What You Have Done For Me Lord

By The Prophet of Life

I was an orphan in the house of humanity

And you adopted me

I was afflicted with the maladies of a beaten down life

And you transformed me

I saw the world as a child, transfixed upon my own ego

And you showed me the world beyond myself

I was idle

And you showed me the work to be done

I was boastful

And you showed me the power of humility

I was hopeless

And you showed me the miracles that are all around me

I wallowed in the filth of my own desires

And you cleansed me

I was ashamed

And you told me I had nothing to feel guilty about

I was guilty

And you showed me limitless forgiveness

I was alone

And you befriended me

I felt unworthy

And you rebuilt my self-respect

I was numb

And you breathed new life into my soul

I was powerless

And you empowered me

From the Psalms section

Revelations of 2012, The Path of Possibilities. ISBN# 978-1-93646200-1.

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