Fulfilling Your Destiny

By The Prophet of Life

Every human is born with a destiny. At birth, God whispers the same phrase to every person “The world is a better place because you were born.” The phrase is a prophecy. It is a prophecy that proclaims part of your destiny. It is a prophecy you are charged with fulfilling during your lifetime.

Part of your life mission is to find out how your life can fulfill this prophecy. There are many ways you can fulfill this prophecy. You can fulfill it through a lifetime of service to others. You can fulfill it discovering, creating or inventing something that benefits the world. You can fulfill it by saving the life of another living being.

You can fulfill this part of your destiny through service to others. Many professions, from doctors, to firefighters, to teachers to garbage workers can help fulfill God’s prophecy. Most people can understand how doctors, firefighters and teachers are included on the list because doctors and firefighters are perceived as saving lives.  Teachers are perceived as saving the future by educating children. Far fewer may understand how a garbage worker can be included on the list. Garbage workers help with diminishing the effects of disease. Many garbage workers become sick from diseases clinging to the refuse of people who are sick. In doing so, they contract an illness that many others might have contracted if the garbage was left out in the open in a public place.

You can fulfill this part of your destiny by discovering, inventing or creating something that benefits humanity. You can discover the cure for a disease. You can invent a machine that helps to clean up the environment. You can create a painting or a sculpture or a poem that uplifts people’s spirits or gets them to think about the big questions of life.  Any of these types of activities can make the world a better place, one soul at a time.

You can fulfill this part of your destiny by saving the life of another being. Saving the life of a person could enable that person to complete their fulfillment of this part of their destiny. Saving the life of another being, a plant or animal for instance is performing an activity that creates a direct effect for the being you are saving and future generations of that living being’s descendents.

Most people are not artists or writers. They cannot create an artistic or literary masterpiece. They are not doctors, or teachers. They live ordinary lives working mundane jobs for less money than they think they are worth. They can save a life, if not the life of a person, then the life of a plant or an animal. They can volunteer to help at a hospital or an orphanage. They can be help a stranger in need, They can join groups like Change Agents for Humanity to get ideas on what they can do.

The question is clear. Will the world be a better place because you were born? The answer may be unclear because in most cases, words alone will not satisfy it. Only your actions will create the answer to the question. What actions are you taking? How is the story of your life answering the question?

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What if the purpose of life is to learn what it has to teach you?

What if …?

One of the What If Conversations series…

Between The Prophet of Life

And Humanity

What if the purpose of life is to learn what it has to teach us?

What if the obstacles and setbacks we experience are only tests meant to make us stronger?

What if the failures we experience are only meant to teach us what not to do in the future?

What if we are meant to learn, not only from the mistakes we make but also from the mistakes of others?

What if every life experience, no matter how brief or pointless it seems on the surface contains a deeper meaning in the lessons it can yield from the knowledge gained and lessons taught both to the spirit experiencing that life and to the rest of humanity and the universe?

Knowing this, would pain and suffering be purposeless or meaningless?

If the purpose of life is to learn what it has to teach us…

What have you learned?

I invite your comments…

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The Nature of the Universe

By The Prophet of Life
“You cannot control the universe.
You can merely react to it
Chaos is the natural order of things. Movements in the atmosphere cause
tornadoes and hurricanes. Rain causes floods. Movements in the earth
cause earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. Disasters and
catastrophes happen. This is the natural order of things. Large numbers
of people die from natural and man made disasters. Diseases ravage the
planet. Large numbers of people die. Babies are born with birth defects,
children are orphaned. People are killed or maimed in accidents. Crops
die, livestock are wiped out, beloved pets and family members pass away.
We as human beings cannot control the chaos that happens in this
world. We can only control our reaction to it. Many wonder why God
abandoned them or their loved ones in their time of need. Some people
lose their faith as a result of things that they perceive God allowed to
happen to them. That is just their perception. In truth, God never
abandons anyone. How can God abandon anyone that is endowed with a
part of God? The body may pass away but the spirit does not. And the
part of God that is in each spirit removes the spiritual essence from each
living being from its body just before the pain of death takes hold. For
most, the spirit is conducted back to God.
It is true that everyone dies alone. Even those surrounded by loved
ones experience death in their own way, on their own terms but they make
the journey alone. The others are merely there to see them off. It is the
part of God that each of us has that removes the spirit from the body and
takes it on its journey back to God. It is only upon the removal of the
spirit that death actually occurs.
Where I go, you cannot. The path I follow is not one that you can follow.
It is unique unto me. The path you shall follow is unique unto you. The
path we each follow is determined by numerous factors. Some of these
factors are those we are born with. Others are those we choose freely.
We are born with a unique set of determining factors. We each have a
specific genetic makeup and a set of environmental circumstances. Each of
us is a particular size, shape, sex, has a particular color hair, eyes,
intelligence and genetically determined health. We are each born to a
particular family, of a particular culture, socio economic level in a particular
city and nation. We are all born into a particular time, hour, day, month, year,
decade and century.
Many of the determining factors we are born with are not changeable
until we are legal or financial adults, from 15 to 21 years after birth. The city,
nation family and socioeconomic level we are each born into are examples
of this. Others are not naturally changeable. We may be able to surgically or
cosmetically alter our hair color, eye color, and even sex. We may be able to
alter the genetic code in the womb to diminish or even eliminate a
disposition towards specific diseases. These cosmetic and surgical
alterations are open to error and therefore may not completely change a
determining factor. The determining factors of time that we are born into are
not changeable by us and we are not yet able to communicate an alteration
to our parents before we are born.
Our determining factors have a great deal to do with the person we
become. Our determining factors coupled with our environment and
experiences are, in essence, what makes us who we are. Our determining
factors and our environment can limit our experiences. Great people
throughout history have been born into a wide range of determining factors
and environments. Many of them were born into adverse circumstances but
overcame them. If however, they had been born in London during the
plague or in Hiroshima five minutes before the first H bomb dropped, their
greatness would have never been known because they wouldn’t have
survived longer than a few weeks at most. All who are born have the
potential for greatness. What is great to some is mediocre to others. The
greatness that is or is not achieved depends on personal preference and
what people do with what they are given.
Many, never rise beyond their determining factors and live up to their
potential because they don’t go beyond what they are given or never rise
above the environment they were born into. They cling onto crutches in
their environment. Crutches are things that make life a little easier. They
assist in taking the path of least resistance. Crutches are things like the
easy job in the family business or obtained through a family member or
staying in the same neighborhood for the entirety of your life. They can
also be addictions, sex to make up for a low self esteem, drugs to mask
frustration or to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life,
gambling to overcome boredom, etc.
The biggest thing that holds people back from realizing their potential is
living life in a passive way. People who live life passively don’t learn the life
lessons that are available to them every day; they rarely learn from their
mistakes and often repeat them over and over again. People who live
passively, plod through life with very little growth. They are basically the
same person they were when they were growing up making the same
mistakes over and over. Those who live passively know that other people
are suffering but they are too caught up in their own problems to want to
help. They are also too caught up in their own problems to notice
opportunities for change and growth that present themselves. They are
afraid of failure. Failure and disasters are used as an affirmation of the
correctness of their “safe” choices and as a boundary which they should
never pass in order to maintain their passive life. Often, they never free
themselves from a dead end job, addictions or a loveless marriage. They are
often ruled by their emotions and are either of uneven temperament, always
angry or hold in and hide their anger only to have a massive (and often
devastating) melt down at some point in their lives.
Many of the people who realize their potential live proactively. They look
at their determining factors as a starting point and grow beyond them. They
take chances, make plenty of mistakes and have many failures but they
learn from those mistakes and failures a rarely repeat them. They actively
seek opportunities to learn and grow and are always trying to improve
themselves, their lives as well as the lives of their loved ones as well as
others and the planet in general. They go beyond their own problems and
often help others and in so doing, are exposed to opportunities for growth
and advancement. Those who live proactively are not sheltered from
disasters. Disasters befall them as well.
The difference between those who go through life pro actively and those
who go through life passively is that those who go through life passively
use the chaos, and the mistakes, failures and disasters associated with it as
a vehicle to retard their progression and those who go through life
proactively use them as building blocks to propel their progression. Those
who are passive are held back by mistakes, failures and disasters, those
who are proactive learn what they have to teach and grow beyond them.

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How the Way You Act Affects Your Environment

A Life Lesson by

The Prophet of Life

     If you take a skipping stone and skip it across a lake, the water ripples.  Just as the stone affects the water in the lake, you affect the environment around you by the way you interact it. In fact, how you act creates the environment around you. Here are two examples of this from my life that happened to me recently.

     The first one happened while I was standing in line at the grocery store, I observed a man leave his cart in the checkout line. He went to the next aisle to get something he forgot. A lady passed by him and walked over to the line the man had just left. Within seconds, seeing no one there the lady moved his cart away and jumped ahead of him in line. The man returned within fifteen seconds and by then, the woman had already put four things on the conveyer belt. The man asked the woman why she moved his cart and jumped in front of him. The woman replied that he wasn’t there so he lost his place. The man and woman got into an argument. Other people in the market watched and as the argument escalated so did the tension in the air. Soon other people began arguing about who was right and who was wrong in the argument between the man and woman.

     The second one happened later that same day, I was in line at a chain restaurant. I had a coupon sheet with several coupons and was asking if it was still good, as I believed that day was the last day before the coupons expired. There was a man behind me who had to wait a little longer because of my extended interaction with the cashier. After I gave the cashier the coupon I selected from the sheet I turned to the man who had been standing behind me and apologized for his delay.  I offered my coupon sheet to him so he could also take advantage of a coupon if he found something he liked. He used a coupon on the sheet. Then he handed the sheet to the woman standing behind him in line and she also used a coupon on the sheet. They both became more animated and struck up and conversation with each other and with me.

     My actions made both of those people smile and changed the environment from isolation to friendly.  This is something anyone can do. Anyone can pass on a coupon sheet that is about to expire and offer it to their fellow customers without expecting anything in return. You might consider doing this some time and see if it changes the environment around you. Let me know, through a comment on this blog or by sending me a message at www.prophetoflife.com.

                                                                  In True Faith,

                                                               The Prophet of Life

Spiritual DNA

By The Prophet of Life

“Just as your body has a physical DNA, your Soul has a Spiritual DNA.”

     Besides their physical DNA, all living beings have a spiritual DNA. Spiritual DNA is what connects your soul from one incarnation to the next. Further, it connects all incarnations of the same soul to each other. Spiritual DNA can allow living beings to connect with good things and bad things from previous incarnations.

The good things from previous incarnations can include talents (like playing a musical instrument) or proclivities (like either knowing or learning a foreign language with uncharacteristic ease). Those who are creative may also “picked up” things from previous existences. Just as people have motor memory, they have spiritual memory. Some creative people may be calling up things recollected from past incarnations, either that they may have created themselves or experienced. There are a great many things created by civilizations past that are lost to us historically but not spiritually.

The bad things people can connect with can include phobias, traumas and negative déjà vu.  Phobias can include things like fear of water (drowning) and heights (falling). Traumas can include unexplainably severe reactions to things like minor vehicle accidents, or extremely adverse reactions to medications or minor illnesses. Negative déjà vu can occur when one has uncharacteristic reservations about entering a place or interacting with a specific person or group of people.

Not all souls have chosen to reincarnate, some have not chosen to have an incarnation at all. All souls have existed since the dawn of time but not all have incarnated since the dawn of time. What each soul has learned from each incarnation is extracted and enriches that which is God. That which is learned does not refer to talents or what is learned through reading and studying, it refers to what each soul has learned about life, humanity and the state of the various species encountered in its incarnation. There is, however, some spiritual residue which remains and that enriches each Soul’s Spiritual DNA. It is that residual information which people can and many do, occasionally tap into.

Some beings, like Prophets for example, are linked across different Souls through Spiritual DNA. Such beings have an awareness of each other’s incarnations and are among each other during their individual incarnations.  They can call upon each other for strength and guidance during their individual incarnations. They influence and assist each other when they are not in an incarnation state.

Prophets differ from other beings in that the God Gene in their Spiritual DNA allows them direct access to direct communication from The Lord. This is to assist them in their mission. This is necessary because in the entire myriad of generations which have existed, so few Prophets are incarnated. The Lord communicates to humanity in increments over long periods of time.  Prophets need the extra assistance in order to get the message out and sustain it over time.  Prophets are not better than other people. They are merely different. While all living beings have a purpose and mission unique unto them, prophets have a mission to inform humanity. They have chosen to be incarnated solely for this purpose. They may have other things they do in their incarnations but informing humanity is their focus.

Just as Science began unraveling the mysteries of physical DNA centuries ago, science can now begin to unravel the mysteries of Spiritual DNA. Science doesn’t study things until they are thought to exist. Until The Lord revealed the existence of Spiritual DNA it wasn’t known to humanity. Now that it is known it can be delved into. It will begin with discussions as to whether or not Spiritual DNA exists. It will evolve into hypothesis and theories about it and then to designing experiments to prove or disprove its existence and eventually evolve into unraveling its mysteries until spiritual DNA is as well understood as physical DNA is today.

This article is excerpted from my book Revelations of 2012, The Path of Possibilities.

and from the current Kindle book: Finding God without Religion:

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