What is Cultureblend?

You may have never heard of it before but you will be seeing examples all around you. What is it? It’s Cultureblend. There are already elements of it in art and literature and as globalization continues to progress you will likely see more of it and it’s likely to spread beyond art and literature to other sectors of the global cultural & economic economy

Cultureblend was created sometime after the year 2,000 by author Mark Wilkins to explain a phenomenon he noticed occurring in some of his writing. When he was creating the short story “The Commitment: which can be currently found in his book  A Week’s Worth of Fiction 3, he noticed that he took elements from both African and Arabic cultures, mixed them with the concepts of male and female dominated societies and created the fictional nation of Dadastan which is where the story is set.

The story has elements that are familiar to different cultures but completely different from any of them. The fact that what was created is different from anything that existed before is what makes the story interesting and draws people in with the familiar elements used to attract them in the first place.

Wilkins coined the term Cultureblend to describe this phenomenon, of combining the elements of two or more cultures to create a totally new culture (which in this case is totally ficitious). He also believed that this cultureblend phenomenon was present in various commodity sectors besides literature, such as art, music, food and fashion. Wilkins looked at the culture of Aztlan as an exemplar.

Aztlan is a Cultureblend of ancient Aztec history and Mexican American Chicano culture. Aztlan refers to the desire to take back the lands of Northern Mexico taken by the U.S. after the Mexican American War. The belief behind Aztlan is that Chcanos have a primordial right to the lands and that it should be given back to set up an independent nation. This Cultureblend phenomenon is evidenced in both art and literature.
Aztlan is not an example of fusion. It doesn’t merely take Aztec history and Mexican American culture and fuse them together in a “this is part of our roots and we’re incorporating it into our current culture” kind of way. Instead, it takes an element from ancient Aztec culture (the historical place of Aztlan) and creates a place in Mexican American Chicano culture which expresses its desires. The Aztlan referred to in Chicano Art and Literature doesn’t actually exist outside of the Chicano culture and has helped create Chicano culture. It is, in fact, a hallmark of that culture which is itself a Cultureblend of Mexican American and indigenous cultures from within Mexico.
Early on, Wilkins encountered people confusing Cultureblend with Fusion, He got several people asking him why he created the term Cultureblend instead of just calling the phenomenon he noticed Fusion? To help answer these questions, Wilkins looked to dictionary definitions of the word Fusion.

Fusion, according to Webster’s Dictionary, is a merging of diverse, distinct, or separate elements into a unified whole. Cultureblend, according to the Urban Dictionary, is a style of creating art, literature, music, food or fashion that blends elements of two or more different cultures in a way that creates a new and different culture.
Wilkins further explained how Cultureblend differs from Fusion by using the following comparison. Fusion is like taking branches from an apple tree and grafting on branches of a pear tree. Doing so creates an Apple-Pear tree, that is, a tree which has both apples and pears growing on it. Cultureblend is like taking the genetic material from an apple and a pear and creating an entirely new fruit which has the outside of a pear but tastes like an apple. You might call a pearple.
While fusion creates a whole with elements of different things it merely merges them to create a hybrid of both of them. It doesn’t create something new and different from all of its elements. It doesn’t have to refer to culture. Cultureblend refers only to cultural elements. It creates something new and different out of the blending. It is the cultural element and the creating of something new and different from all of the elements that created it that makes Cultureblend different from Fusion.

Mr. Wilkins is still actively seeking examples of the Cultureblend phenominon especially in food and fasion. If you notice any elements of Cultureblend in food or fashion, feel free to write Mr. Wilkins at: markwilkinsauthor@gmail.com

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Latest Update on The Las Vegas Massacre!

Guest columnist Mark Wilkins has some insight into this important story.

The Latest on the Las Vegas Massacre Investigation

By Mark Wilkins
Imagine you are at a concert with thousands of other people. The headliner for the night is performing. Suddenly you hear what sounds like fireworks. You think to yourself, oh, that’s a nice touch, fireworks for the final act. Then you notice people running. More firecracker noises happen and a couple of people in the crowd fall down. Then you see the head of a person about 10 feet behind you explode. You realize these are not firecrackers but gunshots!
This is what it might have been like for someone in the crowd of 22,000 that attended a Country Music Festival Concert Sunday Night as a man shot bullets semi-automatic rifles at them from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. There were off duty police officers at the concert but they couldn’t return fire because weapons were not allowed at the concert.
When the shooting was over more than 50 people lay dead and over 500 lay injured. It is now considered the worst mass shooting in U.S. History. Transport of the victims began immediately. Las Vegas has a tier 1 Trauma center within a few miles of the shooting. Many victims were driven there in the cars of concert goers as well as by ambulance. Many of the injured walked to nearby Tropicana Hotel to seek assistance.
Within the first minute from the time the shooting began, a police officer identified where the shots were coming from and radioed the information to dispatch. Within five minutes from the time the shooting began Officers were coming the upper floors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel searching for the room where the shots were coming from. An officer on the 31st floor was able to identify that the shots were coming from the floor above him. Within six minutes from the time the shooting began, officers had identified the room where the shooting was coming from and were preparing to breach the door. Then the shooting stopped. Officers waited another hour before breaching the door.
When Las Vegas PD SWAT officers entered the hotel room where the shots came from they found 64 year old Stephen Paddock dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. They found 23 guns, lots of spent ammunition and dozens of bullet magazines both empty and full. They also saw notes next to the open window and gun perch with calculations on elevation, angle and bullet speed. These were shooting directions which allowed Paddock to maximize his kills.
Further investigation revealed that he lived in nearby Mesquite Nevada with a female, 62 year old Marilou Danley. She was in the Philippines and returned to the U.S. for questioning. Police are seeking her as a person of interest. She told the FBI that she had no clue about the attack and that he sent her out of the country and then sent her $100.000. She thought it was his way of breaking up with her.
Paddock’s car, which was parked on the hotel property, contained ammonia nitrate half of the critical components to making a bomb which can bring down a building like the one used in the Oklahoma City Bombing. It was originally thought that Paddock was attempting to bring down the building but ran out of time. It was later discovered that the ammonia nitrate, if a bullet hit it, would cause the car to explode like a bomb. It is thought that the car was part of Paddock’s escape plan with catastrophic results if he was fired upon by police.
It is now thought that Paddock spent a long time planning the attack. Bullet holes in a fuel tank at nearby McCarren airport demonstrate that he may have been trying to start a fire there as well. Investigators found that he also rented several condos overlooking a rock concert in another part of Las Vegas the week before his attack at the Country music Festival across from the Mandalay Bay Hotel. A search of Paddock’s residence yielded 19 more guns, explosives and another computer. It. Authorities will be looking at that computer to help figure out a motive.
ISIS claimed credit for the shooting stating that “A soldier of the Islamic State executed concertgoers. No ties have been found to link Paddock with international terrorist organizations or domestic terror organizations either. In the past few months, ISIS has claimed credit for everything from Hurricanes Harvey, Iris and Maria as well as the earthquake in Mexico and the Hepatitis A outbreak among the homeless in Orange and Los Angeles Counties in California.
Paddock was retired and purchased the home in a retirement community in Mesquite in 2015. Danley moved in with him in January 2017. Paddock was not on any domestic terrorist lists. A criminal records search revealed that he had a citation several years ago but other than that he was unknown to most police departments.
Paddock worked as an accountant who lived in 27 different places in several different during his adult lifetime. He owned some buildings with his mother in Florida and was a licensed pilot who owned 2 airplanes. He was married and separated from his wife, possibly going through a divorce although no records of it have been found so far. Department of Treasury Records show that Paddock had some successful gambling transactions at Las Vegas casinos over the last few weeks that earned him tens of thousands of dollars. Casinos have to file forms with the IRS whenever someone wins over $10,000 or more in one sitting. Paddock’s father, Benjamin Paddock was a notorious bank robber in the 1960’s who was on the FBI Most Wanted list.
Paddock’s brother Eric told reporters that Paddock had no political affiliations. He was not involved with any terror groups. He said “He must’ve just snapped”. At this point in the investigation Paddock’s brother’s explanation is as good as any of the other ones out there because at this point, no one knows what caused Paddock to bring 23 semi-automatic rifles into a hotel room and begin shooting at a crowd across the street.

Contact me at: markwilkinsauthor@gmail.com

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How to Make the U.S. Presidential Debates More Like Actual Presidential Debates

Editor’s Note: Guest writer Mark Wilkins is a terrific author who known as A Storyteller. He writes collections of short stories on Kindle e-books including A Week’s Worth of Fiction, Classroom Confessions, Stories of The Supernatural and Slices of life. His stories range from humorous to downright frightening. He has proposed a rather outrageous but practical solution to the sad state of political debates.  

By Mark Wilkins

If you have been listening to the U.S. Presidential Debates you should have noticed that the two candidates spend more time talking about their opponent’s character flaws than addressing the issues that the entire Presidential Campaign are supposed to be about. I have a very simple solution that will incentivize both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton to talk about the issues and their plans for addressing them, than about their opponent’s faults.

At the beginning of each debate, show a black line drawing of each candidate on plain white paper. Every time a candidate goes off topic and begins to talk about their opponent’s faults, drown them out by playing circus music. Then,  change camera focus to the line drawing of them and show a hand drawing a colorful clown attribute on the face of their line drawing. Do this every time a candidate goes off topic or hammers their opponent. See which candidate goes “Full Bozo” first.

This should work to force each candidate to spend most, if not all of their time actually debating the issues and explaining their plans for addressing them. Neither candidate would want to be thought of as being a clown. Neither candidate will want to have the  end result of the debate be that they went “Full Bozo”.

Don’t show the candidates shaking hands and congratulating each other, at the end of the debate. Instead, close with a shot of the two line drawings side by side so that the American People can see their real choices for President this election cycle. Then play circus music.

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