A Message for Muslims Everywhere

By The Prophet of Life

I call on all Muslims to stand up for Islam. Find people who are non-Muslims and tell them about the good things that are a part of Islam. Be an example of a good Muslim and a good person. Let them know that terrorist organizations like Boko Haram and ISIS / ISIL don’t speak for Islam, The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), or Allah.

Know that the media, all media, everywhere in the world, thrives on bad news. Disasters, murders and scandal fuel the media because they attract people’s attention. The more people who are attracted, the higher the revenue. The media will never cover good news about Islam because there is no advertising money generated by good news.

It is up to Muslims, reaching out to one non-Muslim at a time to change the perceptions created by sensationalized, negative media coverage. Replacing negative media images and thoughts about Islam in the minds of non-Muslims will not be easy but this is how the change must happen, on a personal level, one person to another, one person at a time.

It is The Faithful, stressing the positive that will, over time, dispel the pretenders who claim the faith for monetary and political agendas that have nothing to do with faith in Allah.

It is The Faithful, stressing the positive that will, over time, replace negative impressions created by the media with real life positive example of Islam in the minds of non-Muslims. It is The Faithful, stressing the positive that will, over time, win over even the media, as there will be so many visible, positive role models of Islam all around them that they will be impossible to ignore.

That which is negative can only be overcome by that which is positive. The darkness of Ignorance can only be overcome by the light of knowledge. Change cannot come in isolation. Nothing can move people more than other people. Join with other Muslims in this quest. Be the change.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life

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A Message From God For All People of Faith

On this day, The Lord has delivered unto me a message. The message is simple “Let My People Go”. Currently there are still millions of people held in bondage. They are held as slaves, as political prisoners, and as debtors. The time for their liberation has been called for. Wherever anyone is held in slavery, no one is truly free. Wherever there are non-violent political prisoners, no one is truly free. Wherever there is prison for debtors, no one is truly free. Until they are liberated none of us are truly free. Freedom is an all or nothing concept. Until everyone is truly free no one is truly free.

God has asked me to call upon people of faith, no matter what faith you practice to heed this call and pray for global liberation. Work for global liberation. Practice the principals of global liberation and do everything in your power to end slavery where ever it occurs, to work to free non-violent political prisoners, to liberate those in prison or enslaved due to economic indebtedness, where ever they exist, all over the globe.

People of Faith The Lord told me that this task is too great for any one nation to accomplish. It is too great for any group of nations to accomplish. But it can be accomplished by individuals of faith across the globe working in unity because faith and faith alone can move mountains. The Lord has not told me how this shall be accomplished. The Lord has not told me when this will be accomplished. The Lord has, however told me why it will be accomplished. Because it is God’s Will. And God’s Will Shall Not Be Denied. God’s Will Shall Not Be Denied. GOD’S WILL SHALL NEVER BE DENIED.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life

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What is Eid?

When you listen to your news program today, you may here something about Muslims across the globe celebrating Eid. You likely don’t know much if anything about it. I have friends who are Muslim (actually, I have friends from just about every culture and religion there is) and this is what they have told me.

Eid al-Adha is known as The Feast of Sacrifice. It commemorates the Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to obey God’s command to sacrifice his son through ritual slaughter. Before you go off thinking that Muslims are horrible people, who condone human sacrifice, consider that this story has a happy ending. As Ibrahim was about to kill his son with a knife, God stopped him and told him this was only a test of faith. God told Ibrahim to sacrifice a sheep instead.

To some, this story sounds amazingly similar to a story in the Old Testament about the Jewish Patriarch Abraham. In fact Ibrahim is Abraham. The Muslim faith exalts some of the Prophets of the Old Testament and Jesus of the New Testament as Prophets of God.

Eid comes at the end of Haji, an annual time for the pilgrimage to Mecca. Muslims traditionally slaughter sheep or cattle in commemoration and distribute the meat among the poor and needy. Prior to the slaughter, Muslims of all ages go to their mosques and engage in prayers. People actually in Saudi Arabia often pray on MountArafat and participate in a ritual “Stoning of the devil” in Mina.

In this way, the Muslim reverence to an Old Testament Prophet is linked with the annual Pilgrimage to Mecca and Muslims who cannot make it to Mecca this year (all Muslims are required to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetime) can celebrate the pilgrimage. Eid lasts four days. Today is the first day of Eid and Friday will be the last.