A Cure for Cancer

By The Prophet of Life

I have often told you that The Lord has given humanity all it needs to solve its own problems. What you are about to read is proof of that. It’s about a convergence of sorts. A convergence of two different kinds of diseases, and genetic science and how one type of disease can be genetically engineered to kill another.

Somewhere in the world many years ago a group of several women with cervical cancer contracted rabies. After the rabies was treated, doctors noticed that the cancer had disappeared. This led to a breakthrough in the fight against cancer.

Viruses are tiny, infectious agents that get inside the cells of living organisms and replicate or copy themselves. Left untreated, the virus just keeps on copying itself, destroying the cells of living organisms, which could lead to death. Cancer works similarly. It takes over a cell and turns it into a cancer cell, stealing the blood supply to normal cells and growing larger. Cancer cells from one tumor can break free and travel to other parts of the body through the blood stream and start a new tumor there.

In the era since the discovery of genetic mapping, scientists have been able to genetically engineer viruses of various forms to attack cancer cells. Instead of attacking normal, healthy cells, the genetically engineered virus targets only cancer cells.

Clinical trials of genetically engineered viruses of several varieties have been done. The viruses studied include the common cold virus, measles and HIV.  All three viruses have had an effect on the cancer. In all three trials, reductions in tumors both in size and number, retardation of the spread of cancer and remissions have been the results.

The strongest result has come from the deadliest virus. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.  In AIDS, the virus latches onto and destroys the T Cells which are the cells that fight disease in living organisms, resulting in a lower immunity. It is by killing off T Cells that AIDS creates a path towards death because lower immunity leaves that organism open to infections and diseases that most people naturally fight off.

The HIV virus is genetically engineered to program the T Cells to seek out and destroy cancer. Once the body’s T Cells are on the job, cancer doesn’t stand a chance. Clinical trials have yielded a 90% success rate in reducing and eliminating specific types of cancer. With FDA approval, this genetically engineered HIV virus should be available for regular use by sometime in 2016.

Once again, science has used something harmful to humans to help fight cancer, the major cause of death in humans. Not since a scientist discovered that bread mold could create penicillin, a drug used to fight many diseases, has humanity seen a medical breakthrough of this scale. In the future, a diagnosis of cancer will not be a death sentence but a treatable disease that will rarely result in death.

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One Small Candle

One Small Candle


She lived in the middle of the city

But felt like she was living in hell

She wondered how she ended up here

And felt dread as the night fell

She felt so isolated

And scarred by broken dreams

She fell asleep serenaded by

Gunshots, moans and screams

She lit one small candle

And put it next to her window

To fight against the darkness

And let the world know

That one small candle

One soul to stand for right

One small candle

To keep away the night


She felt like that small candle

As she struggled every day

To walk towards her goals while surrounded by

Those who lost their way

She was assaulted by temptations

Hammered by neglect

But kept on walking anyway

One step following the next

She lit one small candle

And put it next to her window each night


This went on for years

And things got better over time

She struggled every day

And lit a candle every night

One night before turning in

She looked out and to her surprise

Saw 10,000 other candles

Drowning the darkness with their light

One small candle

Was able to conquer the night

From The Psalms section of the Kindle book Finding God in A Chaotic World by The Prophet of Life

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A Message for Muslims Everywhere

By The Prophet of Life

I call on all Muslims to stand up for Islam. Find people who are non-Muslims and tell them about the good things that are a part of Islam. Be an example of a good Muslim and a good person. Let them know that terrorist organizations like Boko Haram and ISIS / ISIL don’t speak for Islam, The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), or Allah.

Know that the media, all media, everywhere in the world, thrives on bad news. Disasters, murders and scandal fuel the media because they attract people’s attention. The more people who are attracted, the higher the revenue. The media will never cover good news about Islam because there is no advertising money generated by good news.

It is up to Muslims, reaching out to one non-Muslim at a time to change the perceptions created by sensationalized, negative media coverage. Replacing negative media images and thoughts about Islam in the minds of non-Muslims will not be easy but this is how the change must happen, on a personal level, one person to another, one person at a time.

It is The Faithful, stressing the positive that will, over time, dispel the pretenders who claim the faith for monetary and political agendas that have nothing to do with faith in Allah.

It is The Faithful, stressing the positive that will, over time, replace negative impressions created by the media with real life positive example of Islam in the minds of non-Muslims. It is The Faithful, stressing the positive that will, over time, win over even the media, as there will be so many visible, positive role models of Islam all around them that they will be impossible to ignore.

That which is negative can only be overcome by that which is positive. The darkness of Ignorance can only be overcome by the light of knowledge. Change cannot come in isolation. Nothing can move people more than other people. Join with other Muslims in this quest. Be the change.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life

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The Tenants of True Faith

True faith doesn’t need miracles or wish fulfillment to sustain itself

True faith is unconditional

True faith is belief despite evidence to the contrary

True faith accentuates times of joy

True faith sustains you in times of tragedy

True faith calms you in times of anger

True faith is professing faith even when it is unpopular or dangerous

True faith is beyond trappings and ritual; it is the spirit of them even without them

True faith is emotion tempered with logic

True faith is action when action is called for

True faith is love from the heart that permeates the spirit

True faith trusts even when the odds are against you and success seems impossible

—The Prophet of Life

From Revelations of 2012, The Path of Possibilities.

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The Virtue of Atheists and Non-Believers

By The Prophet of Life

I am a person of faith but I have friends who are of many different faiths. I have friends who are Agnostic. I have friends who are non-believers and friends who are atheists. There are many faiths which discourage having friends who are not of the same faith. There are many more faiths which discourage having friendships with atheists. They look at atheists as Godless people. I don’t look at atheists that way.

The atheists I know are good people. They love their families. They make sacrifices for their children. They help others. Atheists can test the faith of people of faith. They see people who are good but who do not believe in God and they wonder about why good people will burn in hell for all eternity. These people of faith however, are twisting their religion and giving God base human emotions which are diminishing God.

Non-believers and atheists don’t recognize the existence of God. Some are awaiting proof of God’s existence because they have not seen any in their lifetime. In truth, evidence of God exists everywhere but your reality is determined by your perception. Two people can see the same thing and see something different based upon their perception.

Let’s take, for example, despite the fact that we are a species similar to monkeys and apes, we have built magnificent cities and have invented things like cars, computers and rocket ships. A person of faith look at these things and sees God’s hand in them. A non-believer looks at this and sees natural evolution or a series of random events.

A non-believer looks at the horrifying natural and man-made disasters that occur and the disease, poverty and suffering in the world and cites them as proof God does not exist because, if God did exist, how could so many horrible things be allowed to happen? Some of them believe this because, it would be far more horrifying to believe that God does exist but that God is callous and uncaring.

People of faith look at the disasters, disease, poverty and suffering in the world and either see it as punishment, natural occurrences, obstacles or challenges put before us, or as part of God’s Mysterious Plan. Others see it as my followers and I do, God’s way of sending humanity a message: “Your brothers and sisters are hurting, what are you going to do about it?”

The interesting thing is that People of Faith, Agnostics, Non-Believers and Atheists all choose to help. They all contribute to help the poor, give relief to disaster victims, and cure disease. In so doing, they are acting as Agents of The Lord and replying to God’s message “I am helping them”.

Those who tell you that non-believers and atheists are going to hell are doing so more out of a need to convert or keep followers to their faith, through fear of eternal damnation then of anything God ever told The Prophets. It has been revealed to me that how you believe in God or whether or not you believe in God makes no difference to God. God is bigger than the human emotion of vengeful pride. Whether or not you believe in God, God believes in you. God is always with you and God communicates with you, through events and through others, whether or not you choose to hear God.

So, rest easy. You don’t have to convert to any particular religion because nobody has a monopoly on God. You can believe what you want without fear because God will still love you unconditionally. What culture or family or socio economic status or sexual orientation you were born into are unimportant to God. They are merely what you began with. You have a lifetime to play and learn and grow. The lessons you learn will enrich you, enrich all the lives you touch and enrich God. No matter what your faith, non-belief, or length of your life, we all contribute and in this way, every life has meaning and purpose.

from the Kindle book What Faith Has Taught Me:


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Hard Questions Answered; An Interview With The Prophet of Life

An Interview With The Prophet of Life

Interviewer: Bill Pillz

BP:  I wanted to talk to you about some hard issues. Things that people have asked me before and things that I have seen on various religious blogs.

TPOL: I’d be happy to answer them

BP:  If there is a just and benevolent God, why is there so much suffering in the world?

TPOL: According to what The Lord has revealed to me, suffering is meant to teach a lesson. It is the nature of suffering that the suffering shall continue until the lesson is learned.

BP: Are you talking about suffering of individuals or whole communities?

TPOL: Both. For an individual who doesn’t learn the lesson, the suffering is meant to teach the suffering continues. It may stop and then be repeated later. Regarding whole communities, let’s use a natural disaster as an example. A hurricane comes and wipes out most of the homes in a community. Thousands are dead, many thousands more injured. There are some who believe that God is punishing them for some wrong they did. That may not be the lesson at all. The Lesson might be to all of humanity “Your brothers and sisters in this community are hurting, what are you going to do to help them?

BP: Many people in the world have lost their faith. They either don’t regularly attend religious services, they may have even dropped out of their religion. They feel that God has abandoned them or that God doesn’t exist. Why is this happening?

TPOL: First of all, this has always happened. People have always questioned their faith. People have always questioned their religion and even questioned if God exists.  It’s just happening more now because humanity is in a transition phase.

BP: Sorry to interrupt you, but what do you mean by a transition phase?

TPOL: Well, just as all living things go through a life cycle, so do species. Human kind is a species. We are currently transitioning from out teen years into adulthood. With this transition comes growing pains. Questioning one’s faith, religion and even God are a natural part of these growing pains. God does exist. God has not abandoned us but our relationship with God has changed.

BP: How has our relationship with God changed?

TPOL: It has changed because, as humanity grows into adulthood, we shall be expected to take on more of the burden of insuring that justice is done on our planet. Problems will continue to come at us, obstacles will continue to block our path but humanity will increasingly see that the solutions to everything we face are within us. They are in the knowledge, wisdom and histories of every culture in the human family past and present. They can only be accessed by sharing and cooperation. As time marches on, humanity will see this more clearly.

BP: How will humanity see this more clearly? What will happen? Are the end times upon us?

TPOL: No then end times are not upon us. Humanity will see the value of knowing each culture’s histories, and scholarly books both secular and religious because God has given us everything we need to solve every problem we face, but God has scattered it in bits and pieces amongst every culture in the world. God did this to teach us that every culture is important, every religion is a beautiful expression of love for God. This also forces us to cooperate, to respect one another and to value every culture equally.

BP: How do you know the end times are not upon us?

TPOL: it says in the bible that “no man shall know the hour and the day of Judgment”. I have never claimed to know it I can just go by what God has told me, which is, not when the end of days will happen just that they won’t happen now. It goes back to the life cycle of humanity.  We are only just transitioning into adulthood. One of the missions of my prophecy is to prepare the mindset of humanity for the new challenges of adulthood, through the messages that God has sent me and through my life’s written works which help humanity gain insight into situations that are publicized in the media. This is because I am a transitional Prophet, charged with helping humanity look at things in a different way than they have been looking at things.

BP: What do you mean by a Transitional Prophet?

TPOL: Humanity is going through a transitional period. This transition was caused by human advancements in science. Such things as the discovery of DNA, Space Flight and technology in general have caused humanity to move into the next phase of our existence. God has sent messages to me because God chose to incarnate me in these times. I am part of the 5, the 1 and the 7.

BP: The 5, the 1 and the 7?

TPOL: The five Prophets of the Beginning Era, Myself and the seven Prophets who shall come after me. There shall be 13 Major Prophets in the Life Cycle of Humanity. Five have come before me, seven will come after me. There were five Prophets in the Beginning Era, there are two, myself and one other, for the middle era, Three for the zenith era and two for the declining era.

BP: Who are the five Prophets of The Beginning Era?

TPOL: They are, in order, Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad.

BP: But they are so different. They all said such different things. How could they all be Prophets of the same God?

TPOL: First of all, God is so vast that God reveals that which is God to humanity in increments over millennia. What seems to be incongruent to us actually has congruence. Think of it this way, if all that is God were a thousand piece puzzle, humanity currently has about 137 pieces. With my incarnation we shall have a few more, but with such a small percentage of the puzzle known to us we can merely get an idea of all that is God. We cannot yet see the whole picture. When humanity makes judgments about God they are doing so using limited information.

Secondly, each Prophet came to reveal The Word of God not to establish a religion. Their followers started religions because they wanted to organize God’s Word as given through the Prophets into a life philosophy that fit their particular culture. Over time, followers attempted to interpret and reinterpret The Word given to their Prophet to fit their community as it grew and as humanity evolved. It is, however, the nature of human communication that the message does not stay pure.

This can easily be illustrated by playing a game called telephone. Take 20 people. Stand them 10 feet apart. Have someone to secretly write down a word, short phrase or short sentence on a piece of paper. Ask them to fold it up and put it in their pocket. Then, ask them to whisper it into the ear of the first person in the line. Have each person in the line whisper the message, as it was given to them by the previous person, into the ear of the next person. When the last person in line gets the message they say it out loud. Then the person that created the message takes it out of their pocket and shows it to the rest of the people. Nine times out of ten the message will have been altered.

Why? Because people communicate using their own abilities to speak and listen as filtered through their cultural or experiential filter. Now, multiply that message by thousands of years over a hundred generations and translate it into a myriad of languages and you can see how The Word of God can change.

Thirdly, each Prophet is given messages that are correct for humanities development at the time of their incarnation. They were given the information they needed, the pieces they needed to contribute to the puzzle. None of them were given all of the pieces of the puzzle. In their essence, however, there is a Unity of Prophecy because in their essence all of them were given the message that there is a God (or a God Force) and there is justice in the universe and that we should learn to get along. My message is no different. The only difference is that my predecessors didn’t write things down themselves. And this time God sent a writer, so that the messages could be written down to avoid confusion.

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How Would You Describe Your Faith?

By The Prophet of Life

If you were to describe your faith in just one sentence, what would that sentence be? Not the religion you belong to but your individual faith in God. Everyone, despite their faith, has an individual relationship with God. That relationship constitutes your true faith.
There are some who practice their religion fervently but don’t bother with their one to one relationship with God. Others never go to a temple or church or shrine but are in constant contact with God, praying or meditating or just relating. Some see God in a building, others see God everywhere. So how would you describe your faith?

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