New Insights about Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen has been the butt of many mean spirited jokes and memes lately. He has even been dubbed and “Fake Christian”. Some of the people who are engaged in these activities are not Christians. Others are Christians. Those Christians who are engaged in these mean spirited activities are not acting like Christians. Those who are not Christians are not acting in a way that follows the teachings of their faith either.

To be sure, Joel Osteen did not  act like a Christian when he didn’t offer his church as shelter for his neighbors in need. I am sure that he realizes what he did was wrong.  I am sure that he will learn from this mistake because, he is, after all, a smart man. I am also sure that Joel Osteen is a good man. Not offering his church to his neighbors was an error in judgement, not a calculated, mean spirited decision.

Joel Osteen Preaches in a positive, uplifting way. He talks about the blessings that God has for each of us. He often talks about forgiveness and redemption. I believe that Joel Osteen deserves our forgiveness and he deserves redemption through The actions that he is now taking and will likely take in the future.

Joel Osteen is an imperfect human being and he has an awful lot of company. In the Holy Bible Jesus said “Let him that is without sin cast the first stone.” Those who have been casting stones at Joel Osteen should consider examining their own lives and see if they are without sin. They should examine their own actions and decide if they truly acted in a way that is in alignment with their faith. Did they act in a way that would please God? Those who truly follow the teachings of Jesus wouldn’t join the feeding frenzy or the angry mob that drove the “Rain Vengeance Upon Joel Osteen bandwagon. They do not sit in judgement of others for they know that judgement is reserved for God.

Joel Osteen and his church may feel more heat and take a financial hit from this fiasco in the short term but if Mr. Osteen is shunned and his voice is forever silenced over this that would truly be a tragedy on multiple levels. Not only for him but for people of faith everywhere as well. It would be a tragedy because Joel Osteen is a powerful, positive voice in the world faith community. It would be a tragedy because the things he talks about and the way he says them need to be heard. It would be a tragedy because the forgiveness that is put forth by all faiths wasn’t afforded to a person of faith by the community of faith and what would that say about the community of faith?

This entire episode should teach us that not all Christians act like Christians all of the time. Not Mr. Osteen and not his detractors either. The lesson that this episode is meant to teach us is that we are all imperfect human beings and it is only through forgiveness that we can heal, move on and get closer to God.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life

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Fulfilling Your Destiny

By The Prophet of Life

Every human is born with a destiny. At birth, God whispers the same phrase to every person “The world is a better place because you were born.” The phrase is a prophecy. It is a prophecy that proclaims part of your destiny. It is a prophecy you are charged with fulfilling during your lifetime.

Part of your life mission is to find out how your life can fulfill this prophecy. There are many ways you can fulfill this prophecy. You can fulfill it through a lifetime of service to others. You can fulfill it discovering, creating or inventing something that benefits the world. You can fulfill it by saving the life of another living being.

You can fulfill this part of your destiny through service to others. Many professions, from doctors, to firefighters, to teachers to garbage workers can help fulfill God’s prophecy. Most people can understand how doctors, firefighters and teachers are included on the list because doctors and firefighters are perceived as saving lives.  Teachers are perceived as saving the future by educating children. Far fewer may understand how a garbage worker can be included on the list. Garbage workers help with diminishing the effects of disease. Many garbage workers become sick from diseases clinging to the refuse of people who are sick. In doing so, they contract an illness that many others might have contracted if the garbage was left out in the open in a public place.

You can fulfill this part of your destiny by discovering, inventing or creating something that benefits humanity. You can discover the cure for a disease. You can invent a machine that helps to clean up the environment. You can create a painting or a sculpture or a poem that uplifts people’s spirits or gets them to think about the big questions of life.  Any of these types of activities can make the world a better place, one soul at a time.

You can fulfill this part of your destiny by saving the life of another being. Saving the life of a person could enable that person to complete their fulfillment of this part of their destiny. Saving the life of another being, a plant or animal for instance is performing an activity that creates a direct effect for the being you are saving and future generations of that living being’s descendents.

Most people are not artists or writers. They cannot create an artistic or literary masterpiece. They are not doctors, or teachers. They live ordinary lives working mundane jobs for less money than they think they are worth. They can save a life, if not the life of a person, then the life of a plant or an animal. They can volunteer to help at a hospital or an orphanage. They can be help a stranger in need, They can join groups like Change Agents for Humanity to get ideas on what they can do.

The question is clear. Will the world be a better place because you were born? The answer may be unclear because in most cases, words alone will not satisfy it. Only your actions will create the answer to the question. What actions are you taking? How is the story of your life answering the question?

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Teenage Mysteries of Life Solved.

By The Prophet of Life

You know how your parents are always telling you not to do things, but they never tell you why? They tell you things like work hard, get good grades, respect others, be careful of the company you keep and stay away from drugs and alcohol. All your mysteries are about to be solved. This article is going to tell you why.

Parents tell you to work hard and get good grades because, for most societies across the globe, school is the path to upward mobility. Even the poorest of people from the poorest of families can move upward economically, socially and intellectually by getting a good education. Going to a good school can help you develop into a more disciplined, well versed, well rounded person. Going to the right school could get you powerful connections that will help you advance in the future. People without money or connections can get into the right school but only through excellent grades. Graduating will be the key to a good job. A good job is the key to economic advancement.

Parents tell you to respect others. They tell you this because people who don’t respect others don’t get respect themselves. If you get a job and don’t show your colleagues and customers respect you won’t have a job for long. Gangsters and criminals don’t get respect. They think they do but what they actually get is fake respect to their faces while people are laughing at them behind their back. This is because they have no job and no future. They don’t respect anyone. They give intimidation through fear and have to carry a weapon to get the fear. That’s pretty sad.

Parents tell you to be careful of the company you keep. This is because you are judged by the company you keep. If you hang around with the brainiacs, people think you are one of them. People will think you are smart. If you hang around people who cus a lot, you will end up cussing a lot. If you hang around thugs, people think you are a thug or a wanna be thug. When thugs are attacked by rivals guess who else suffers the consequences? You do. While the thugs have other thugs for backup, you’ve got nobody. If thugs commit crimes, and you hang with them you automatically become a suspect. Suspects can sometimes be arrested and even charged with a crime. Even if you aren’t convicted, you may still get a reputation. One that may follow you into your adult life.

Parents tell you to stay away from drugs and alcohol. This is because drugs and alcohol are addictive. They can become the focus of your life while everything else, including more important things fall by the wayside. It’s difficult to concentrate in school when you are high. If you can’t concentrate, you can’t pass classes. If you can’t pass classes, you can’t graduate. If you don’t graduate, you can’t get a decent job. Before you know it, you will be in the workforce. If you are high all the time you won’t be able to keep a job. If you already have a reputation and even a nick name that indicates you are a druggie, its likely that it will follow you into the world of work. Who is going to hire a drug addict?

There are reasons that your parents tell you these things. They may not tell you what they are. Perhaps they don’t know how to tell you. The reasons may not be clear to them but the reasons are clear and they make logical sense. They are all based on caring. Your parents care about your future. They only want the best for you. They have lived longer than you and have more experiences with life than you do. They have learned from their own mistakes or from the mistakes of their friends. They may see you making some of the same mistakes and they are trying to save you the aggravation of suffering the consequences of those mistake.

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The True Meaning of Failure

Have you ever failed at anything? Of course you have. If you are like most people, failure is a common occurrence. Not because everybody completely sucks but because failure is a part of the learning process. If you are like me, you probably fail at most new things you try. If you keep on trying however, you get better.

Do you know how to walk? Can you talk? These are things you learned as a baby. When you were a baby, you took your first few steps and fell and fell again but you kept on trying. You were likely curious about this new mode of transportation your mommy and daddy were using.

What would have happened if you gave up on walking? Can you imagine what your life would be like if you had to crawl everywhere? You didn’t give up. You kept on trying and learning from your mistakes and making correction and now, you are walking like a champ!

There can be no success without failure. Success is often a matter of trial and error. What scientists call error, the rest of us call failure. Failure is an opportunity to learn. You learn what doesn’t work. You can either believe that the whole thing doesn’t work, you can’t do it and likely never will and give up or you can try another way.

Failure can be the key that unlocks the door to success. Besides learning what doesn’t work, failure can teach you what went wrong and why it went wrong. If you analyze a failure and trace all of the steps you took leading up to it, you can see just where you went wrong and once you knowing where you went wrong often leads to knowing how and why you went wrong. Knowing where, how and why you went wrong can give you information that allows you to make corrections, corrections that will lead to adjustments that in time will lead to success. The information yielded from failure can be the keys that unlock the door to success.

The initial surprise and sting of failure often hurts. It is moving beyond the hurt and drilling down and analyzing what went wrong that can teach you how to succeed. You will fail many times in the future. Don’t run from failure. Don’t let failure stop you. Learn what it has to teach you. Failure is not truly failure unless you fail to learn from it.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life

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Where Was God?

By The Prophet of Life

I was always a rather sickly child. When I was about one and one half years old, I went into severe convulsions. I ended up in a coma for eight weeks. Where was God?

When I was two or three years old, I was afraid of the dark. I tried to tell my parents but my mother was too busy working trying to support our family and my father was too drunk to care. Where was God?

When for the first few years of my life, I watched helplessly as my parent’s marriage disintegrated before my eyes, ending in bitter divorce before my fourth birthday. Where was God?

When I was sent to live with strangers, far away from both my parents; where was God?

When I spend years of my childhood living under the control of these strangers and was physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually abused, where was god?

When I was six and one half years old and ran away from one of the homes I was sent to, intent on committing suicide by walking up a hill to a cliff and jumping off, where was God?

When at nine years old, I was back with my mother and we moved into a different apartment and the first night, as I lay in bed, a ghost kept scratching my back and calling my name and I was too afraid to move, or yell, or cry for help, where was God?

During all of the trials and tribulations I suffered from infancy through adulthood, where was God?

There are times when we feel that God has abandoned us but in reality, that is just our perception. God never abandons anyone.

When I was one and a half years old and went into convulsions, I actually died. A man came into my house. He said he was a Doctor. and he saw the ambulance parked in the driveway and came into help. When the paramedics told him he was too late, I was dead, he found a way to get my heart to start beating again. Then he left, never to be seen or heard from again. God was there.

After I was transported to the hospital by the paramedics, I laid in a coma, packed in ice for eight weeks. Although they had run batteries of tests on me, the doctors could not find the cause of my convulsions. I maintained a high fever and was packed in ice to cool me down. At the end of the eight weeks, my condition had declined to the point that doctors told my mother make funeral arrangements. She went in the hallway, outside of the hospital room and began weeping. As she wept, a doctor, who appeared to be Chinese, came over to her and asked her why she was crying. She told him about my ordeal and my impending death. He asked her what tests they had run on me. She listed the many tests run upon my tiny body. He listened and then asked if the doctors had checked my ears. My mother wasn’t sure. The man told her to tell the doctors to check my ears. I had two infected ears. Once they realized this, the doctors were able to cure the problem and I came out of the coma. When my mother asked the name of the Chinese Doctor who had helped her, so she could thank him, the doctors replied that that hospital didn’t have any Chinese doctors on staff. God was there.

When I was an infant, afraid of the dark, I would pray for help. Somehow, I knew about God even though I had never gone to any religious services. When I prayed, I would see, a tiny light appear in the corner of the ceiling. It wasn’t bright enough to light the room, but it was bright enough to let me know that I was safe and that although I was surrounded by darkness, light was still present.  God was there.

When I helplessly witnessed the disintegration of my parent’s marriage and was placed in the homes of strangers who repeatedly abused me, I learned lessons and developed compassion for those who suffered similarly. When I became a responsible adult, I helped them and inspired them that it was possible to come out of that hell and still lead a normal life. God was there.

When I was nine and the Ghost scratched my back and called my name all night long I was truly frightened. The next day, when I asked my landlord if anyone had died in my room, he told me his mother did. The haunting and scratching continued but didn’t bother me because I realized that what I thought was a dangerous presence was merely a mother, trying to rub a child’s back to help it go to sleep. God was there.

Through all of my trials and tribulations from infancy through adulthood, God was there, with lessons to teach me and the knowledge gained from them to comfort me in future times of affliction. So the next time you are going through a trail or tribulation, try to find God in it because God is there.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life


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A Lesson From God: How Everything is Connected.

One day, while I was watering my backyard, The Lord taught me the following lesson. As I was watering the grass, I noticed part of the tree root popping out above the grass about 20 feet from the tree. It was then that The Lord came to me and said:

     “If you wish to water the tree you must not only water it at the base of the tree but you should also water where it’s roots crop up all over the yard.” Said The Lord. “Stop and look.” He continued, “at all of the places where the tree root crops up in your yard.”

I did so. I found about a dozen places.

     “If you don’t water all of those places”, The Lord continued “The tree will wither and die in the places where you do not water. Not watering the entire tree, in all of the places where its root crops up hurts the tree. In this way, the tree is connected to your yard and your yard to the tree.” The Lord pointed out.

     “This tree in your yard can also represent the tree of life on this planet.” The Lord continued, “All life on this planet is connected. If you neglect one part of the life on this planet, be it an individual or an entire species of plant or animal, you harm all life on this planet because all of life on this planet is connected just as the roots of this tree are connected.”

With that, the lesson ended. I had always known about the connection of all life on our planet but The Lord put the connection together in such a simple, yet profound way that for the first time, I really understood the concept. I am merely relating this interaction here so that you might understand it too.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life

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How the Way You Act Affects Your Environment

A Life Lesson by

The Prophet of Life

     If you take a skipping stone and skip it across a lake, the water ripples.  Just as the stone affects the water in the lake, you affect the environment around you by the way you interact it. In fact, how you act creates the environment around you. Here are two examples of this from my life that happened to me recently.

     The first one happened while I was standing in line at the grocery store, I observed a man leave his cart in the checkout line. He went to the next aisle to get something he forgot. A lady passed by him and walked over to the line the man had just left. Within seconds, seeing no one there the lady moved his cart away and jumped ahead of him in line. The man returned within fifteen seconds and by then, the woman had already put four things on the conveyer belt. The man asked the woman why she moved his cart and jumped in front of him. The woman replied that he wasn’t there so he lost his place. The man and woman got into an argument. Other people in the market watched and as the argument escalated so did the tension in the air. Soon other people began arguing about who was right and who was wrong in the argument between the man and woman.

     The second one happened later that same day, I was in line at a chain restaurant. I had a coupon sheet with several coupons and was asking if it was still good, as I believed that day was the last day before the coupons expired. There was a man behind me who had to wait a little longer because of my extended interaction with the cashier. After I gave the cashier the coupon I selected from the sheet I turned to the man who had been standing behind me and apologized for his delay.  I offered my coupon sheet to him so he could also take advantage of a coupon if he found something he liked. He used a coupon on the sheet. Then he handed the sheet to the woman standing behind him in line and she also used a coupon on the sheet. They both became more animated and struck up and conversation with each other and with me.

     My actions made both of those people smile and changed the environment from isolation to friendly.  This is something anyone can do. Anyone can pass on a coupon sheet that is about to expire and offer it to their fellow customers without expecting anything in return. You might consider doing this some time and see if it changes the environment around you. Let me know, through a comment on this blog or by sending me a message at

                                                                  In True Faith,

                                                               The Prophet of Life