Vandalism of a Sikh Temple Proves Racism is A Symptom of Ignorance.

By The Prophet of Life

One of my famous quotes is “Racism is not a symptom of evil, nor is it a symptom of stupidity, it is merely a symptom of ignorance.” In Buena Park California right next door to the community where Disneyland is located, some racists performed an act that has illustrated this quote. A Sikh temple was vandalized. As worshiper’s truck, parked in the parking lot of the temple was also vandalized and tagged up with the words “F**k ISIS  F**k Islum.”

These poor, ignorant racists mistook a Sikh temple with an Islamic Temple. The Sikh religion is from India and has nothing whatsoever to do with the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, founder of Islam. To my knowledge there is not one Sikh that is a member of ISIS. On top of that the poor, ignorant racists couldn’t even spell Islam correctly.

Sikhism is a religion from India. It focuses on the teachings of 10 gurus the first of which lived in the 15th century. Sikhs follow five articles of faith symbolized by not cutting their hair (Kesh) usually wrapped in a type of turban known as a Dastar. A wooden comb is usually worn under the Dastar. They wear Cotton undergarments (Kachera) also a symbol of chastity. They also wear of an iron bracelet (Kara), symbolic of eternity as a never ending circle and they wear an iron dagger (Kripan).

Sikhs believe in one God. They believe that spiritual life and secular life are intertwined. They believe in the equality of all humankind and that all faiths are equally valid and capable of enlightening their followers and that no one faith has a monopoly on the truth. They believe in striving for social justice and in selfless service. These good people had to suffer this injustice not out of hatred but out of ignorance.

To someone slaving under the ignorance of racism, a person in a turban is a Muslim because they don’t know anything about Muslims or Sikhs. They are too ignorant to know the he difference between them or even that there is a difference.

A racist isn’t evil, they may otherwise be good person and the entirety of a person’s life cannot be judged by one stupid act just as an entire community cannot be judged by the acts of a few idiots from that community.  A Racist isn’t stupid, they may be highly educated in some areas. A Racist however, is almost always ignorant. The racists who vandalized this temple are ignorant because they didn’t take the time or have the inclination to find out about Muslims or Sikhs. The Sikh Coalition in America has repeatedly decried increased attacks on Sikhs and Sikh temples in America since 9/11.

In true Faith,

The Prophet of Life

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