What Causes People to Become Ghosts?

By The Prophet of Life

Have you ever wondered where ghosts come from? Have you ever thought about how someone becomes a ghost?

I asked The Lord this question one morning when I was brushing my teeth. This is the response I got.

As I was brushing my teeth, I heard the siren of an ambulance passing on the main street near my home. Suddenly, I was a patient in the ambulance. I was tied to a gurney and writhing in pain. I knew I was about to die. To escape the pain I wished I had just simply been at home, then, suddenly I was at home, brushing my teeth.

What message would you have gleaned from this? The meaning I derived was that when people are in trauma and dying, they wish they were somewhere else. Then they imagine they are there. Then their spirit is transported there as a means to escape their pain, fear and the trauma of the event.

They go to where they have always felt safe. They stay there because they feel safe. They may still be suffering from a spiritual Post Traumatic Stress long after their death. This explains why even happy people can become ghosts because what makes a ghost is not how you felt about your life but how you feel at the time right before your death. That is how people become ghosts and that is why they haunt a particular place.

God relayed the message in feelings and pictures. Not a word was spoken. Yet I understood perfectly. What should you take away from this? Not only insight into how a person, even a happy person with a happy life can become a ghost but also insight into one way The Lord Communicates with us.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life

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