On Creating… The short movie One Small Candle



The Prophet of Life On Creating The Short Film “One Small Candle”

I wanted to create something that would inspire people all over the world. I wanted to illustrate the power of faith during difficult circumstances. I decided to illustrate this through portraying the story of a poor young woman living in a violent neighborhood of a major city. The story embraces the new Cultureblend genre of literature. It is not based on any actual person from a particular culture. It is based on a blending of person created from a cultures to create a composite of a person in a blended culture.  The setting is not in a particular culture, a particular place or in a particular time.nation.  I am certain there are millions of people in exactly the same circumstances as the main character from various cultures .

It began as the lyrics to a song. Then I transformed it into a story poem for a book I wrote entitled Revelations of 2012 (this book was only issued in paperback and only a few hundred copies exist so if you can find one, snap it up).

When I wrote the poem, I wanted people to get a sense of what the main character goes though on a daily basis. I wanted them to notice how one small act she does, consistently inspires others over time. I thought that perhaps if people saw something in this story poem, they might look at their own lives and think about what small act they could do consistently to inspire others.

I do believe that there is a cause effect relationship in every act we perform whether it is positive or negative. This poem and short film are meant to illustrate that in an inspirational way. I kept the film short and simple. There are no pictures, just words on a black screen and gentle background music. And subtle special effects that hit you when you least expect it.  It tells an entire story, in rhyme in about two minutes. So spend two minutes and watch One Small Candle.

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In Defense of Black Lives Matter

By The Prophet of Life

From The Book Black in America a Kindle e-book available worldwide through Amazon.

President Obama compared the Black Lives Matter to the Suffergete and Abolitionist movements. Newt Gingrich said that its very name black lives matter, was racist because it inferred that only black lives matter. The movement has drawn criticism for the radical things they have done to protest the perpetual slaughter of unarmed African American men and boys by armed, white police officers in America.

The Black Lives Matter movement does do more than just march down public sidewalks and in front of public buildings carrying protest signs and placards (although they do that too). The have blocked major public roadways with their bodies, shutting them down for hours. Some people among their group claiming to be their followers have gotten violent. The attack on the Dallas Police Department by a single, black assailant and the killings of two more African Americans at the hands of police officers this week, have exacerbated racial tensions. In my book Black in America, (available exclusively on Kindle) I wrote a piece of literature which I believe, explains why The Black Lives Matter Movement is called that. It Follows below:

Why We Say Black Lives Matter

When we say

Black Lives Matter

We are not saying that ONLY black lives matter

We do understand that All Lives Matter

And we are not negating that fact


When we say Black Lives Matter

We are issuing a call for JUSTICE

We are issuing a plea to stop the murder of our children

Who, as members of the human family, represent all of our children


And we wonder why we must call for justice

If we live in a Just Society

We wonder why there should even be a reason for us to call for justice

If we live in a Just Society

And we wonder why the blood of our children runs in the streets

Beneath the tainted shadow of racism


So next time you hear someone say

Black Lives Matter

Know that it is a call for justice

And think about

Why we need to call for justice

If we do, in fact,

Live in a Just Society


If you still think that the Black lives Matter movement is racist and that African Americans don’t have a real cause for concern about whether or not their men and boys will return alive, after leaving the house, and if you, after reading this article still believe that America actually is a Just Society then I suggest you ask yourself one more question. Would you have the same point of view if there was an epidemic of armed African American police officers killing unarmed white citizens?


“Why We Say Black Lives Matter” from Black in America by The Prophet of Life.

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A High School in China Bans Public Feeding

By The Prophet of Life

Despite the non romantic, regimentation of society in the People’s Republic of China, romance still blooms. It is common for males and females in a relationship to feed each other publicly. This is not only true for adults but for students in high schools across the nation as well. This could be changing if one High School Principal has his way.

Principal Li Xinnian, of The Ruyang Experimental High School in Henan Province in The People’s Republic of China has instituted a pilot program to stop the practice of students feeding each other in his school. Last week the school began segregating males and females. A red line and assigned seating separates males from females. Monitors patrol the seating areas and take photos of any infractions of the policy including mixed seating and feeding.

Principal Li stated his reasons for instituting the policy publicly. He said that it is not a stand against romance in general but an effort to eliminate romance from his school. He feels romance is a bad influence and detracts from the reason a student is in school, to study and learn.

He added insights into the humanity of the policy by stating “If we find students violating the policy we simply pull them out and give them a good talking to instead of criticizing them in front of the whole school.”

The population in China has doubled since the communist revolution, from about 542,000,000 in 1949 (the year the communist state was declared in China) to over 1.3 billion now. It is therefore safe to say that romance must exist in China but if the example made by one high school principal spreads, romance could go completely underground.

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My Birthday Wish

By The Prophet of Life

It’s my birthday today. From my birth through 2011, my birthday was just another day on the calendar. It may have been important to me but to the rest of the world, it passed unnoticed. That all changed in 2012.

On December 14, 2012, a troubled young man killed his mother and then went to the school she worked at and killed a bunch of other people many of them children. Then he killed himself. The place this happened was New Town Connecticut at a school named Sandy Hook Elementary.

Now my birthday is forever marred by grim reminders on the anniversary of “Sandy Hook”. My joy is forever punctuated by sadness.  There is sadness for the tragedy that occurred.  There is sadness for the fact that not much has been done in America to prevent another Sandy Hook from occurring this year or any other year.

Despite the President of the United States using the Sandy Hook tragedy as well as other tragedies since to try and get stricter gun control laws passed, congress has refused to pass any. Legislation that would have banned possession of a number of assault rifles with large capacity magazines never got passed. Even a recent attempt to have similar legislation with a ban on issuing any firearm to people with ties to terrorists in the wake of the Jihad styled San Bernardino massacre failed to pass congress.

Laws banning possession of firearms with large capacity magazines did pass in Connecticut and New York State. These laws were upheld by in federal Court despite heavy opposition the Gun Lobby. New York State is also trying to get a law passed to prevent people with terrorist ties being issued fire arms.

The gun lobby says guns are not the problem, people are. They say if people were armed, the damage at Sandy Hook and in San Bernardino would have been minimized or prevented all together. There is truth to the concept that everyone having a gun can curtail the damage one person with a gun can do. This was generally proven in the American West in the 1800’s.

It all comes down to what kind of society you want to live in. Will it be a society where everyone has a gun? Will it be a society where the number of deaths in mass shootings is reduced while the number of anger based shootings over things like being cut off in line at a market or having your parking space taken right from under you increase?

I prefer to live in a civil society. One where people can own guns but where the police protect us and the rest of us don’t have to carry a gun around to “feel” safe. The best present I could get this birthday would be the passage of meaningful gun control laws so the nut jobs and terrorists can’t legally obtain guns. If there is  even a sliver of a chance that it would prevent another Sandy Hook or San Bernardino, then congress should pass it because not passing it is nothing less than permitting slaughter.

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Is Donald Trump A Racist?

By The Prophet of Life

One of the hallmarks of racism is making general statements and / or judgments about or taking actions against an entire group of people based on the actions of a few members of that group. If you look at some of Donald Trumps statements in his bid for the Republican Presidential nomination based on this hallmark, then Donald Trump would appear to be a racist. His statements about Mexicans being criminals and rapists and about barring all people of the Islamic faith from entering the U.S.A. make him sound more like the Grand Dragon of the KKK than a serious candidate for the nation’s highest office. The problem is one never really knows whether Trump is just saying inflammatory things to grab headlines and keep himself relevant or if he is speaking from his heart.

Many Republicans like Donald Trump because he’s not afraid to speak his mind. They say he tells it like it is and doesn’t apologize for it. But, is Trump really telling it like it is? Or, is he just reflecting the frustrations of Xenophobic and racist white people who are afraid of sharing the American Dream with people who are different from them?

The media loves Trump because he’s always good for a sound bite. Sound bites dominate the media because they supposedly summarize an entire issue concisely. People have gotten used to sound bites and they have now become the new encyclopedia of knowledge on an issue despite the fact that they are often shallow, oversimplified and inflammatory in nature. In this sound bite world, people don’t like going into depth on an issue and prefer keeping the gory details to a minimum. In this sound bite world, Donald Trump is the perfect Presidential candidate.

Making headlines is Trump’s strong suit. Planning and follow through are his weaknesses. If you look at most of the things he says he will do if he gets in office they are shallow on details. He has been a great success in business but he is not running his presidential campaign like a business, unless you consider a circus a business that is applicable to governance. So far, his candidacy has done more to detract from the real substantive issues that should be discussed during this presidential campaign than it has to promote them.

The Office of The Presidency is a collaborative one. The Best Presidents have found a way to work with congress and get things done. It’s hard to imagine someone who owns a mega corporation and is used to telling people what to do, being effective in a position that requires working with people who don’t agree with you and having to constantly compromise. It’s hard to imagine someone who makes inflammatory and racist statements dealing effectively with the groups they have been insulting. It’s hard to imagine someone like that not making America the laughing stock of the entire world.

I guess the real proof of whether or not Donald Trump is effective at running for the Republican Candidate for President will come as the vote counts of State primaries are tallied. The proof of whether or not Donald Trump is effective at running for President will come during the Presidential Election of 2016 if he becomes the Presidential Candidate for the Republican Party. The answer to the question about whether or not Donald Trump is a racist can really only be answered by Trump himself. The answer to the question is he perceived as a racist is likely a resounding yes to a large number of people.

It has been said that running for the job of Presidency is different from actually being President. It has been said that people who win the job change. If Trump does win I hope to God that it is true for him because the Donald Trump I am seeing now is not Presidential material.

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Vandalism of a Sikh Temple Proves Racism is A Symptom of Ignorance.

By The Prophet of Life

One of my famous quotes is “Racism is not a symptom of evil, nor is it a symptom of stupidity, it is merely a symptom of ignorance.” In Buena Park California right next door to the community where Disneyland is located, some racists performed an act that has illustrated this quote. A Sikh temple was vandalized. As worshiper’s truck, parked in the parking lot of the temple was also vandalized and tagged up with the words “F**k ISIS  F**k Islum.”

These poor, ignorant racists mistook a Sikh temple with an Islamic Temple. The Sikh religion is from India and has nothing whatsoever to do with the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, founder of Islam. To my knowledge there is not one Sikh that is a member of ISIS. On top of that the poor, ignorant racists couldn’t even spell Islam correctly.

Sikhism is a religion from India. It focuses on the teachings of 10 gurus the first of which lived in the 15th century. Sikhs follow five articles of faith symbolized by not cutting their hair (Kesh) usually wrapped in a type of turban known as a Dastar. A wooden comb is usually worn under the Dastar. They wear Cotton undergarments (Kachera) also a symbol of chastity. They also wear of an iron bracelet (Kara), symbolic of eternity as a never ending circle and they wear an iron dagger (Kripan).

Sikhs believe in one God. They believe that spiritual life and secular life are intertwined. They believe in the equality of all humankind and that all faiths are equally valid and capable of enlightening their followers and that no one faith has a monopoly on the truth. They believe in striving for social justice and in selfless service. These good people had to suffer this injustice not out of hatred but out of ignorance.

To someone slaving under the ignorance of racism, a person in a turban is a Muslim because they don’t know anything about Muslims or Sikhs. They are too ignorant to know the he difference between them or even that there is a difference.

A racist isn’t evil, they may otherwise be good person and the entirety of a person’s life cannot be judged by one stupid act just as an entire community cannot be judged by the acts of a few idiots from that community.  A Racist isn’t stupid, they may be highly educated in some areas. A Racist however, is almost always ignorant. The racists who vandalized this temple are ignorant because they didn’t take the time or have the inclination to find out about Muslims or Sikhs. The Sikh Coalition in America has repeatedly decried increased attacks on Sikhs and Sikh temples in America since 9/11.

In true Faith,

The Prophet of Life

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Mass Shooting in San Bernardino

The Prophet of Life

A husband and wife drop their 6 month old daughter off at the wife’s mother’s house. They tell her that they have a Doctor’s appointment. This is how the greatest mass murder in the United States since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings began. 

14 people are dead and 18 are wounded in a mass shooting occurred today at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino California. The shooting occurred during a Christmas party being held by the San Bernardino County Public Health Department, which had rented a room at the Inland Regional Center. A man named Sayeed Farouk was identified by a witness from inside the Christmas party seemed nervous before angrily leaving the party. A man named Syed Farook is listed as an employee who works as an Environmental health Specialist in San Bernardino.

Twenty minutes after the man left, two people in body armor with long automatic assault rifles and ski masks burst into a Christmas party of 25-45 people and began shooting. They sprayed the room with 70 bullets and seemed to shoot people indiscriminately. As the shots were fired some of the wounded played dead. People in other parts of the building dove under desks, locked themselves into offices and barricaded in rooms trying to avoid being shot. The three men were seen fleeing the scene in a black Chevy SUV. Police are unsure if the massacre is a result of a workplace dispute or an act of terrorism.

Because police were not sure if active shooters were still in the center, firefighters set up triage on a nearby street. Ambulances and pickup trucks waited nearby to speed people to nearby hospitals for treatment. Screams and moans could be heard from the triage center.

A few hours later, police doing follow up on a lead, set up for surveillance outside of a house in nearby Redlands California owned by Farook’s Family. Without warning, a black SUV sped away from the location. Police pursued the SUV. Suddenly, the SUV stopped, a man got out and began shooting towards the police cars. Witnesses saw that man hit by returned police gunfire. Another suspect fled the scene from the passenger side of the SUV. Thousands of bullets, some coming from a helicopter overhead, riddled the SUV, flattening the tires and blew out some of the windows. The people inside the car shot 76 bullets at police and police returned with over 3,000 rounds. One police officer was injured as a result of a ricochet bullet. His injuries are not life threatening.

Police SUV’s moved in to block the SUV. Once suspect was dead outside of the vehicle near the driver’s side door. Another one was in the back of the car, injured and holding a gun. Officers waited to offer that suspect assistance as they weren’t sure if the person was going to shoot at them or if the car was wired with explosives. That person has since died. One of the dead suspects in and by the SUV was male and one was female. NBC News announced that the dead male suspect was Syed Farook 28, and CBS Evening News announced that Syed Farook worked at the Inland Regional Center. Police have now confirmed that. The dead female was his wife Tashfeen Malik, 27. Police swept the Regional Center for a potential bomb and are sweeping the SUV and the house in Redlands.

Police searched for the suspect that may have run from the SUV. A shirtless man was swept into a police car. That person has been detained. Police also thought a suspect was in a church and then moved to a blue house where witnesses said they saw a man in dark clothing and body armor jumping over the fence behind. Police have determined that that that house is clear of any people but they are cautiously sweeping that building, the church and the SUV for explosives. They are using robots to assist in this task. Police are still not sure if the suspect that they believe ran from the SUV has been captured or is still at large.

An explosive device was found in the conference room where the mass shooting took place and in the SUV where the police engaged Farook and Malik in a shootout. Farook and Malik’s guns were obtained legally. The explosive devices were of the crude homemade variety. A later sweep of their apartment revealed over 4,500 bullets and 12 pipe bombs as well as bomb making equipment. Preliminary checks of Syed’s computer reveal that he was in contact with terrorism suspects both domestically and internationally. He also viewed ISIS propaganda online. There is also a possibility that Sayed made a trip to Pakistan as well as Saudi Arabia when he was visiting Malik when she was his fiancée.

Some experts have speculated that the massacre may have been an example of a hybrid workplace jihad where someone gets mad at co-workers and massacres people at their workplace. There is a danger in this type of branding. Just because the killers were Arabic and Muslim does not mean that if the killing was a workplace dispute killing, it should be branded as a jihad. If the killing was a terrorist act then call it that but don’t call a workplace killing a Jihad just because the killers are Muslim. 

Neighbors were questioned by police. One of them stated that they had seen some suspicious activities at the home where the SUV took off from. She had seen packages being delivered, activity in the garage and groups of middle eastern men visiting the home. They didn’t report any of the activity to police because they didn’t want to be seen as racist or as engaging in racial profiling. 

The 14 murdered by Farook and Malik ranged in age from26 to 60, they were: Isaac Amanios, 60, Robert Adams, 40, Bennetta Bet-Badal, 46, Harry Bowman, 46, Sierra Clayborn, 27, Juan Espinoza, 50, Aurora Godoy, 26, Shannon Johnson, 45, Damian Meins, 58, Tin Nguyen, 31, Nicholas Thalasinos, 52, Yvette Velasco, 27, Mike Raymond Wetzel, 37, Larry Daniel Kaufman, 42. Most of the dead were employees of San Bernardino County Environmental Health. Kaufman ran the Coffee shop at the Inland Regional Center.

Farook was an American and his wife was a Saudi national. They met online. His online dating profile said that he liked snowboarding, target shooting and reading religious books. He had recently traveled to Saudi Arabia to bring his wife back to America. His co-workers said that he seemed like a happy person, that he didn’t have any workplace beefs and that he seemed to be living the American Dream. 

The inland Regional Center serves over 30,000 people with developmental disabilities and has over 600 staff members. It offers counseling, job training and other services to people who are autistic, mentally retarded, and aphasic and other disabilities.


We pray for the victims.

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