anyone who are always mad at but don’t quite know why? Are these people who you are unexplainably attracted to or repelled by? Is there someone who is cruel towards you but you can’t figure out why? It could be that they are in your Karmic-Reincarnation Family and it could have to do with something that was done in a past life.

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Train Wreck Movie Theater Shooting New Details About The Killer Emerge

By The Prophet of Life

A 58 year old white male dressed in khaki shorts and a white polo shirt walked into auditorium 14 at Grand 16 Movie Theater in Lafayette Louisiana during a screening of the movie Train wreck. He entered the theater about 20 minutes into the film and began shooting. The man didn’t say anything. No one screamed. Patrons in the theater called 911. Within minutes, the screens in all of the theaters went black and patrons were ushered to the exits. Dozens of sirens blared  as police officers, Sheriffs Deputies and ambulance crews swarmed onto the scene.

There were only 25 people in the auditorium showing Train Wreck, the shooter shot his semi-automatic pistol 13 times. ten  patrons were wounded. Some of the wounded have life threatening injuries. At least three people died including the shooter, John “Rusty” Russell Houser, 58, Mayci Breaux, 21, and Jillian Johnson, 33.  Houser tried to flee, attempting to blend in with the crowds leaving the theater, his  1995 blue Lincoln Continental was parked near a theater exit for a quick escape, but when he reached the lobby, he saw police arriving.  He turned around, returned in Auditorium 14, reloaded his gun and committed suicide.

Lafayette is a small town 50 miles from Baton Rouge. it is the type of town where everyone knows their neighbors. Everyone seemed to know someone that worked at the theater. Unconfirmed reports include Aries marine CEO Bo Ramsey among the wounded. Aires marine is a boat manufacturing company based in Lafayette. A Haz-Mat team was called to the theater and media was escorted to a perimeter. it is unknown at this time why Haz-Mat was called in.

Chilling surveillance video shows Houser calmly buying a ticket, strolling through the Grand 16 lobby and walking down a hallway which led to auditorium 14. A flurry of 911 calls Flooded local cell phone towers as people from all over the Grand 16 complex called in as shots were being fired. Conflicting information from the 911 callers made it difficult for police to actually know what the shooter looked like. One caller described the shooter as wearing a hat and baggy jacket. Another, from within auditorium 14 stated that the shooter was shooting directly at patrons in the auditorium.

Investigators looking into Houser’s background found that he had mental issues. He had been arrested for arson in Georgia, denied a gun permit in 2006 and was evicted from his Alabama home in 2014 due to his angry outbursts. Houser, before he left the property disconnected the gas line to the fireplace, a trick used by arsonists to cause a gas explosion.

Comments he made on Facebook called the U.S. a modern day Rome and a “Financially Failing Filth Farm” He stated that the U.S. will die soon. He likened America’s future to scenes from the movie Mad Max. He registered with the Tea Party Nation page and expressed admiration for Golden Dawn, a Greek Nationalist political party that advocates for the purity of the Greek race and deportation of all immigrants especially Muslims. Many have called them a Neo-Nazi group. There is no evidence that Houser went to any of his online haunts since he was evicted from his home.

Houser also appeared to be for white power groups, against mass media and believed that the American government censors both the media and the internet, pointing in one particular case to what one gets when googling white power groups, according to Houser, complaints about racism and not the addresses and phone numbers  of white power groups.

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Things you Might not Know About The 4th of july

By The Prophet of Life

It’s the 4th of July, have a picnic or a BBQ, watch some fireworks, enjoy a day off from work. That’s not how it has always been. The Fourth of July is also called independence day. While most nations celebrate their independence day on the date of a major battle or the date their oppressors surrendered, the U.S. celebrates their independence day on the day they declared it. Actual independence was achieved until more than 7 years later in September of 1783 when the Treaty of Paris gave the U.S. its independence.

Origins of 4th of July Traditions

Before America declared its independence, it was traditional in America, a British colony, to celebrate the birthday of the British monarch. Activities for these celebrations included bonfires, the ringing of bells, processions and speech making. During the actual revolutionary war, patriots designed early independence day celebrations to mock these traditions. They held mock funerals for Britain’s George III symbolizing the end of the monarchs hold on America. Celebrations included concerts, bonfires, parades, the firing of muskets and cannons and the reading of The Declaration of Independence the document where American leaders formally declared their nation’s independence from Britain.

After the U.S. gained its independence, celebrations in major cities added speeches by political leaders emphasizing unity. in the early 1800’s when the u.S. government began the two party system, each political party held a different celebration. When the War of 1812 came along, it once again highlighted the need for unity. Francis Scott Key, a prominent lawyer and budding songwriter was inspired by the bombing of fort McHenry in Baltimore MD to write the American National Anthem The Star Spangled Banner. Fireworks are meant to symbolize the bombs bursting in air over Fort McHenry in The Star Spangled Banner.

Other Facts About The 4th of July

American Independence Day, set at The Fourth of July was made a federal holiday in 1870. In 1941, Congress made it a paid holiday for federal employees. On July 4th 1826, exactly 50 years from the day the Declaration of Independence was signed, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, the only two men who signed it and later became U.S. Presidents died. Many military bases celebrate Independence Day by having a 50 gun salute to the nations at noon. Each gun fired off in the salute represents one of the fifty states in the union.

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Insight into the Greek Debt Crisis

By The Prophet of Life

Greece has come to an agreement with the European Union banks that send 96 billion dollars it way to will help it pay its bills into the foreseeable future. The agreement will likely keep Greece in the European Union for the time being, but at what cost?

The Greek Government wanted debt cancellation. It got eased terms with longer grace periods, the full debt must be repaid. Greece must also agree to cut government services, pensions and impose higher taxes. It must sell some of it’s state owned assets like airports and utilities. Greece will also have to allow The European Union to send monitors to make sure that the proceeds from the sales of Greek National Assets are put back into repaying its debt to the European Central Bank (ECB).  The Greek Parliament must approve these measures by Wednesday July 15, 2015.

Greece has already lost any opportunity to get more capital from The International Monetary Fund (IMF) due to its default in early July. They can only get technical support, no money. All banks in Greece will remain closed until the deal is approved by Parliament if it is not, banks will likely remain closed for some time longer.

The vote in Greece on July 5th which had The Greek People rejecting the proposed Eurozone bailout plan came as a surprise to everyone except The Greek People. Greek banks shall remain closed most if not all of this week. The IMF, issued a statement indicating that although Greece will still qualify to get technical support, they will not be allowed to access any money as they defaulted on the loan the IMF gave them.

The prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, told both the IMF and The ECB, that capital controls in Greece must be lifted, His words are falling on deaf ears as far as the IMF is concerned and The ECB is responding by telling him to come up with a counter proposal which would repay the monies the ECB has lent Greece by the end of the week. Most of the EU nations are anxious about what Greece will do and The Greek People are anxious about how they are going to pay their bills.

Greece has had financial problems for a long time. Greece is a member of the European Union that also participates in the Euro, Greece has never adhered to the debt levels allowed by the European Central Bank.  The ECB and IMF have been bailing Greece out for years. The ECB has forced Greece to suffer through austerity measures to help shore up its economy. Austerity measures cut government services, cut pensions and caused massive layoffs in government employees and forced The Greek People to pay more taxes and get less services.

In January, Greece held national elections. The Greek People had a choice between a conservative government that would continue to impose austerity measures and a liberal government that would resist them. The Greek People chose the liberal government. Ever since then, that government has been engaged in a tug of war with the ECB and IMF on repayments of loans made to Greece.

Greece paid back a 450 million Pound Sterling loans in April and another $225 million IMF loans in May. Loan terms required Greece to pay 3% of their Gross National Product (GNP), this year and 4.5% of their GNP next year should they post a budget surplus. When Greece threatened to default on loan repayment in June members of the ECB and IMF proposed a compromise which would allow Greece to pay 1% this year and 2% in 2016. The Greek Government seeking relief from the suffering of its people, offered to pay 0.8% of its GNP this year and 1.5% of its GNP next year.

Greek banks have been closed for more than a  week. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras left the decision on how to proceed up to the Greek People and scheduled a nationwide referendum for July 5, . The referendum asked The People of Greece to decide whether or not to accept the austerity bailout plan proposed by the ECB and the IMF. He advocated for a vote to reject the bailout plan and said he would resign if The Greek People did not vote his way. The People of Greece divided  into two camps, those voting for austerity asking Greeks to  Vote for Unity (with the EU) group and those voting to break away from the austerity measures imposed by the IMF and ECB. That side also advocates for Greece to ditch The Euro and go back to a sovereign national currency.

Saddled with debts 178% of its GNP to the European central bank and IMF its likely that Greece will take years to repay the debt if ever. If Greece defaults on the payments it owes, it is likely it will be voted out of the European Union by other member nations.

If Greece leaves the EU they may escape repayment of most if not all of the debt but the value of Greek assets will fall, inflation will skyrocket and unemployment will run rampant. Trade partner nations will also be affected as will the nations in the EU with weaker economies as they come under increasing pressure to repay loans they took to shore up their economy. The European nations which put up the money for loans to Greece (primarily France and Germany), will have to take the hit on that money.

Greece could have an economic advantage in trade with a weaker economy. The biggest obstacle to this advantage comes from the fact that  when nations joined the EU there was only a plan for converting their independent state currency to Euros not for converting from the Euro to an independent state currency if they were to exit.

Greece is a great nation but it is currently in great economic distress. Their distress will likely spread to other nations and could have ripple effects on the economies all across the globe. As the fall of 2007 showed us, one nations problems affect people everywhere. Wherever you live, Greece’s crisis is your crisis because no matter where you live, it will affect you.

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The U.S. Becomes the 23rd Nation to Legalize Gay Marriage

June 25, 2015 will go down as a historic day in human liberation. This is the day when The United States of America, through five of the nine members of its Supreme Court made a ruling that marriage between people of the same sex legal. This ruling allows people in a same sex marriage to enjoy all of the legal benefits of marriage just like those of the opposite sex who are married.

The United States has become the 23rd nation to legalize gay marriage joining with The Netherlands, 2001, Belgium, 2003,Canada, 2005, Spain, 2005, South Africa, 2006, Norway, 2009, Sweden, 2009, Portugal, 2010, Argentina, 2010, Iceland, 2010, Denmark, 2012, Brazil, 2013, England, 2013, France, 2013, New Zealand, 2013, Uruguay, 2013, Luxembourg, 2014, Scotland, 2014, Finland, 2015, Slovenia, 2015, The Republic of Ireland, 2015,and  Mexico, 2015. The United States Supreme Court decision adds 321 million people to the potential liberation pool. It also puts the total of the world population which offers this particular type of liberation over the 1 billion mark.

While there is indeed cause for celebration, it must be remembered that this only represents 10% of the nations in the world and 12% of the world’s population. These are also predominantly Christian nations. Not one Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu or Jewish nation has joined in this aspect of human liberation. There are 81 nations where homosexuality is illegal. In these 81 nations, people can be punished for love. Homosexuality is punishable by death in ten nations, Iran, Iraq, Mauritania, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates. In these ten nations, people can literally be put to death for love.

Those who have outlawed homosexuality have used their holy books to justify it. Those who have made it a cause to inflict the death penalty have as well. ISIS throws homosexuals off of high rise buildings. They use their pseudo religious rhetoric based on a psychotic invented religion that they claim is Islam. The fact that psychopaths like ISIS are killing homosexuals ought to show you how wrong it is. God does not and never has, condemned homosexuals. People do. Those who use what they claim to be God’s Word to do it are misinterpreting God’s word. They are, in fact, claiming to be God because only God can take a life for only God can give life.

While it is wonderful that the United States has joined with other nations in contributing to world liberation and human rights there is still work to be done. 10% of anything is significant but it still leaves 90% to go. The closer humanity gets to full human rights in every nation, the closer humanity gets to full human liberation. The closer humanity gets to full human liberation, the closer humanity gets to  knowing god. Celebrate today but continue the fight tomorrow.

In true Faith,

The Prophet of Life

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By The Prophet of Life

Today, June 21st is Father’s Day in America. Having spent time in America, I will take this day to write about fatherhood. My father left my mother after their divorce. My sister and I spent many years growing up in foster homes. I had no real father figure to look up to. I gravitated towards men who had qualities I admired so I could observe them and learn what manhood was about. A neighbor taught me how to tie a tie. A teacher taught me the importance of written expression. A boss taught me the importance of courtesy and developing a work ethic. All of these temporary surrogate fathers made an impact on me.

Then one day, I realized that there had always been one father figure present in my life all along. God. I know now that God is neither male nor female but when I was young, I needed a father figure, so for these purposes, God was a male. I thought about the kindness God bestows upon all beings. I worked on developing my innate kindness. I thought about how God works to right wrongs and I endeavored to use my writing ability as a tool to help right the wrongs in this world. I thought about how God loves all living beings and developed a sense of love for all things, people, animals, plants and even bugs.

I have known many men in my life. Some have abandoned their children. Others are excellent fathers. I try and influence those who have abandoned their children into get back into their children’s lives in any way they are able. I frequently praise the fathers who are excellent fathers. I really admire them. I applaud them. While they believe that they are doing a wonderful thing for their family, they are also doing a wonderful thing for humanity. Through parenting, they are shaping the future of humanity by developing great people who will contribute to humanity. Above all, they are doing God’s work.

Fathers are special people. Any man can be a sperm donor. It takes a great man to take the time, effort and devotion to be a father. To all the great fathers out there you are appreciated.  Enjoy your day.

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