Mass Shooting in San Bernardino

The Prophet of Life

A husband and wife drop their 6 month old daughter off at the wife’s mother’s house. They tell her that they have a Doctor’s appointment. This is how the greatest mass murder in the United States since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings began. 

14 people are dead and 18 are wounded in a mass shooting occurred today at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino California. The shooting occurred during a Christmas party being held by the San Bernardino County Public Health Department, which had rented a room at the Inland Regional Center. A man named Sayeed Farouk was identified by a witness from inside the Christmas party seemed nervous before angrily leaving the party. A man named Syed Farook is listed as an employee who works as an Environmental health Specialist in San Bernardino.

Twenty minutes after the man left, two people in body armor with long automatic assault rifles and ski masks burst into a Christmas party of 25-45 people and began shooting. They sprayed the room with 70 bullets and seemed to shoot people indiscriminately. As the shots were fired some of the wounded played dead. People in other parts of the building dove under desks, locked themselves into offices and barricaded in rooms trying to avoid being shot. The three men were seen fleeing the scene in a black Chevy SUV. Police are unsure if the massacre is a result of a workplace dispute or an act of terrorism.

Because police were not sure if active shooters were still in the center, firefighters set up triage on a nearby street. Ambulances and pickup trucks waited nearby to speed people to nearby hospitals for treatment. Screams and moans could be heard from the triage center.

A few hours later, police doing follow up on a lead, set up for surveillance outside of a house in nearby Redlands California owned by Farook’s Family. Without warning, a black SUV sped away from the location. Police pursued the SUV. Suddenly, the SUV stopped, a man got out and began shooting towards the police cars. Witnesses saw that man hit by returned police gunfire. Another suspect fled the scene from the passenger side of the SUV. Thousands of bullets, some coming from a helicopter overhead, riddled the SUV, flattening the tires and blew out some of the windows. The people inside the car shot 76 bullets at police and police returned with over 3,000 rounds. One police officer was injured as a result of a ricochet bullet. His injuries are not life threatening.

Police SUV’s moved in to block the SUV. Once suspect was dead outside of the vehicle near the driver’s side door. Another one was in the back of the car, injured and holding a gun. Officers waited to offer that suspect assistance as they weren’t sure if the person was going to shoot at them or if the car was wired with explosives. That person has since died. One of the dead suspects in and by the SUV was male and one was female. NBC News announced that the dead male suspect was Syed Farook 28, and CBS Evening News announced that Syed Farook worked at the Inland Regional Center. Police have now confirmed that. The dead female was his wife Tashfeen Malik, 27. Police swept the Regional Center for a potential bomb and are sweeping the SUV and the house in Redlands.

Police searched for the suspect that may have run from the SUV. A shirtless man was swept into a police car. That person has been detained. Police also thought a suspect was in a church and then moved to a blue house where witnesses said they saw a man in dark clothing and body armor jumping over the fence behind. Police have determined that that that house is clear of any people but they are cautiously sweeping that building, the church and the SUV for explosives. They are using robots to assist in this task. Police are still not sure if the suspect that they believe ran from the SUV has been captured or is still at large.

An explosive device was found in the conference room where the mass shooting took place and in the SUV where the police engaged Farook and Malik in a shootout. Farook and Malik’s guns were obtained legally. The explosive devices were of the crude homemade variety. A later sweep of their apartment revealed over 4,500 bullets and 12 pipe bombs as well as bomb making equipment. Preliminary checks of Syed’s computer reveal that he was in contact with terrorism suspects both domestically and internationally. He also viewed ISIS propaganda online. There is also a possibility that Sayed made a trip to Pakistan as well as Saudi Arabia when he was visiting Malik when she was his fiancée.

Some experts have speculated that the massacre may have been an example of a hybrid workplace jihad where someone gets mad at co-workers and massacres people at their workplace. There is a danger in this type of branding. Just because the killers were Arabic and Muslim does not mean that if the killing was a workplace dispute killing, it should be branded as a jihad. If the killing was a terrorist act then call it that but don’t call a workplace killing a Jihad just because the killers are Muslim. 

Neighbors were questioned by police. One of them stated that they had seen some suspicious activities at the home where the SUV took off from. She had seen packages being delivered, activity in the garage and groups of middle eastern men visiting the home. They didn’t report any of the activity to police because they didn’t want to be seen as racist or as engaging in racial profiling. 

The 14 murdered by Farook and Malik ranged in age from26 to 60, they were: Isaac Amanios, 60, Robert Adams, 40, Bennetta Bet-Badal, 46, Harry Bowman, 46, Sierra Clayborn, 27, Juan Espinoza, 50, Aurora Godoy, 26, Shannon Johnson, 45, Damian Meins, 58, Tin Nguyen, 31, Nicholas Thalasinos, 52, Yvette Velasco, 27, Mike Raymond Wetzel, 37, Larry Daniel Kaufman, 42. Most of the dead were employees of San Bernardino County Environmental Health. Kaufman ran the Coffee shop at the Inland Regional Center.

Farook was an American and his wife was a Saudi national. They met online. His online dating profile said that he liked snowboarding, target shooting and reading religious books. He had recently traveled to Saudi Arabia to bring his wife back to America. His co-workers said that he seemed like a happy person, that he didn’t have any workplace beefs and that he seemed to be living the American Dream. 

The inland Regional Center serves over 30,000 people with developmental disabilities and has over 600 staff members. It offers counseling, job training and other services to people who are autistic, mentally retarded, and aphasic and other disabilities.


We pray for the victims.

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The New Face of War.

By The Prophet of Life


Terrorists attack civilian populations. Suicide bombers blow themselves up at a checkpoint. Bombs drop out of the sky decimating neighborhoods where an enemy is mixed in with civilians. Drones scream out of the sky blowing up on the windshields of cars carrying specific targets. These things are the new face of war.drone_2813285b (1)

Gone are the days of the boots on the ground. Gone are the days of two armies facing each other across a piece of landscape, dug into foxholes. Warfare is changing right before your eyes. It is nothing new, it has been changing for a long time.

Since the American Civil War, which is, by many, considered the first modern war, warfare has been constantly evolving. The American Civil War introduced iron ships, submarines, the bullet (replacing shot balls), air reconnaissance (via balloons), and, towards the end, repeating rifles. World War 1 introduced fighter planes, tanks and chemical warfare. World War 2 introduced flame throwers and nuclear bombs. The War in Viet Nam introduced fighting helicopter gun ships as a staple.

In all of this time and even since the dawn of human kind, warfare has gone from being upfront and personal to far away and impersonal. Now, with the advent of the drone, someone hundreds of miles away can direct a drone strike and never be in harms way, Warfare has and will become more like a video game, except the casualties are real.


Drone technology will continue to advance and in time governments will create drone with the same size and capabilities of military aircraft. Terrorist organizations will get their hands on the smaller drones like the ones the U.S. is using now. This will allow them the ability to blow up motorcades with world leaders or target them at sporting or other public events. They will, of course, continue to conduct sporadic strikes like the one in Paris this past weekend and blow civilian airliners out of the sky because they generate publicity and create an unparalleled chill factor in the minds of the general public of a nation.


Warfare that becomes increasingly impersonal carries with it, an additional danger. It creates a more impersonal world because it makes it easier to kill. The ability to kill without being harmed in return is nothing more than a video game. The Armies of various nations are recruiting kids who are good at military video games because they have the skills to create high kill ratios and they don’t give the casualties a second thought.  They have been numbed by years of playing video games. Death to them is not real. They don’t see the victims of their kills, they merely press reset and they are all wiped away.


When armies are populated by people who kill without regret, who kill without fear of being harmed themselves then war is reduced to a video game. Once this happens, the value of life is cheapened. The value of life becomes the casualty. Our ultimate humanity becomes a casualty along with it.

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The Virtue of Atheists and Non-Believers

By The Prophet of Life

I am a person of faith but I have friends who are of many different faiths. I have friends who are Agnostic. I have friends who are non-believers and friends who are atheists. There are many faiths which discourage having friends who are not of the same faith. There are many more faiths which discourage having friendships with atheists. They look at atheists as Godless people. I don’t look at atheists that way.

The atheists I know are good people. They love their families. They make sacrifices for their children. They help others. Atheists can test the faith of people of faith. They see people who are good but who do not believe in God and they wonder about why good people will burn in hell for all eternity. These people of faith however, are twisting their religion and giving God base human emotions which are diminishing God.

Non-believers and atheists don’t recognize the existence of God. Some are awaiting proof of God’s existence because they have not seen any in their lifetime. In truth, evidence of God exists everywhere but your reality is determined by your perception. Two people can see the same thing and see something different based upon their perception.

Let’s take, for example, despite the fact that we are a species similar to monkeys and apes, we have built magnificent cities and have invented things like cars, computers and rocket ships. A person of faith look at these things and sees God’s hand in them. A non-believer looks at this and sees natural evolution or a series of random events.

A non-believer looks at the horrifying natural and man-made disasters that occur and the disease, poverty and suffering in the world and cites them as proof God does not exist because, if God did exist, how could so many horrible things be allowed to happen? Some of them believe this because, it would be far more horrifying to believe that God does exist but that God is callous and uncaring.

People of faith look at the disasters, disease, poverty and suffering in the world and either see it as punishment, natural occurrences, obstacles or challenges put before us, or as part of God’s Mysterious Plan. Others see it as my followers and I do, God’s way of sending humanity a message: “Your brothers and sisters are hurting, what are you going to do about it?”

The interesting thing is that People of Faith, Agnostics, Non-Believers and Atheists all choose to help. They all contribute to help the poor, give relief to disaster victims, and cure disease. In so doing, they are acting as Agents of The Lord and replying to God’s message “I am helping them”.

Those who tell you that non-believers and atheists are going to hell are doing so more out of a need to convert or keep followers to their faith, through fear of eternal damnation then of anything God ever told The Prophets. It has been revealed to me that how you believe in God or whether or not you believe in God makes no difference to God. God is bigger than the human emotion of vengeful pride. Whether or not you believe in God, God believes in you. God is always with you and God communicates with you, through events and through others, whether or not you choose to hear God.

So, rest easy. You don’t have to convert to any particular religion because nobody has a monopoly on God. You can believe what you want without fear because God will still love you unconditionally. What culture or family or socio economic status or sexual orientation you were born into are unimportant to God. They are merely what you began with. You have a lifetime to play and learn and grow. The lessons you learn will enrich you, enrich all the lives you touch and enrich God. No matter what your faith, non-belief, or length of your life, we all contribute and in this way, every life has meaning and purpose.

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A Billion People Wake Up Like This, Do You?

Imagine yourself waking up to a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the birds are singing in the trees the air is crisp and smells sweet. Everything is perfect. The harmony of the crisp, sunshiny morning filled with the songs of birds is suddenly broken by a rumbling. It is not the rumbling of a passing truck, or an earthquake. It is the rumbling of your stomach.

The minutes creep by in painful slowness. Like honey dripping from an overturned spoon. But the honey is just a dream and the spoon is the memory that spilled the dream onto the hard concrete of reality.  Then, the pain of each endless minute is punctuated by the sound of the rumbling until it drowns out the birds, blocks pout the sun and turns the sweetness of the fresh morning scent into the stench of injustice. “Why me?” The words echo through your mind and add their voice to the soundtrack of your rumbling stomach.

Then another thought enters your mind “Must eat food!” Soon the rumbling in your stomach is joined by a pounding in your head. It pounds in rhythm to the rumbling in your stomach and the echo of why me and changes it into the wailings of a specter as what was just a thought becomes a plea and then a directive. But there is nothing to eat.

Welcome to every morning for wild animals, the homeless and the poor.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life

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First U.S. Ebola Case May Have Spread Due to Human Error

By The Prophet of Life

Dallas Texas- Thomas Eric Duncan, the first Ebola Case diagnosed in the U.S. reported to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas two days before he was brought there in an ambulance. Health care workers there didn’t communicate that he was from Liberia and that he had Ebola like symptoms, so he was sent home. During the two day period he came into contact with 15 people including school children, who in turn came into contact with about 80 others.

The relatives Duncan came to visit have been ordered not to leave their home under threat of criminal prosecution. All of the other people who came into contact with Duncan or the people who came into contact with him during that period are being sought for testing and monitoring.

This isn’t supposed to happen in a nation that boasted of a robust health care system and procedures in place to protect public health. True, there are isolation units at hospitals around the nation but all it takes is a simple miscommunication or some human error and a few people slipping through the cracks and you can end up with a traveling epidemic. A traveling epidemic has the potential to explode in nuclear proportions.

Hopefully all of the people who contacted Duncan and the people Duncan came into contact with will be found. Hopefully, no one is infected and if anyone is infected, they don’t slip through the cracks. Hopefully we are seeing an isolated incident that will a patient who will be cured and then fall off of the headlines instead of witnessing the beginnings of a nationwide epidemic.

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Nelson Mandela…

Nelson Mandela

“When Nelson Mandela was imprisoned the end of apartheid seemed an insurmountable goal. Yet he envisioned it. He chipped away at the rock hard resolve of apartheid until it crumbled beneath the weight of his righteousness.” The Prophet of Life

From: Nelson Mandela, How One Life Can Change The World by The Prophet of Life.

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A Peaceful Solution to the Syrian Crisis

Editor’s note: Today September 9, 2013, live from London U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry echoed the suggestion The Prophet of Life made in this blog and on it’s sister video when he stated that the path to ending this crisis is for Syria to “Turn over all of it’s chemical weapons to the international community”. We have been told that followers of The Prophet of Life sent the suggestion in this blog directly to White House staffers last week.

By The Prophet of Life 

     A recent chemical weapons attack which killed over 1,000 Syrian civilians should have triggered an international response. It didn’t.

The U.N. sent an inspection team to the area where the attack occurred after the Syrian government allowed it to go there long after the actual attack occurred. Syria claimed that rebel forces launched the chemical weapons attack. Which hit a rebel controlled area, at three o’clock in the morning, with missiles only a Nation State processes.

The United States tried vainly to put together an international coalition to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons caches. Few if any actual nations were willing to join the coalition. A recent Arab League vote urged international action against Syria but later added that any action could only come from the United Nations.

The United Nations hands are tied because any moves for aggression towards Syria will be vetoed (in effect stopped) by Russia Syria’s ally, which as a member of the U.N. Security Council has the right to make such a veto. The Syrian Ambassador to the U.N. has sent a formal letter asking UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon, to use the full power of the U.N. to protect Syria from any military aggression against it and push for a political solution.

My solution to this problem is simple. In keeping with the goal of the U.N. as Peacemaker, I think the U.N. should do just that but,  do it on the condition that Syria, to hand over, to the U.N., ALL of its chemical weapons, which the U.N. will, in turn, destroy.

There is no place for chemical weapons in the world today. I call on the U.N. Secretary General to demand Syria turn over ALL of its chemical weapons. In the name Peace and in the memory of the innocents who have been killed by chemical weapons. If the world continues to do nothing, their tragic and pointless deaths will have been in vain.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life

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