A Poem by The Prophet of Life


In a nation of two languages

Neither of them it´s own

Where the king of a democracy

Has his palace


The seat of power for the European Union

Where Intra-European deals are made

By movers and shakers

That speak many different languages


Where a modern Metro

Connects many parts of the city

In minutes


Where many Muslims live in a segregated section called Molenbeek


Where the Paris terror attack was plotted


Where people knew that one of the Paris terrorists was hiding

But no one told the police


Which has some sections even the police are afraid to enter

Out of FEAR

FEAR in the seat of power of the European Union

FEAR of a culture and languages unknown


Where a dual, divided culture exists

A culture of one religion

But two cultural generations

One of assimilated old timers

The other of expatriated youth

Who speak the same language

but fail to communicate with each other

and give rise to a fertile crop

Of easy terrorist recruits


Where a Paris terrorist was captured

But vowed further attacks


Which will shall henceforth be known

For a suicide terror attack

And bombs that blew up

An airport

And a metro stop


The seat of power for the European Union

Pockmarked by ISIS infiltration

With an infrastructure in panic


Now TORN between

The IDEAL of a FREE, Civil Society


of the Implementation


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ISIS Executioner Vaporized by a U.S. Killer Drone.

By The Prophet of Life

ISIS Executioner Jihadi John was vaporized yesterday when a U.S. Killer Drone struck a car he was driving in Al_Raqqah Syria. Jihadi John whose real name was Mohammed Emwazi, was the star executioner in several ISIS videos in 2014-2015. In each video, he was seen beheading different men. There were 28 men beheaded in the videos 21 Syrian, 3 American, 2 British and 2 Japanese citizens. The videos were both recruitment tool and propaganda videos meant to strike fear into the citizens of various nations.

Both U.S. President Obama and British Prime Minister Cameron made statements about their nation’s long reach and longer memories. Drone technology is increasing the kill rate of second rate terrorists like Emwazi and U.S. Tow Missles are wiping out Russian Made tanks and turning the tide in places like Syria. The Role of technology is changing warfare as humanity has known it. Emwazi, however will not be around to see it. Jihadi John’s soul  will spend eternity in Paradise (California the middle of Death Valley desert)  with 100 virgins, all of whom will be 95 years of age or older. Have fun reaping the rewards of your lifework Jihadi

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The “You Stink” Movement

By The Prophet of Life

What does garbage collection have to do with a new Arab Spring? It could have a lot to do with it. Over 250,000 protesters took to the streets in Beirut Lebanon recently to protest the lack of garbage collection. Garbage has not been collected for several weeks. This is mainly because there is no where to put it once it is collected. Lebanon’s main garbage dump is filled to capacity and there are no governmental plans to build another one. Can you spell EPIC FAIL?

The people of Lebanon have a long history of sectarian violence but sectarian rivals are putting aside their differences and banding together under the “You Stink” banner. The movement is in protest over the mismanagement of government services especially garbage collection. There are even some concerns that the movement could spark an “Arab Spring” in Lebanon which could spread to other nations. The Lebanese Government has fired on protesters in the past but it would be foolhardy of anything less than a large army to fire upon a quarter of a million people.

Dozens of people also occupied the hallway outside of the office of Environmental Minister Muhammed El-Machnouk, demanding his resignation. El-Machnouk stayed barricaded in his office, timidly waiting for the siege to end. Despite the protests, El-Machnouk has vowed not to resign.

Lebanon has had a weak government. ISIS has taken note of this and has made incursions into Lebanon. With all of the problems the Lebanese Government has, garbage is the last thing on the mind of government officials but garbage and the unhealthy effects of the pollution it creates and vermin it attracts is very much on the minds of the average Lebanese citizen who has to put up with the stink of ever spreading piles of garbage.

The You Stink movement is a good idea for many other nations and could and should become a global movement. When New York City had a garbage strike decades ago, people were finding creative ways to get rid of their garbage. They filled up purses, suitcases, boxes and perfumed wrapped and bow tied gifts and left them lying out in the open. Thieves stole them and got their just rewards when they opened their ill gotten gains. You Stink could only work in a democracy, however, because totalitarian States don’t allow protest.

Taking care of your citizens is a government’s reason for existence. The Lebanese government should listen to its people and divert personnel to create another garbage dump, collect trash and begin filling it immediately. The people of Lebanon should realize that ISIS is a real threat and understand that ISIS doesn’t allow any protests. If ISIS took over Lebanon, the garbage would continue to pile up along with chopped off heads of the people who dare to protest as well as the heads of people from many other groups of people ISIS doesn’t like.

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A Message for Muslims Everywhere

By The Prophet of Life

I call on all Muslims to stand up for Islam. Find people who are non-Muslims and tell them about the good things that are a part of Islam. Be an example of a good Muslim and a good person. Let them know that terrorist organizations like Boko Haram and ISIS / ISIL don’t speak for Islam, The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), or Allah.

Know that the media, all media, everywhere in the world, thrives on bad news. Disasters, murders and scandal fuel the media because they attract people’s attention. The more people who are attracted, the higher the revenue. The media will never cover good news about Islam because there is no advertising money generated by good news.

It is up to Muslims, reaching out to one non-Muslim at a time to change the perceptions created by sensationalized, negative media coverage. Replacing negative media images and thoughts about Islam in the minds of non-Muslims will not be easy but this is how the change must happen, on a personal level, one person to another, one person at a time.

It is The Faithful, stressing the positive that will, over time, dispel the pretenders who claim the faith for monetary and political agendas that have nothing to do with faith in Allah.

It is The Faithful, stressing the positive that will, over time, replace negative impressions created by the media with real life positive example of Islam in the minds of non-Muslims. It is The Faithful, stressing the positive that will, over time, win over even the media, as there will be so many visible, positive role models of Islam all around them that they will be impossible to ignore.

That which is negative can only be overcome by that which is positive. The darkness of Ignorance can only be overcome by the light of knowledge. Change cannot come in isolation. Nothing can move people more than other people. Join with other Muslims in this quest. Be the change.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life

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The Secret of How Isis is Able to Attract Westerners to It’s Cause

By The Prophet of Life

Isis has attracted about 20,000 people from Western nations to its cause. Why would westerners want to travel across the globe to join a terrorist organization? There are many reasons. Some join because they are actually Muslims transplanted from North Africa or Arabian nations. Others are attracted by the offer of a sex slave for every fighter. Most however are attracted because Isis is taking advantage of one of the oldest secrets known to recruiters since the dawn of time. Losers are easily swayed.

Isis is attracting the losers of Western society. The crap job or jobless individuals who are often socially isolated, disenfranchised and disgruntled. They are capitalizing on the target group of everyone from the ancient Romans to the Nazi’s and Communists.

At the dawn of the American Civil War, most southerners were poor. How do you suppose they rich plantation owners got them to fight for the Confederacy and the preservation of slavery? By convincing them that even though they were poor, they could save and in time, they too could own a slave. They used the same argument to pass and enforce Jim Crow laws by telling the poor white trash southerners that no matter how crappy their lives were, no matter how poor and uneducated they may be, they were still better than a black person.

The reason the losers of the world are so easily swayed is because they don’t want to be losers. They want to be winners. They want their lives to have meaning. They want to fulfill a purpose. The first person or group that tells them they can have a purpose, the first person or group that convinces them that they can be or are winners, will attract them. This can be done by good people or organizations just as it is often done by malevolent people and organizations. Many losers for example are moved towards religions who tell them that God loves them and shows the miracles God works in their lives.

Many of the Westerners in Isis are disenfranchised, disgruntled sex starved losers of Western society who Western societies have failed to engage. They are our outcasts and a product of our neglect. Whether they are nerds who could never get a girl to go out with them. child molesters attracted to the 9-12 year old sex slaves offered by Isis or idealists who want to be part of a winning team attracted to Isis early military victories we left them by the wayside and Isis scooped them up. One thing they are not is real Muslims. Real Muslims know that Isis has as much to do with the religion of Islam was the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.

In True Faith,
The Prophet of Life

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Chemical Weapons Use: The Beginning of The End for Isis

By The Prophet of Life

Increasingly more desperate, Isis is now using chemical weapons. Evidence indicates that Isis used mustard gas on Kurdish fighters in Iraq. Kurdish fighters engaged in a battle near the ISIS stronghold of Mosul have physical signs of a mustard gas attack including blistering. It is believed that ISIS also has Saran and VX gas in its arsenal.

All three of these weapons were in Sadam Hossain’s arsenal some of which could have fallen into ISIS hands. The ranks of ISIS commanders are filled with former members Sadam’s army and secret police. It is also believed that the Syrian Army has stockpiled a secret stash of chemical weapons which could also fall into ISIS hands eventually.

Recent events have shown Isis for the satanic organization it really is. ISIS in Egypt just beheaded a Croatian. An Attack at a military recruiting office in the U.S. was credited to an ISIS sympathizer. The Charly Hebdo assassinations were as well. Besides the usual beheadings of the innocents, Isis demanded a $200,000,000 ransom from Japan in exchange for two Japanese hostages. Japan has always been neutral in the war against Isis. When the ransom wasn’t paid by the deadline, Isis executed one of the Japanese hostages.

ISIS then asked for the freedom of a failed female suicide bomber who tried to blow up a hotel in Jordan. Jordan insisted upon the return of a Jordanian pilot that was captured by Isis in Syria in December. Isis negotiated directly with Jordan. They agreed to send both the remaining Japanese hostage and the pilot once Jordan got the failed suicide bomber across the Turkish border into Syria.

Jordan demanded proof of life of the pilot. Isis never gave it so Jordan never released the prisoner. On January 31, 2015 Isis beheaded the Japanese hostage, Journalist Kenji Goto. Then it released a video showing the Jordanian pilot being escorted to a cage. Doused with a flammable liquid and set on fire while still in the cage. The video literally showed him being burnt alive. Then a bulldozer flattened the cage with his remains. A time stamp embedded in the video shows it was made January 3rd a full month earlier. It is obvious that Isis tried to pass off an already murdered pilot as being a live negotiation chip. As for their coveted suicide bomber, she and five other Isis prisoners will likely be executed in the near future.

It is clear that the Jordan Government was too savvy to fall for Isis lies. It is clear that Isis cannot be trusted, ever. They make a mockery of Islam. They are actually a twisted satanic cult offering sex starved losers from the west a free sex slave if they join their cause. Their goal is to become The Great Satan and establish their own Satanic Republic here on earth. It’s time to put these dogs out of their misery. It’s time true Muslims and Western nations unite and end these heretic’s reign of terror.

When your grandchildren ask you when the beginning of the end of Isis was. You can tell them it was at that moment.

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Insight into The Isis Hostages

By The Prophet of Life
The people running ISIS are demanding Jordan to give them a female terrorist Sajida al-Rishawi for two hostages, Jordanian Pilot Moaz al-Kassasbeh, and Japanese Journalist Kenji Goto They are not giving Jordan proof of life for their pilot. Chances are, their pilot is either dead or being held by another group out of ISIS control.

ISIS, which has been declining in recent months, first tried to demand $200,000,000 for the return of Kenji Goto and another Japanese hostage. When the money didn’t come on time ISIS reportedly beheaded the other Japanese hostage (though they didn’t put a video of the beheading on You Tube as they often do. ISIS needed the $200,000,000 because the drop in oil prices and cutting off of various other sources of money has hampered their operational abilities.

The deadline for Jordan to release Sajida al-Rishawi has come and gone. Jordan stated it has no intention of releasing her unless and until they get proof of life for their pilot. Rishawi is still behind prison walls.

Terrorist Sajida al-Rishawi a failed suicide bomber. She walked into a hotel in Amman Jordan one day in 2005 and tried to set off a bomb strapped to her but it was a dud. ISIS likely wants her back to give her another target. Jordanian Pilot Moaz al-Kassasbeh, was shot down over Syria last month while participating in a coalition attack on ISIS positions in Syria. He ejected from his plane and landed safely but was trapped and captured by ISIS forces. Japanese Journalist Kenji Goto went to ISIS Held parts of Syria to do in depth reporting on what ISIS. He thought they would welcome his reporting as Japan was neutral in regards to ISIS but they took him prisoner instead.

The fate of all three people hangs in the balance as does the fate of ISIS. ISIS just doesn’t know it yet.

In Ture Faith,
The Prophet of Life

What is Isis? Who Runs Isis? What is the Secret Behind Isis Success?

By The Prophet of Life

 Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Leader of Isis

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi
      Leader of Isis

As Western Nations meet in Paris to develop strategies to combat Isis, we take a look at the organization and its leader. Isis is a Jihadist Terrorist group led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He is a battlefield commander. A tactician who captures oil fields and banks in areas he over runs. Instead of burning the oil fields he keeps them pumping and sells the oil. Isis pulls in over a million dollars a day from oil and extortion. They have more sophisticated weapons than the soldiers of the nations they are attacking. Unlike other terror groups Isis has over 1,000 members from Western nations. They can easily slip back into any western nation without their passports being checked and carry out terrorist acts within any western nation.

Isis goal is to set up an Islamic State that encompasses Iraq, Syria and Turkey. An Isis annual report issued in June 2014 lists the # of assassinations, suicide bombings and knifings.  In July 2014 they ordered women aged 11 to 46 in Mosul, Iraq, to undergo female genital mutilation.

In August they trapped thousands of Kurdish families on a Mountaintop. As Isis lye in Siege, the Kurds pleaded for food. The International community air dropped food. As Kurds slipped away, U.S. Air Force Bombed Isis positions along the mountain. To retaliate Isis sent out a video showing the Beheading of American Journalist James Foley. They offered to spare his life in exchange for $132 Million.  They have more Western Prisoners they plan on executing.

Until the world unites to end Isis They will continue to be successful. They continue to impose,not Islamic Law but Insanity Law upon those unfortunate enough to be anywhere they control.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life

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The Root Cause of Global Political Conflict

By The Prophet of Life

Battles raging between Israel & Palestine, Russia and Ukraine and in Iraq, Syria and Libya. Disease is more difficult to contain. The Ebola virus is spreading from a few nations in Africa to other parts of the world. Many people are asking themselves one question, why? Why is there so much global conflict?

Humanity has gone through more changes in the last 200 years than it had in the previous five thousand. This is because humanity has been passing from adolescence into adulthood. Our adulthood officially began on December 21, 2012. At that time a change occurred, but like most changes it merely was the beginning of a change, imperceptible to almost everyone. As time unfolds, however, the change shall become more apparent.

The narrow minded, selfish politics is the root cause of political strife across the globe. Leaders look at things solely from the point of view of their own nation, culture, religion or religious sect. People who look at things this way, advocating solely for their own group, often rise to power within that group. They are looked at as a voice or a champion for that group. It is that narrow mindedness that put them into a leadership position and, as we have seen with many leaders over time, once in power, few have the desire or courage to give that power up.

A new day is dawning in the global community. There is now, a strong global interdependence. No nation has the all of the natural resources it needs to completely sustain its people. In order to survive, all nations must trade goods with one another. The economy of individual nations depend on global economics. Because of this, conflicts are no longer regional because they have global consequences.

Those whose customs, views, religious practices and political actions go against the norms of the global community run the risk of being ostracized by the global community.  Ostracization (a word which I have created but will in time, be in vogue as the practice is implemented across the globe) can include a host of travel, economic and trade sanctions that can devalue currencies and ruin economies. Repressive regimes have been falling all across the globe. This will continue. Although there will be despots who cling to power until the bitter end, the end will come in time. A new leadership shall arise which looks at things from a global perspective.

There is a popular saying: “Think globally, act locally”. This has been the mantra of many for the last several decades. It is time for a new mantra: “Think Globally, act globally.”  Events will transpire which shall continue to drive home the point that we must live in harmony. That there must be mutual respect. That we must work cooperatively. The problems we are now facing and shall continue to face will be monumental in scale. So monumental that we will have to work cooperatively to survive. Take heart, nothing breeds harmony like adversity.

There are some who will think that this will fulfill a new world order, the rise of the antichrist, the end of the world or some other horrible consequence but they are wrong. In reality it is just part of our maturing process.  It will, in the end fulfill the destiny of our race, the human race, for there is only one race and we are, despite what others may tell you, all one people under the blood.

As a soul, you as an individual go from one incarnation to another, one culture to another, one nation to another. You have experiences from one life to the next and, if you are wise, you learn lessons from them that last from one incarnation to the ones which follow. Humanity as a whole has a collective soul.  The soul of humanity as a whole has a collective consciousness which learns collective lessons and has a collective destiny.

God only sends challenges to make us stronger and to prepare the way. It may not happen in our lifetime but in time, humanity will take its place, not as citizens of one global community but as citizens of a universal community. The lessons we shall learn during the times that shall follow will prepare us for this.

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